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Dark Knight Satellite on old Apollo Photograph?

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Apollo 10 photo. NASA Link - http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/sseop/images/ISD/highres/AS10/AS10-35-5181.JPG Streetcap1 is on Facebook ...


black cloudy darkened dim dingy drab dull foggy gloomy misty murky overcast shadowy somber dun dusk faint aphotic atramentous blackish caliginous cimmerian clouded crepuscular dusky grimy ill-lighted indistinct inky lightless lurid nebulous obfuscous obscure opaque pitch-black pitch-dark pitchy rayless shaded shady sooty stygian sunless tenebrous unlighted unlit vague bright cheerful clean clear distinct good happy intelligent joyful light luminous smart sparkling sunny vivacious apparent brilliant encouraging evident hopeful illuminated lucid manifest moral plain pleased radiant shining visible vivid tan brunette brunet ebony sable swarthy bistered adumbral dark-complexioned dark-skinned ebon swart mysterious deep occult mystic abstruse anagogic arcane cabalistic complicated concealed cryptic enigmatic esoteric intricate knotty mystical puzzling recondite mystifying Delphian not known sinister ominous bleak foreboding cheerless dismal doleful joyless morbid morose mournful unpropitious nice bad infernal foul atrocious corrupt damnable hellish horrible immoral infamous nefarious sinful vile wicked just honest uncultivated unenlightened benighted unlettered unread forbidding sulky dour frowning glum sullen threatening glowering scowling darkness shade gloom evening opacity obscurity midnight night nighttime dimness murk nightfall murkiness twilight duskiness witching hour shadows semidarkness caliginosity dead of night understanding sense intelligence enlightening lightness illumination daytime day brightness sensibility cognizance morning daylight daybreak concealment thickness secrecy seclusion inscrutability denseness revelation backward dark ignorant primitive simple uncivilized uncultured uneducated unlearned unschooled untaught learned blackness total darkness comfortless discouraging disheartening drear dreary funereal grim hard harsh hopeless lonely melancholy oppressive sad unpromising comfortable congenial comforting appealing glad pleasant bleaker bleakest Dark VSA darks banneret cavalier champion chevalier companion gallant gentleman horseman lover man-at-arms paladin partisan protagonist templar caballero knight errant enemy escort knight cadet lord noble dub baptize bestow call christen confer denominate designate entitle nickname style tag term title dubbed dubbing nobleman archduke aristocrat baron baronet count duke earl emperor grandee magnifico marquis patrician peer prince valet viscount commoner Knight VSA k-nig-hts asteroid moon planetoid dependency protectorate buffer state dependent state puppet government satellite state rocket spacecraft ancillary luna sputnik accessory accompanying additional adjuvant appurtenant attendant attending coincident collateral concomitant contributory incident satellite secondary subordinate subservient subsidary necessary needed bedroom community bedroom suburb residential community suburb camp follower acolyte disciple groupie hanger-on client state cohort accomplice adherent aide ally assistant associate companion company comrade confrere consociate contingent follower friend hand legion mate myrmidon pal partisan regiment sidekick stall supporter adversary antagonist opponent foe enemy cohorts VSA Satellite aged ancient decrepit elderly gray mature tired venerable fossil senior versed veteran along in years broken down debilitated enfeebled exhausted experienced geriatric getting on gray-haired grizzled hoary impaired inactive infirm matured not young olden oldish over the hill seasoned senile skilled superannuated wasted new young youthful green inexperienced contemporary current fresh late modern recent up-to-date antique age-old crumbling old-fashioned primitive former traditional old-time outmoded original antediluvian relic bygone past aboriginal remote antiquated archaic dated decayed done early erstwhile hackneyed immemorial moth-eaten once onetime out-of-date passé primeval primordial pristine rusty sometime stale unfashionable unoriginal worn-out quondam cast-off demode of old of yore oldfangled time-worn present familiar established firm constant perennial solid vintage steady continuing enduring hardened inveterate lifelong long-lasting perpetual practiced time-honored long-lived of long standing staying broken wavering weak soft intermittent untrustworthy interrupted unsteady changeable unstable old timeworn well-established ancestral affiliated born with congenital consanguine consanguineous familial genealogical in the family inborn inbred inherited innate lineal maternal paternal running in the family totemic tribal obsolete fusty moldy obsolescent old hat old-fangled outworn forward-looking broken-down battered bedraggled deteriorated falling apart in disrepair neglected ramshackle run-down seedy shabby threadbare unsound well-kept sound good sturdy intact healthy anile creaky crippled dilapidated doddering effete feeble flimsy fragile frail haggard incapacitated insubstantial quavering rickety shaking tacky tottering tumble-down used weakly weather-beaten worn fit nice strong hearty stable Old VSA olds vision Adonis Venus beaut charmer dream enchanter eyeful looker ornament stunner dreamboat good-looker head turner disadvantage dog homeliness offensiveness ugliness beauty beauties Apollo VSA image likeness photo picture portrait print snapshot Photostat Polaroid blowup microfilm mug negative pic pix positive shot slide snap transparency Kodachrome Kodak close-up pinup shoot illustrate reproduce capture turn get lens record film copy roll take cinematize x-ray capture on film get a likeness get a shot make a picture photoengrave lose fail misunderstand copies Xerox archetype carbon carbon copy cast clone counterfeit counterpart ditto ectype effigy ersatz facsimile forgery hard copy impersonation impression imprint microfiche mimeograph miniature mirror model offprint parallel pattern photocopy photograph reflection replica replication representation reprint reproduction rubbings similarity simulacrum simulation study tracing transcript transcription type difference original source origination opposite unlikeness dissimilarity put in the can filmed filming films
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