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Corruption - Kyles Unpopular Takes

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bribery crime exploitation extortion fraud graft malfeasance nepotism crookedness demoralization jobbery misrepresentation payoff payola racket shadiness shuffle skimming squeeze unscrupulousness venality breach of trust bribing fiddling fraudulency on the take profiteering shady deal cleanliness cleanness decency goodness honesty honor kindness pureness purification purity sterility truthfulness wholesomeness atrocity evil degradation infamy impurity profligacy vice iniquity vulgarity immorality turpitude perversion depravity decadence viciousness wickedness degeneration looseness sinfulness lubricity good virtue morality pollution defilement putrefaction decay infection distortion putrescence debasement rot foulness rottenness falsification noxiousness growth development abuse corruption delinquency desecration fault injustice misapplication misconduct misdeed mishandling mismanage misuse offense prostitution sin wrong wrongdoing approval respect help praise plaudit commendation adulation acclamation preservation aid obedience good deed barbarism barbarity brutality catachresis coarseness cruelty impropriety inhumanity localism malapropism misusage primitive culture provincialism solecism uncivilizedness vernacularism vernacularity vulgarism niceness blight affliction bane blot on the landscape canker contamination curse dump eyesore fungus infestation mildew pest pestilence scourge sight withering woe blessing prosperity health boon cancer big C carcinoma disease long illness malignancy sickness tumor benignity blister boil corrosion lesion smutch sore ulcer contagion illness miasma plague poison taint transmission venom virus good luck advantage Corruption NPR-American Kyle NPR-American abhorred avoided creepy despised detested disesteemed disfavored disliked drip dumpy gross loathed loser lousy nerdy obnoxious ostracized out out of favor rejected scorned shunned unaccepted unattractive uncared for undesirable unloved unvalued unwanted unwelcome weird wimpy delightful desirable fashionable liked popular wanted hated abominated anathematized condemned cursed offensive unpopular inhospitableness disagreeable displeasing distasteful exceptionable excess baggage excluded ill-favored inadmissible inhospitality left out in cold not in the picture objectionable repellent shut out thankless unacceptable unasked ungraciousness uninvited unpleasant unreceptiveness unsought unwelcomeness unwished-for awful base contemptible despicable dirty execrable faulty harmful hateful horrible inferior low mean miserable no good outrageous poor rotten second-rate shoddy slovenly terrible vicious vile nice good happy great superior rich wonderful magnificent pleasant wealthy most hated abominable annoying bothersome defective dreaded icky incommodious inconvenient inexpedient insufferable loathsome out of place outcast repugnant to be avoided troublesome unlikable unpleasing unsatisfactory unsavory unsuitable unwished for useless savory pleasing appealing lovable welcome acceptable NPR-American Unpopular booty catch catching cut gate haul holding part proceeds receipts return returns revenue share takings yield debt loss payment whole capture earn seize receive win reach pick up accept collect arrest have grab hold grip grasp ensnare handle secure clutch acquire obtain snatch overtake attain strike snag entrap abduct reap collar clasp pull in take in prehend carry off carve out gain possession gather up get hold of haul in lay hold of take hold of add repulse disenchant maintain keep stop miss unfasten loose give up drop fail offer give throw away spend lose let go free misconceive disallow abstain dodge discontinue avoid reject refuse surrender forfeit misunderstand release liberate lift snare abstract commandeer nail sequester salvage nip nab arrogate swipe purloin preempt confiscate annex pluck pocket filch snitch appropriate misappropriate expropriate pinch borrow rip off accroach run off with lower insert weaken draw pick choose select get cull purchase charter engage elect procure prefer hire derive book rent gain mark lease decide on opt for optate pay for single out fire discharge cancel sell welcome stand withstand suffer stomach brook hack tolerate bear accommodate weather abide contain swallow undergo brave bear with go through hang on hang tough stand for take it give access grin and bear it hang in let in live with put up with ride out stick it out submit to take it lying down take it on the chin disagree turn away shun feed inhale imbibe drink ingest meal down devour eat feed on partake of enjoy play perform like make work serve bring include function execute exert assume practice behave experience utilize react admit observe treat undertake sense effect operate relish exercise delight in enter upon be aware of deal with luxuriate in put in practice overlook leave forget halt direct neglect idle want ignore exclude prevent destroy need lack hate dislike consider feel see expect follow think know gather presume regard perceive comprehend apprehend suspect reckon imagine compass suppose believe deem interpret as look upon see as think of as misinterpret abandon disbelieve disregard discard beat succeed prevail triumph be efficacious do the trick have effect lead move back drive conduct convoy usher convey tote escort lug jag attend journey cart pilot shoulder buck trek ride gun guide tour truck steer ferry fetch heel pack schlepp piggyback go with stay discourage dissuade bewitch allure fascinate overwhelm please delight entertain charm wile attract magnetize become popular win favor depress bore repel turn off displease tire ask crave necessitate demand call for remove discount deduct eliminate draw back knock off take off take away take out raise increase flimflam hoodwink dupe gull bilk trick fiddle bamboozle con cozen defraud swindle pull a fast one take for a ride come down with be seized sicken with take sick with
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