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DONT TREAD ON ME, Statists vs Ancapistani!

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bobcat vs rattlesnake


bobcat rattlesnake fight death blood lion tiger jaguar puma vs snake poison venom fangs constraint embargo exclusion injunction prevention proscription restriction taboo veto bar interdict interdiction negation obstruction refusal repudiation temperance disallowance no-no off limits out of bounds allowance permission aid approval help clearance prohibition boycott censorship stoppage limitation suppression a thou-shalt-not sanction ban stricture anathema superstition inhibition forbiddance restraint disapproval regulation reservation law religious convention social convention thou-shalt-not release freedom lawlessness assistance ratification don't prohibitions bars constraints disallowances don'ts embargoes exclusions injunctions interdictions interdicts negations no-nos obstructions preventions proscriptions refusals restrictions taboos vetoes clearances helps approvals allowances aids permissions Don't NPR-American dont footstep footsteps gait march pace step stride trace track tramp trample squash traipse subdue stamp hike trudge ambulate plod repress crush quell foot subjugate hoof oppress suppress troop step on stamp on encourage let go tiptoe release beat bray break bruise buck comminute contriturate contuse crease crowd crumble crunch embrace enfold express hug jam kablooey mash pound powder press pulverize push romp rumple squeeze squish total tread triturate wrinkle inspirit yield lose unwrinkle smooth pull praise compliment build up surrender put together crushed brayed broke bruised bucked comminuted contriturated contused creased crowded crumbled crunched embraced enfolded expressed hugged jammed kablooeyed mashed pounded powdered pressed pulverized pushed romped rumpled squashed squeezed squished totaled trampled triturated trod wrinkled uncompressed inspirited encouraged yielded lost unwrinkled smoothed pulled let went praised complimented built up surrendered released crushing beating braying breaking bruising bucking comminuting contriturating contusing creasing crowding crumbling crunching embracing enfolding expressing hugging jamming kablooeying mashing pounding powdering pressing pulverizing pushing romping rumpling squashing squeezing squishing totaling trampling treading triturating wrinkling uncompressing inspiriting encouraging yielding losing unwrinkling smoothing pulling let going praising complimenting building up surrendering releasing putting together dance Charleston bob boogie boogie down bunny hop caper careen cavort conga cut a rug disco flit foot it foxtrot frolic gambol get down hoof it hop hustle jig jitter jitterbug jive jump leap one-step prance promenade rhumba rock rock n' roll samba shimmy skip spin strut sway swing tango tap trip trip the light fantastic twist two-step waltz whirl dances Charlestons bobs boogie downs boogies bunny hops capers careens cavorts congas cut a rugs discos flits foot its foxtrots frolics gambols get downs hoof its hops hustles jigs jitterbugs jitters jumps leaps one-steps prances promenades rhumbas rock n' rolls rocks sambas shimmies skips spins steps struts swings tangos taps treads trip the light fantastics trips twists two-steps waltzes whirls footprint hoofprint impression imprint spoor trail Treads NPR-American Tread her him hir them ver xem you zir NPR-American wildcat caracal cat catamount lynx puma panther tabby kitty tiger cougar lion puss kitten leopard jaguar tomcat pussy ocelot tom cheetah mouser grimalkin malkin feline bobcat cats bobcats cheetahs cougars grimalkins jaguars kittens kitties leopards lions lynxes malkins mousers ocelots panthers pusses pussies tabbies tigers tomcats toms Bobcat NPR-American Bob-Cat Rattlesnake NPR-American Rattle snake rattlesnake action altercation argument battle bout brawl clash combat conflict confrontation contest controversy disagreement dispute duel exchange feud match melee quarrel riot rivalry round scuffle skirmish struggle war wrangling affray broil brush contention difficulty dissension dogfight engagement fisticuffs fracas fray free-for-all fuss hostility joust row ruckus rumble scrap scrimmage set-to strife tiff to-do tussle battle royal sparring match accord agreement calm concord harmony peace quiet truce friendliness friendship kindness attack belligerence boldness militancy backbone resistance pluck mettle combativeness pugnacity aggressiveness gameness spirit aggression hardihood weakness cowardice protect challenge resist meet withstand traverse wrestle bicker wrangle contend tilt grapple spar strive assault tug box buck rowdy repel oppugn bear arms cross swords altercate bandy with brush with carry on war do battle exchange blows flare up go to war mix it up ply weapons take all comers take the field take up the gauntlet wage war support believe make peace agree yield uphold give in surrender force maintain continue oppose argue hassle further wage conduct persevere prosecute squabble travail defy persist effect endure buckle down carry on fall out lay into take on engage in exert oneself hammer away light into make a stand against push forward put up an argument spare no effort stand up to take pains tangle with toil on forget quit idle leave give up stop halt neglect let go cease concur comply ignore encounter fight fighting warfare rest retreat stoppage repose inertia inactivity inaction idleness cessation aggress assail beset charge go at have at lunge at storm strike antagonism blitz destructiveness push belligerency fighting spirit hostile act hostile behavior militance offensive armed aggression armed fighting armed hostilities fierce contest intense battle pitched battle Fight NPR-American afterlife annihilation bereavement casualty cessation curtains darkness decease demise departure destruction dissolution downfall dying end ending eradication euthanasia exit expiration extermination extinction fatality finis finish grave heaven loss mortality necrosis obliteration oblivion paradise parting passing quietus release repose ruin ruination silence sleep termination tomb eternal rest Grim Reaper passing over accomplishment arrival beginning birth building coming commencement consciousness construction creation entrance hell initiation introduction opening start success understanding being entity existence life living bitter end completion conclusion death bitter ends deaths end of lifes end of the lines exits extinctions lights outs taps doom Judgment Day Moira calamity cataclysm catastrophe circumstance condemnation decree destination destiny disaster fixed future foreordination fortune handwriting on wall judgment karma kismet lap of the gods lot opinion portion predestination predetermination sentence tragedy verdict way the ball bounces way the cookie crumbles wonder good fortune blessing whole accusation miracle happiness good luck boon adieu egress egression evacuation exodus expiry farewell going goodbye leave-taking offgoing retirement retreat stampede withdrawal entering arriving hello stay close closing terminus inception elimination end of life no life obsolescence thing of the past Death juice claret clot gore hemoglobin plasma cruor sanguine fluid vital fluid lineage origin descent family consanguinity kindred extraction birth kinship line stock pedigree descendants relations end conclusion death ancestry ancestor antecedent antecessor blood breed breeding derivation forebear forefather foregoer foremother forerunner genealogy heritage house parentage precursor primogenitor progenitor race source effect result antecedent(s) forebears forefather\u002Fmother descendant antecedents ancestors ancestries antecessors bloods descents extractions forefather\u002Fmothers genealogies lines primogenitors progenitors stocks background heritance legacy position rank station status strain finish ending blood relation biological relationship blood brother blood relationship blood relative blood sister consanguinean flesh flesh and blood genetic relationship ties of blood uterine kin bloodline line of descent Bloods NPR-American Blood cougar wildcat cat griffin leo lioness puma felis leo simba bobcat cheetah grimalkin jaguar kitten kitty leopard lion lynx malkin mouser ocelot panther puss pussy tabby tiger tom tomcat cats bobcats cheetahs cougars grimalkins jaguars kittens kitties leopards lions lynxes malkins mousers ocelots panthers pusses pussies tabbies tigers tomcats toms celebrities distinctions eminences glories honors notabilities popularities preeminence prestige prominences renown reputations repute stardom éclats unimportances obscurities nobodies lowliness ill reputes celebrity VIP ace big cheese big deal big gun big name big shot big stuff bigwig celeb cynosure famous person figure heavyweight hero hotshot immortal luminary magnate mahatma major leaguer name notable personage personality somebody someone star superstar the cheese worthy nonentity unknown obscurity nobody commoner feline civet big kahuna bigshot character eminence leader nabob notability official person of influence top cat Lion NPR-American cougar cub leopard lynx carnivore cat feline jaguar bobcat cheetah grimalkin kitten kitty lion malkin mouser ocelot panther puma puss pussy tabby tiger tom tomcat cats bobcats cheetahs cougars grimalkins jaguars kittens kitties leopards lions lynxes malkins mousers ocelots panthers pusses pussies tabbies tigers tomcats toms civet wildcat manful audacious beefcake bold brave colt confident daring dauntless dignified fearless firm gallant hardy he-man heroic hunk intrepid jock jockstrap lion-hearted macho male manlike mannish masculine muscular noble powerful red-blooded resolute robust self-reliant stately staunch stout-hearted strapping strong stud two-fisted undaunted valiant valorous vigorous virile well-built mania aberration ax to grind bee bee in bonnet bug bug in ear compulsion craving craze craziness delirium dementia derangement desire disorder enthusiasm fad fancy fascination fetish fixed idea frenzy furor grabber hang-up idée fixe infatuation insanity lunacy monomania obsession on the brain partiality passion preoccupation rage thing tiger by the tail balance conformity soundness hatred indifference hate dislike calmness manly fearful afraid weak timid meek cowardly impotent NPR-American Tiger cheetah civet leopard lion lynx puma tiger tom wildcat feline cougar cat panther tabby kitty puss kitten bobcat tomcat pussy ocelot mouser grimalkin malkin cub carnivore jaguar cats bobcats cheetahs cougars grimalkins jaguars kittens kitties leopards lions lynxes malkins mousers ocelots panthers pusses pussies tabbies tigers tomcats toms NPR-American Jaguar Jaguars catamount cougar panther mountain cat mountain lion cat bobcat cheetah grimalkin jaguar kitten kitty leopard lion lynx malkin mouser ocelot puma puss pussy tabby tiger tom tomcat cats bobcats cheetahs cougars grimalkins jaguars kittens kitties leopards lions lynxes malkins mousers ocelots panthers pusses pussies tabbies tigers tomcats toms feline civet wildcat felis leo griffin leo lioness simba NPR-American Puma PUMAS püma serpent vermin blackguard bad egg bum cad knave lowlife miscreant riffraff rogue skunk snake villain coil convolute convolve corkscrew fold intertwine intervolve lap loop make serpentine rotate scroll sinuate spiral spire turn twine twist wind wrap around wreathe writhe untwist straighten creep approach unnoticed crawl on all fours edge glide grovel gumshoe inch insinuate lurk pussyfoot scrabble scramble skulk slink slither sneak squirm steal tiptoe worm wriggle creeped creeps approach unnotices edges glides grovels gumshoes inches insinuates lurks pussyfoots scrabbles scrambles skulks slinks slithers snakes sneaks squirms steals tiptoes worms wriggles writhes crept edged glided grovelled gumshoed inched insinuated lurked pussyfooted scrabbled scrambled skulked slithered slunk snaked sneaked squirmed stole tiptoed wormed wriggled writhed Snake NPR-American Snakes bacteria contamination germ toxin venom virus cancer adulteration bane blight contagion corruption infection malignancy miasma toxicant toxoid venin blessing sterility antidote harm debase injure subvert infect taint kill corrupt destroy stain undermine defile murder envenom fester warp pervert vitiate deprave adulterate make ill save help fix sterilize straighten protect create purify clean mend improve assist aid adversities afflictions bad breaks bummers calamities can of worms catastrophes clutches contretemps crunches difficulties disasters distress downers drags evil eyes hard knocks hard times hardships hurtings ill fortunes jams jinxes kiss of deaths miseries misfortunes mishaps on the skids pain in the necks poisons reverses sorrows sufferings the worsts tough lucks trials troubles helps fortunes comforts pleasures peace ease benefits wonders good fortunes blessings prosperity encouragements aids health boons contentment joys happiness profits favors assistance advantages successes miracles good lucks adversity affliction bad break bummer calamity catastrophe clutch crunch difficulty disaster downer drag evil eye hardship hurting ill fortune jam jinx kiss of death misery misfortune mishap pain in the neck poison reverse sorrow suffering the worst tough luck trial trouble fortune comfort pleasure benefit wonder good fortune encouragement boon joy profit favor advantage success miracle good luck burden bête noir curse despair destruction downfall fatal attraction nuisance pest plague ruin ruination scourge torment undoing woe cheer construction creation delight relief building canker animalize bestialize consume corrode debauch demoralize embitter inflict pollute rot sore ulcer build moralize grow cleanse construct upgrade carcinogen deadly chemical health hazard killer mutagen chloroform anesthetic solvent NPR-American Poison bitterness hatred rancor toxin acidity acrimony anger bane contagion gall grudge hate infection malevolence malice maliciousness malignity spite spitefulness spleen taint virulence virus ill will love benevolence kindness liking loving bad blood animosity animus antagonism antipathy bad chemistry bad feeling bad vibes bad will disaccord dislike distrust enmity hard feelings hostility ill-disposedness mutual hostility nastiness odium oppugnancy oppugnation personality conflict resentment unfriendliness venom sweetness sympathy good will happiness friendship friendliness affliction blight burden bête noir calamity curse despair destruction disaster downfall fatal attraction misery nuisance pest plague poison ruin ruination scourge torment trial trouble undoing woe fortune cheer benefit peace construction pleasure help comfort blessing good fortune creation advantage boon delight relief health aid joy contentment success prosperity good luck building acrimoniousness anguish asperity distress grievousness harshness mordancy pain painfulness sarcasm geniality contamination corruption illness miasma pestilence pollution transmission cleanliness purification cruelty animality barbarism barbarity bestiality bloodthirstiness brutishness callousness coarseness coldness depravity despotism ferocity fiendishness fierceness hard-heartedness heartlessness inhumanity insensibility insensitiveness masochism mercilessness murderousness persecution ruthlessness sadism savageness savagery severity torture truculence unfeelingness unkindness viciousness wickedness niceness feeling consideration charity thoughtfulness mercy gentility compassion embitter acerbate acidulate aggravate annoy bitter bother disaffect disillusion envenom exacerbate exasperate irritate make bitter make resentful sour worsen please make happy pacify calm soothe NPR-American Venom venoms choppers fangs tooth tusks teeth ivory snag tush tusk molar premolar cuspid bicuspid incisor eyetooth carnassial false tooth denture bridgework ivories dentition pearly whites point canine tine dent grinder serration denticle dentation dentile laniary tentacle paw talon nipper crook hook barb spur fingernail unguis clapperclaw manus pincer grapnel grappler cant hook nail claw retractile ungula claw prong wheel gear transmission rack cogwheel differential ratchet pinion cog fork extremity finger feeler pointer toe index finger thumb pinkie ring finger phalange digit fang claws barbs cant hooks clapperclaws crooks fingernails grapnels grapplers hooks nail claws nippers paws pincers retractiles spurs talons tentacles ungulas cogs cogwheels differentials gears pinions prongs racks ratchets tines transmissions wheels Fang NPR-American Fangs FANG
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