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Craig Jones Submission grappling highlight I edited.

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Craig Jones Brazilian jiu jitsu Armbar Triangle choke Heel hook Absolute MMA Craig craig CRAIG shot bent bag monkey thing hook kick hate faith belief habit trust craving disbelief distrust dependence enslavement fixation hang-up inclination jones monkey on back obsession sweet tooth addictedness addiction confidence credence dependency Jones jone Jone humility assent servility obedience deference surrender yielding meekness cringing recreancy docility passivity bowing passivism defeatism giving in pliabilty fight acceptance accession approval compliance concurrence conformity consent permission resignation submission submissiveness address adjuration application bid call claim demand entreaty imploration importunity invocation overture petition plea prayer proposal proposition question recourse requisition solicitation suit supplication advance amount declaration feeler hit invitation offer pass price proffer request suggestion sum summons tender auction proffering accedence buckling conceding giving up knuckling under relenting succumbing acquiescence amenability complaisance concession observance tractability appeal bidding capitulation Submission cope catch nail hook close nab clash fight take grip hug hold clasp seize face grasp avoid unlock refuse reject dodge free let go lose yield open agree give offer stop run idle cancel argue bang heads battle brawl buck combat conflict contend cross swords differ disagree encounter feud fret gall grapple grate mix it up quarrel raise Cain row try war wrangle attack bear hug buckle clamp clinch clip clutch coll concatenate connect embrace enfold fasten glom onto pin press snatch squeeze constrict contract double up draw together bolt clench cuddle fix grab hold of lay hands on make fast rivet secure bind chain coalesce come together couple fuse inclose meet put together tie tie up cherish cling to collar glom harbor keep put the snare on snag grappling Grappling climax focus peak accentuate draw attention to emphasize highlight intensify stress underline underscore accent bring attention to call attention to feature give prominence to point up spotlight bring to light expose introduce publish utter acme apex apogee ascendancy capsheaf capstone climacteric crest crowning point extremity head height high spot intensification limit maximum meridian ne plus ultra orgasm payoff pinnacle pitch summit tiptop top turning point utmost zenith accentuation attention decidedness force headline impressiveness insistence intensity moment positiveness power preeminence priority significance strength underlining underscoring weight affirm articulate assert bear down charge dramatize dwell on enlarge enunciate hit impress indicate insist on italicize labor the point limelight maintain make a point make clear make emphatic make much of mark pinpoint play up point out press pronounce punctuate put accent on reiterate repeat rub in bring out emphasis Highlights highlights HIGHlight Craig Jones Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brazilian brazilian JIU armbar arm bar triangle choke affair love relationship dalliance fling adultery tryst liaison passion flirtation involvement courtship infidelity devotion amour entanglement hanky-panky intrigue romance seduction thing forbidden love illicit love romantic affair hate hatred chop wedge sliver cut bite quota part lot whole leash triad trine triune troika trey triple three affair of the heart affaire de coeur extracurricular activity ménage à trois triangle allotment allowance helping piece of pie portion segment thin piece set of three ternion threesome trilogy trinity triplet triplicate triptych triumvirate triunity love affair slice trio Triangle triangles clog drown kill gag gasp fill close check noose dam stop stunt wring bar die stuff aid free loose help open begin start allow choke smother stifle strangle strangulate suffocate arrest barricade block out blockade brake catch charge close off close out congest cut off deter halt hang up hinder hold up impede intercept interfere with occlude plug prevent shut off shut out stall stonewall stop up stopper stymie tackle take out of play thwart afflict burden commit cram crowd cumber encumber entrust heap impregnate instill lade pack penetrate permeate pervade pile ram saddle saturate suffuse transfuse weigh baffle bit bottleneck bridle checkmate circumvent constrain control counteract curb cut short delay discourage foil frustrate harness hold hold back hold down hold in inhibit interrupt keep back limit moderate neutralize nip in the bud obstruct obviate pause play for time preclude rebuff reduce rein in repress repulse retard slacken pace slow down snub squelch stay suppress tame terminate withhold dam up entrammel fetter glut hamper jam leash seal shackle tie trammel bang block bolt button caulk clap clench confine cork exclude fasten lock prevent passage put to retard flow screen secure shut shutter slam turn off asphyxiate Choke Heel Hook obey amateur beginner flunky greenhorn heel neophyte new kid on block newcomer novitiate probationer pupil rook rookie starter student tenderfoot tyro accouter appoint array deck equalize fortify furnish gear gird guard heel up issue load load up lug iron make ready mobilize outfit pack pack a rod prepare prime protect provide rig rod up strengthen supply tote attend back bear buck carry chaperon companion conduct consort convey deliver escort fetch gather guide gun import lead lug pick up piggyback ride schlepp shoulder take take along transfer transport truck usher boor bounder clown creep cur dog louse lout rake rascal rat rotter rounder scoundrel stinker worm angle bevel careen grade incline list recline rise slope tilt tip abhorrent abject abominable bad base beggarly cheap crass currish degenerate despisable detestable dirty disgusting hateful ignoble ignominious inferior low low-down lowest mean odious outcast paltry pitiable pitiful poor sad scummy scurvy shabby sordid sorry swinish unworthy vile worthless wretched apprentice arm bring cad cant contemptible heels Heel Heels lock link peg hasp fix pin bag trap net detach loosen unlock lose let go loose free unhook bent craving dependence enslavement fixation hang-up hook inclination jones kick monkey monkey on back obsession shot sweet tooth thing attract bait beguile bewitch cajole captivate charm coax come on decoy draw enchant entrap fascinate inveigle lead on lure magnetize persuade pull seduce suck in sweep off feet tempt turn on wile win over ambuscade assail assault box in bushwhack dry gulch ensnare hem in hide jap jump lay for lurk set trap surprise surround wait waylay ballast bower comfort defense fastener foothold grapnel grappling iron grip hold kedge mainstay mooring mud hook pillar protection safeguard security staff stay support arc bend bow bridge camber extend form hump hunch round shape span stretch bender biceps bough branch fin flapper flipper handle member offshoot projection prong rod stump triceps upper arm wing addiction allure ambush anchor arch arm Hooks sheer full complete simple unlimited outright pure infinite utter entire total free downright flat out plenary supreme thorough no catch no joke needy bounded limited part partial flawed yielding genuine factual exact actual decided fixed precise sure vague unsure inexact false ideal absolute authentic authoritative certain conclusive definite definitive errorless faultless final flawless infallible irrefutable official perfect right straight strict true truthful undeniable undisputed unimpeachable unquestionable unrefuted valid veracious categorical concrete confirmed for real hard honest injun honest to God indisputable indubitable kosher physical positive realistic substantial substantive sure enough tangible verified full-blown full-scale maximum all-powerful invincible mighty omnipotent puissant autocratic bossy despotic dogmatic domineering high-handed imperious magisterial monocratic no ifs ands or buts overbearing peremptory straight out summary tyrannical tyrannous blatant glaring notorious out-and-out unmitigated unregenerate accurate all-out almighty arbitrary arrant Absolute MMA mma MMAS
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