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Criminal Minds 12X15 "Alpha Male" Preview (with slo-mo)

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The BAU investigates a series of disfiguring acid attacks on young men and women; Dr. Reid begins to settle into his new surroundings.


Joe Mantegna Matthew Gray Gubler Kirsten Vangsness A. J. Cook Adam Rodriguez Aisha Tyler Paget Brewster Damon Gupton Erich Lane Corby Sullivan Ren Hanami James Gaisford Chanty Sok Jeannie Bolet Adam Dunnells Matt Lasky Joss Glennie-Smith Mo Anouti Lorenzo Bastien Colleen Labella David Futernick Karibel Rodriguez Moritz J. Williams Harold Perrineau Richard T. Jones Phillip Garcia corrupt deplorable illegal illegitimate illicit immoral scandalous senseless unlawful vicious bent heavy racket wildcat wrong caught crooked culpable dirty hung up indictable iniquitous nefarious off base out of line peccant shady smoking gun unrighteous villainous wicked authorized blessed ethical good kind lawful legal legitimate moral noble proper pure right uncorrupt correct righteous banned criminal unconstitutional base delinquent evil mean reprobate sinful vile brigand crook desperado forager gangster gunperson highwayperson hijacker holdup person hooligan marauder mobster outlaw pillager pirate plunderer racketeer raider ravager robber villain culprit offender fugitive hoodlum felon thug convict lawbreaker hustler trespasser mug hood wrongdoer malefactor evildoer muscle con yardbird transgressor jailbird blackmailer repeater sinner deuce guerilla scofflaw bad actor black marketeer ex-con inside person slippery eel law police against the law bad undecayed true just upright decent profitable benevolent beneficial advantageous worthy virtuous reputable honest badder baddest bandit bandits Criminal hot sexy gorgeous cool cute crim inal crimin awesome disturbed down with the sickness lol nigger black coon fag racist attention brain consciousness genius head imagination instinct intellect judgment mentality perception power psyche sense soul spirit talent thought wisdom apperception brainpower brains capacity cognizance conception creativity faculty function ingenuity intellectual intuition lucidity marbles observation ratiocination reason reasoning regard sanity soundness thinker understanding wits intellectuality percipience being body ignorance inability incapacity physicality reality stupidity weakness incompetence neglect unsoundness amnesia corporeality disbelief disinclination abide by be attached be constant be devoted be devoted to be faithful be loyal be true cleave to comply follow fulfill heed keep maintain mind obey observe practice respect stand by support bile temper catch concentrate on devote oneself get a load of hear hearken lend an ear listen listen up look after look on mark note notice occupy oneself with pay heed pick up see to watch thinking remark observance subconscious recollection remembrance concentration thoughts thoughtlessness heedlessness desire point of view eye mood sentiment wish will attitude determination opinion feeling view urge outlook tone bent conviction strain vein temperament fancy intention humor purpose disposition leaning impulse pleasure liking persuasion notion way of thinking unhappiness sadness hatred hate dislike resent object deplore disapprove complain be affronted be opposed look askance at take offense forget be happy approve agree love like ignore disregard disobey sanction praise attend behave adhere to do as told follow orders pay attention take heed overlook scorn perceive discipline look sit oversee guard superintend see ensure supervise govern baby-sit behold discern ride herd on care for be attentive give heed to have charge of keep an eye on make certain mind the store miss tend trouble toe the line be cautious be concerned be on guard be solicitous be wary have a care take care watch out recall recollect reminisce remind retain bethink cite bring to mind adhere unfasten separate loose not conform let go loosen disjoin condemn release adheres adhering animus be lazy attended Mind minds terrible thing waste mynd meind glasgow scotland remember memory recalling reminding qualia mental-stuff things ennit babber gloucester west country humour intelligence wit pimp game the way should examination viewing research show sneak survey preliminary study sneak peek ignorance criticism countdown curtain lifter curtain warmer inaugural kickoff lead-in opener opening gun opening shot preliminary preview run-up walk-up warm-up debut first appearance first night first showing gala opening gala performance premiere sneak preview world premiere command performance first performance curtain raiser opening night seduce entangle interest body entice prevew blowjob finger suck preeview sucky. Slo SLO slo SLO! lit sloshed party turnt club drunk wasted trashed tipsy laughing office silent short abbreviation ftw good wholesome splendid tasty sloh slore slut whore Joe Mantegna joe mantegna david rossi criminal minds actor caffeine cappuccino espresso brew decaf decoction demitasse ink java mocha mud perk battery acid café café au lait café noir forty weight hot stuff jamocha varnish remover joe coffee Joe joe mama ligma mike hunt ben dover meme die help me your mom amzing perfect awesome charming smart chillin like a bird i'm a gangster swaatshirt mad fresh sheep player-hater joseph joreo ponyguy ponygui huge amazing majororgasm love kind handsome Matthew Gray Gubler matthew gray gubler spencer reed criminal minds crimi mgg Matthew matthew matt mat matty mattie cute hot sexy sweet guy smart great handsome short one love mattt mathew love sorry forgive heartbroken true love best chloe amazing adorable loving drab dusty grey silvery Dove ash clouded dappled heather iron lead neutral oyster pearly powder shaded silvered slate stone ashen cinereal dingy dusky leaden livid mousy peppery sere smoky somber age-old ancient antediluvian antiquated antique been around creaky elderly getting on gray moth-eaten oldie over the hill passé rusty senescent senior citizen shot timeworn venerable worn worse for wear anemic blanched cadaverous colorless ghastly pale pallid pasty sallow wan white becloud bedim blacken cloud over cloud up deepen dim eclipse fog haze make dim murk obfuscate obscure overcast overshadow shade shadow tone down blah bleary blurred caliginous cloudy dark dreary dull dusk faded faint flat fuzzy gloomy ill-defined indistinct lackluster lightless mat monotone monotonous murky muted obscured opaque poorly lit shadowy sullied tarnished tenebrous unclear unilluminated vague weak aged unripe fresh recent new youthful young up-to-date modern darken illuminate brighten clear up lighten whiten darkened darkens smart good favorable brilliant happy distinct sparkling luminous light clear shining bright intelligent vivacious cheerful encouraging lively Gray Grays G Ray nice generous love beautiful shy tough act impress hate rough soft intrigue color last names mood hues awesome like boss goose moose booze juice deuce grays essex dump greggs shithole caucasian european honky ofay gary ray ballin party gubler matthew gray gubler spencer reid injury pain hurt dancing knee Kirsten kirsten bestie amazing sexy einstein successful bright [kirsten true friend strong heart] beautiful girl stunning pretty gorgeous intelligent funny baker chef servant culinarian hash slinger mess sergeant sous chef accomplish achieve begin carry on carry out consummate cook create develop do a number enforce execute function get in there go about go for broke go for it go in for go that route go to town intrude knock off labor make progress maneuver move officiate operate percolate perk perpetrate persevere persist practice preside pursue respond serve take effect 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on wallop whop poach sear reduce griddle ruin seethe melt barbecue bake imbue blanch scald nuke fix parboil parch microwave simmer fry boil brown sizzle mull burn heat devil stew spoil broil coddle grill toast curry roast brew steep steam scorch escallop braise fricassee decoct pressure-cook french fry deep fry panfry sauté warm up cool help neglect be happy freeze wet aid ignore grow act halt follow leave alone quit give up stop end leave forget abandon miss idle fail refrain hesitate abstain cease forego discontinue disregard destroy acted adulterate refine free clarify approve raise separate divide strengthen concentrate filter distill upgrade increase assist improve cleanse thicken purify honor clean alter sustain retain maintain keep continue stay preserve remain stagnate altering attack slough off be lazy support submit defend lose withstand shield shelter resist decrease surrender protect guard retreat Cook spark up cooking supreme hype fire methamphetamine speed drugs go-fast dope meth junkie high tweaker food food maker stir fat person heat/sauce/flavor applier girlfriend wife woman girl mother manipulate process whitewash Adam Rodriguez Adam rodriguez adam rodriguez eric delko delko csi miami adam rodriguez Adam adam addy amazing person true lovely best stupid sexy romantic loveable funny handsome sweet charming mine eve first man first human being man hot all types of men in one strong grizzly awesome passionate weird wonderful rodriguez Rodriguez crunk cool the best awesome yummy mexican hispanic common names overly common names butt professionalism public Aisha aisha no frienemies kind caring life vivaciousness posperous Tyler tyler boys love tye tylar tieler tie perfection perfect cute goodlooking personality great entertaining amazing lovable nigga big hot guy hilarious handsome talented caring Paget Brewster criminal minds hotchniss cbs matthew gray gubler aaron hotchner emily prentiss paget Paget greid dr spencer reid criminal minds gubler pagent 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