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Cut and Hidden

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This cube is solid not like the others and it's hiding something. Photo has been doctored in my opinion.


laceration wound carving chip chop cleavage cleft dissection fissure furrow gash graze groove intersection mark nick nip notch opening passage penetration pierce prick rabbet rent rip sculpture section shave slash slit slot snip stab stroke trench trim kerf scarification closing closure solid whole compliment increase nicety praise saving reduction decrease cutback lowering downsize fall decrement lessening economy raise enlargement quota division slice member kickback bite share moiety part allotment lot percentage piece segment allowance partage fashion look form construction mode figure configuration disorganization offense abuse indignity hateful remark respect sort description stamp ilk cast feather mold carve curtail clip slay crop sliver hack guillotine saw hew decussate lop score intersect behead perforate shear dissever massacre hash saber lacerate mow slaughter fell amputate reap prune bisect dissect chisel facet raze divide rive skive rend mince dice flitch separate cleave sickle chine scythe dispatch puncture penetrate scarify quarter level scissor lay open mow down build join close give birth bear connect construct mend create sew unite combine French leave AWOL absent without leave absenteeism cut hooky secret departure truancy unannounced departure abbreviate abridge abstract boil down compress condense contract cut back cut down cut off cut out digest encapsulate get to the meat pare put in a nutshell reduce summarize take out strengthen extend expand amplify enlarge lengthen abbreviated blue pencil concentrate diminish lessen limit narrow put in nutshell restrict truncate let go free fill add develop release stretch grow abridged absence no show nonappearance nonattendance vacancy presence plenty enough abundance existence Cut VSA Cuts along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with additionally and plus again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less VSA And? And's buried clandestine concealed covered covert dark invisible latent mysterious obscure private secluded underground undisclosed unknown cloaked close clouded disguised eclipsed masked occult screened sequestered shrouded veiled withheld abstruse cryptic esoteric hermetic hermetical imperceivable in the dark indiscernible mystic mystical out of view recondite shadowy surreptitious ulterior undercover undetected unexposed unrevealed aboveboard apparent bare bright clear disclosed exposed known manifest obvious open plain public revealed sociable unconcealed visible exhibited out seen showing uncovered Greek to me abstract clear as dishwater complex complicated deep enigmatic heavy hidden incomprehensible intricate involved muddy perplexing profound puzzling subtle unfathomable vague simple lucid easy concrete entombed interred obscured camouflaged covered up artful cloak-and-dagger closet foxy fraudulent furtive hush-hush illegitimate illicit in holes and corners on the Q. T. on the quiet sneaky stealthy under wraps under-the-counter underhand truthful forthright authorized legal honest cloistered cloistral confined hermitic insulated recluse reclusive restricted secluse seclusive sheltered shielded shut off withdrawn free buttoning up clamming up close-lipped closemouthed reticent retired secretive silent taciturn tight chops tight-lipped uncommunicative unforthcoming giving generous dry cool imprecise loose detached beyond away unreserved unfriendly inaccurate faraway far Hidden VSA
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