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Cruise Ship Filmed Sailing Close To $2.3m Florida Home

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Homeowner films her husband waving desperately as massive cruise ship comes terrifyingly close to their $2.3 MILLION waterfront home. On deck, cruise ships seem like the perfect way to unwind. From below, they're a little more unnerving - especially when they're heading toward your house.That's what Florida couple Bill and Yasmine Todhunter discovered on Friday after the cruise ship Equinox appeared to be on a collision course for their luxury $2.3 million Port Everglades home. Yasmine filmed the terrifying footage as Bill ran out to wave desperately at the oncoming, 122,000-ton ship. He says it stopped just 100 feet from his waterfront patio. 'When the cruise ship thrusters stopped, there was silence and I yelled "somebody is going to get fired" and everybody on the cruise started applauding,"' he told WPLG-10. The 1,041-foot, 2,850-person ship had been heading out for a ten-night Caribbean cruise, taking in Barbados, St Kitts & St Nevis and other sun-kissed islands, when the incident occurred. Usually the boat passes from Port Everglades docks west of the house to the Atlantic ocean to the east, passing by the home.


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