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DNA | Dispute in PSL final | 6 March 2017 | 24 News HD

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DNA | Dispute in PSL final | 6 March 2017 | 24 News HD(Host) Ch Ghulam Hussain , Saeed Qazi (Analyst) (Guest) Nasim Zehra (Analyst) (Talks on) Go Nawaz Go chants in Stadium , Dispute in PSL final , Nawaz Sharif corruption , Political leaders corruption , Shaikh Rashid and Rana Sanaullah collapse


24 News HD Channel 24 Lahore Nawaz Sharif PMLN PPP PTI Imran Khan Panama Leaks Daniyal aziz bashes Imran Khan Altaf hussain Asif Zardari Naeem ul haq Fawwad chaudhry Go Nawaz Go chants in Stadium Dispute in PSL final Nawaz Sharif corruption Political leaders corruption Shaikh Rashid and Rana Sanaullah collapse meshed need gnashed ned needed newshound nerd newt noshed nosh nest leashed neighed notched neddy needy nosed washed wished shed shod unshod neared necked nereid nerved netted noised noosed nursed knead nerdy un shod gnash net new word oneshot one shot RNA chromosome gene heredity genetic code nucleic acid DNA Corona Party Dna bickering brawl conflict controversy debate disagreement discord discussion disturbance feud friction misunderstanding quarrel row squabble strife wrangle altercation beef broil brouhaha commotion contention dissension embroilment fireworks flare-up fracas fuss hubbub miff polemic rumpus squall tiff uproar variance words bone of contention difference of opinion falling-out accord agreement calm concord concurrence harmony peace quiet alarm argue arouse bug bug up burn up confuse craze discompose disconcert discuss dispute disquiet distract disturb egg on examine excite ferment flurry fluster get to incite inflame make flip move perturb psych rouse ruffle spook stimulate stir trouble turn on unhinge upset ventilate work up worry argument blowup brush combat contest flap hassle rumble run-in set-to squabbling acknowledge answer back back at you back talk be in touch claim comeback counterclaim defend deny disprove echo explain feedback field the question get back at get back to give a snappy comeback parry plead rebut refute rejoin remark resolve respond retaliate retort return sass say settle shoot back solve squelch talk back top contend contradict challenge doubt impugn clash bicker confute question agitate negate controvert quibble canvass gainsay moot disaffirm lock horns take on altercate bump heads discept have at kick around pick a bone thrash out toss around go along make peace approve allow agree give up concur prove corroborate concede give in please clarify order discourage lull tranquilize organize soothe reassure pacify comfort appease agitating union unity answer leave wonder ask renounce ignore request answered answering Dispute Corona Party asl p's s l pal p's s.l. s. l. PSL Corona Party psl closing concluding eventual last-minute ultimate end finishing lag latest latter terminal crowning hindmost supreme beginning commencing continuing first inconclusive interim introductory opening persistent starting temporary absolute actual authentic authoritative certain conclusive definite definitive errorless exact factual faultless final flawless genuine infallible irrefutable official perfect right straight strict true truthful undeniable undisputed unimpeachable unquestionable unrefuted valid veracious aback abaft aft after astern back of backward behind following hind in the wake of posterior rear rearmost rearward tail decisive entire total unimpaired whole concluded decided ended over resolved settled winding up finished determinative incontrovertible irrevocable determinate unanswerable unappealable indefinite accurate doubtful careless invalid false wrong imprecise questionable mistaken misleading erroneous vague lax faulty incorrect unreal counterfeit uncertain untruthful dishonest unreliable inexact inaccurate incomplete back future preceding front clean unvirtuous besmirched tarnished stained polluted foul filthy dirty partial part limited muddled unchaste defiled impure adulterated cluttered imperfect cleanest closed unsettled open welcoming started working running Finals Corona Party finals advance boot debouch drill file journey mount move pace parade patrol pound proceed progress promenade range space stalk step stomp stride strut traipse tramp tread forge ahead go on hoof it move out pound the pavement step out decline decrease disorder halt retreat retrogress stay stop wait accelerate achieve bring forward come forward conquer continue ahead continue on dispatch drive elevate gain ground get ahead get green light get there get with it go ahead go forth go forward go great guns go places go to town hasten launch make headway make the scene march move on move onward move up press on promote propel push ahead push on quicken send forward skyrocket speed step forward storm anabasis gain headway progression circuit course path precinct route walk way yield withdraw turn keep hold take back recede hesitate back down retard cease hinder advancement reversion return retrogression descent stoppage regression downfall cessation advancements advances advancing beat March Corona Party 2017 Corona Party account advice announcement broadcast data disclosure message report rumor statement story word bulletin cable cognizance communication copy description discovery dispatch enlightenment headlines hearsay intelligence itemization knowledge leak narration particularization recital recognition release scandal scoop specification telecast telegram telling tidings communiqué exposé eye-opener front-page news lowdown news flash the goods question silence truth concealment ignorance suppression history admonition advisement advocacy aid bum steer caution charge consultation counsel directions dissuasion encouragement exhortation forewarning guidance help information injunction input instruction judgment lesson news opinion persuasion prescription proposal proposition recommendation steer suggestion teaching telltale tip tip-off view warning word to the wise advertisement briefing broadcasting dissemination divulgence edict exposing exposition expression intimation notice notification prediction promulgation publication publishing recitation reporting revelation break calendar flash handout hot wire item list program skinny the dope comment cry grapevine rumble scuttlebutt talk whisper conversation converse declaration directive excerpt goods hot story ideas info inside story language missive note pipeline poop prophecy précis publicity speech summary translation utterance work misinformation deception deceit betrayal opposition discouragement misrepresentation lie falsehood obstruction injury hindrance blockage secret announcements quiet buzz withholding cover Corona Party NEWS News meshed need gnashed ned needed newshound nerd newt noshed nosh nest leashed neighed notched neddy needy nosed washed wished shed shod unshod neared necked nereid nerved netted noised noosed nursed knead nerdy un shod gnash net new word oneshot one shot avenue carrier means medium route tunnel approach aqueduct arroyo artery canal canyon chamber chase conduit course dig ditch duct fluting furrow gouge groove gully gutter main pass passage pipe raceway runway sewer slit sound strait tideway trough tube vein watercourse way closure denial refusal veto admission channel entrance entry opening passageway action activity auspices efficiency force influence instrument instrumentality intercession intervention mechanism mediation operation organ vehicle work cause factor power pipeline water passage waterworks agency instrumentation ministry agent end funnel siphon carry convey transmit transport send conduct traject keep hold adit departure conclusion exit agencies impotence inertia inactivity idleness weakness agents Corona Party Channel Channels laborer hare hire here hora lure lathery rehire lore hoarer labra lucre lacery cohere lazaru sahara lay bare re hire co here lahore Corona Party Lahore was aware of noiseproof was there for was sorry for wast there for was sure of Nawaz Sharif Corona Party nawabs narwal noway nadas naze nazi narwals gnaws nawab nays news no ways nows aways nabs nags naps was wiz gnaw at newsy no way naiads saw as awes gnawed newer nower new age Nawaz Corona Party nawaz sharing shrift shrive shared share sheaf shearing sharer sheriff shares shrove sheriffs share in shire rarify shriek shrill shrine tariff shiv charier sheer off hear of chaff chary shave shore shrew Sharif Corona Party sharif pylon melon plane plena paling piling pollen puling plan pompon plain pull in pull on pile in pile on pap pep pip pup pop PPP Corona Party p i ptv pit p.i. p. i. PTI Corona Party P.T.I. orangutan more inkhorn amaranthine amerindian outranking arranging embrangling out ranking inkhorn am running Imran Khan Corona Party immuring omen miring moron anuran immoral outran amain iron amen iring irony moraine marina immune amoral impugn impune murine muring cimmerian marine imbruing arena am in am on apron immure maroon merino urine airing arming empyrean airbrain amrita amerind aiming am pain am read am vain amazon amnia amore more in more on arraign am akin are in are on am born am prone am wrong am in on Imran Corona Party czar emperor king monarch shah sultan baron baroness caesar caliph count countess czarina dame duchess duke dynast empress kaiser lady lord magnate maharajah maharani majesty mikado mogul oligarch overlord pasha potentate prince princess queen rajah rani rex royal sovereign sultana tycoon contessa crowned head gerent imperator commoner subject hostelry hotel inn khan lodge serai ruler caravansary rulers Khan Corona Party panatelas panama reds animalias animalness nameless anomalies pancakes pantiles panamas palm leaves anomalous panama panda cars pay damages pack mules arm a legs an arm a leg fedora headgear helmet Stetson boater bonnet bowler bucket chapeau headpiece lid millinery sailor skimmer sombrero straw tam topper stove pipe ten-gallon Panama hat panama Corona Party crack exposure flow leakage aperture chink crevice decrease destruction detriment drip drop escape expenditure fissure hole leaking loss outgoing percolation pit puncture slip short circuit advantage benefit increase mountain success blast break burst detonation eruption flat tire leak rupture tear babble betray blab burst out with call out come out with cry out disclose divulge exclaim give away jabber let on let out let slip reveal run off at the mouth spill the beans spout appear be announced be brought out be disclosed be divulged be exposed be issued be made known be promulgated be published be released be reported be revealed debut get out out transpire spill ooze discharge trickle percolate pass drool exude tell come out pass on make public keep secrete hide conceal blowout blurt keep quiet be quiet blurted came out coming out daintily dandle dangle dangly denying dentile done all dingle denial diurnal dingily downfall downhill dirndl dunghill tangle tinsel done it all done deal doing sly tiny meal Daniyal Corona Party daniyal zizz axis azoic a z adz ais uzi uzis sizz nazis acid as is as if a to z Aziz Corona Party aziz celebration spree wing-ding backbite bad-mouth bash belittle berate blow off calumniate cap castigate cuss out cut down cut to the quick decry defame derogate discount do a number on dump on give a black eye hurl brickbat insult knock minimize nag offend oppress persecute pick on put down rag on reproach revile ride rip up run down scold signify slam slap sling mud smear sound swear at tear apart trash upbraid vilify vituperate zing abuse assault beset blast blister bust charge come at criticize encounter have at impugn invade lambaste lay into malign maltreat molest set upon work over advance assail blitz bushwhack come down on go for haul off on jump let have it light into rape ruin shoot down slap around storm strike violate zap smash punch clobber whack slug pop commend esteem care for help defend approve flatter treasure honor adulate acclaim revere prize benefit respect protect preserve cherish exalt laud praise compliment abused abusing yield let go surrender retreat exonerate uphold assailed decrease advising aloof person out of season voltefacing inter fusing out of sun aboutfacing advancing interfusing outfoxing out of reason about facing lederhosen volte facing out foxing vault of heaven out of house old farts out of the sun alts alate alt altars alto aloof alter a lot of altar altos alit aloft alpha atv elate elf art of a lot altaf Corona Party Altaf has in hussar huzzaing housing hussars has on hazan hosing hissing husking bussing cussing fussing hushing hussies mussing hosanna hussy human hassling hauls in hosen hast in hems in has say Hussain Corona Party hussain is afraid is first aspiratory adversary astray subsidary disfeature anniversary adversaria is quandary asservate abecedary is forced asseverate is fate was first assertory is fixed is after dis feature is force is favorite is found at is favored is a quandary is in saddle asia as is as if Corona Party Asif asif padri sirdar sirdars zingari cedar serai cedars straw safari stray cirri darer drear satire tarry adore cadre padre starry wizardry sadder surder artery bawdry martyr ordure sahara salary starrer tawdry said hi Zardari Corona Party nameless seem like namesake normal seem large formulaic seem huge arm leg namely mohawk time lag new look normally normalcy milk neology am like came like mileage netlike am long normality normalize milky needlelike an arm leg seemed huge neurology made higher make higher nominal head came along arm a leg an arm a leg namer seem norm deem nabe nape nave name naze need teem near beam meme named names nar new gnome knee nearer numb pneuma unarm came dame fame game lame mane neat ream same seam tame team neater nay nei on arm no see um Naeem Corona Party NAeem haw hag haj har hay faq had ham hap has hat haq Corona Party Haq H.A.Q Haqs fawned flawed award awed fad fathead wad far wide forward cawed facade faced faded faked famed fared fated fazed façade jawed lawed pawed sawed yawed fairway fatwood froward wayward phewed flowed fagged failed fanned farced farmed farted fatted forbad flew at fair word saw wood Fawwad Corona Party adhere shattery chatterer chattery Chaudhry Corona Party hymn mantra melody shout singing tune carol croon incantation intonation lilt psalm song trill warble canticle chant chorus paean ditty serenade coronach cry death march death song elegy funeral song jeremiad keen lament march monody requiem threnody drag out drone extend intone nasalize prolong pronounce slowly protract utter bombinate buzz drawl hum purr sound strum thrum vibrate whirr recite descant vocalize cantillate doxologize anthem ballad dirge clip abbreviate shorten curtail be quiet silence droned Corona Party Chants Chant amphitheater field garden gymnasium bowl coliseum diamond gridiron pit ring strand athletic field stade auditorium grandstand oval stadium amphitheatre circus course ground gym hippodrome ice park platform rink square stage ball field baseball field baseball stadium aureole band belt bracelet circlet circuit circumference cirque coil colure compass cordon corona crown cycle disc disk ecliptic enclosure equator full turn globe halo hoop horizon lap meridian orbit parallel of latitude perimeter periphery record revolution ringlet round sphere tire turn vortex wheel wreath zodiac open-air theater theater asylum aviary building cage camp cell close coop corral court courtyard den dungeon ghetto hutch jail pale patch pen place plot pound precinct prison quad quadrangle region room stockade sty vault walk yard zone arena ball park circle center stagnation middle interior inside open Corona Party Stadium Stadia Stadiums bribery crime exploitation extortion fraud graft malfeasance nepotism crookedness demoralization jobbery misrepresentation payoff payola racket shadiness shuffle skimming squeeze unscrupulousness venality breach of trust bribing fiddling fraudulency on the take profiteering shady deal cleanliness cleanness decency goodness honesty honor kindness pureness purification purity sterility truthfulness wholesomeness corruption debasement delinquency desecration fault injustice misapplication misconduct misdeed mishandling mismanage misuse offense perversion prostitution sin wrong wrongdoing atrocity barbarity brutality catachresis coarseness cruelty impropriety inhumanity localism malapropism misusage primitive culture provincialism solecism uncivilizedness vernacularism vernacularity vulgarism affliction bane blot on the landscape canker contamination curse decay dump evil eyesore fungus infestation mildew pest pestilence pollution rot scourge sight withering woe big C carcinoma disease long illness malignancy sickness tumor Cancer blight blister boil corrosion lesion smutch sore ulcer illness miasma plague poison taint transmission venom virus degradation infamy impurity profligacy vice iniquity vulgarity immorality turpitude depravity decadence viciousness wickedness degeneration looseness sinfulness lubricity good virtue morality defilement putrefaction infection distortion putrescence foulness rottenness falsification noxiousness growth development abuse approval respect help praise plaudit commendation adulation acclamation preservation aid obedience good deed barbarism niceness blessing prosperity health boon cancer benignity contagion good luck advantage Corruption Corona Party bureaucratic civic constitutional economical legislative official civilian domestic governmental home interior local municipal national political public civil communal countrywide ethnic federal general government civic imperial inland internal interstate nationwide native politic royal social societal sovereign state sweeping vernacular widespread rude foreign unkind impolite ill-mannered private Corona Party Political chief commander director head manager officer ruler President boss captain chieftain conductor controller counsellor dean dignitary doyen eminence exec forerunner general governor guide harbinger herald lead lion luminary mistress notability notable pacesetter pilot pioneer precursor principal rector ringleader shepherd skipper superintendent superior employee follower asterisk bullet caret dagger diacritical mark ditto double dagger leaders punctuation punctuation mark reference front leading president reference mark vanguard followers rear shake shako shaky shark sheik shacks sharks sheiks shack shaking shag shirk shakos shaker shook shaken shakes shakier shirks sharker shock shuck shaikh Corona Party raid rash rachis rashes rawhide reached rabid rahed rushed rapid crashed trashed rasher bashed cashed dashed gashed hashed lashed mashed pashed rashly washed ruched shied shod rehashed rad rid re ached chid rachides ravished rush shed shit rush in rush at thrashed re hashed Rashid Corona Party along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with and plus additionally again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less Corona Party And? AND rna ana rani rang rank rant raja ran at ran Rana Corona Party singular snarl vanilla canaille sanely snarly annular cannula snail sacella snails sandal annually sinfully small cannulae null anal manual snarlier squall snarls seagull seawall sully annul banal canal scull skull squally stall signally sullen nuller sallow sinful snugly saw alley sea wall in all s and l saw in alley s. and l. sanaullah Corona Party bankruptcy catastrophe crash debacle destruction disintegration disruption failure cataclysm disorganization exhaustion faint flop prostration ruination ruining smash subsidence undoing wreck basket case cave-in conk out crackup smashup miracle success wonder creation good fortune build-up increase rise collapse draw a blank go out like a light lose consciousness pass out slip into coma swoon zone out fainting fainting fit knockout syncope bend bulge cave in crumple distort fold twist yield adversity affliction blue ruin cross curtains distress downfall hardship holy mess misadventure mischance misfortune mishap reverse ruin scourge the worst trial tribulation unholy mess visitation waterloo woe wretchedness topple founder disintegrate shatter break fail drop weaken exhaust droop tire give wilt subside deflate flag weary succumb languish crack up give in go to pieces keel over fall down give way belly up flake out give out build strengthen fix succeed create grow withhold energize activate inflate refresh invigorate mend achieve accomplish straighten black out pencil in add revive resuscitate uncover blacked out blackout buckle smooth flatten buckling calamities fortune comfort peace blessing benefit profit joy health good luck happiness boon favor advantage Collapse Corona Party
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