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Darren Fletcher: Arsenal are stuck in a rut but WILL finish in top four

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Darren Fletcher: Arsenal are stuck in a rut but WILL finish in top four | talkSPORT Podcast


Darren Fletcher Arsenal Arsene Wenger Darren la chancla armory depository depot dump factory magazine ordnance plant repository stock stockpile store storehouse supply warehouse debt ammunition dump ammo dump ammunition compound ammunition depot arsenal bomb dump munitions dump center headquarters range archive bank bunker cache collection gallery museum repertory safe safe-deposit box tomb vault munitions ammo armament bullets explosives gunpowder missiles shells torpedos weapons storage ambry arcade argosy boutique commissary emporium entrepot larder mall stash trading post barn box conservatory pantry reservoir stable storeroom tank treasury need Arsenal la chancla abide act breathe continue endure hold inhabit last live move obtain persist prevail remain rest stand stay subsist survive be alive go on have being have place cease depart die discontinue forsake give up halt idle leave lose pass quit refuse reject stop transpire befall occur come about come to pass take place Ares la 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get back to give a snappy comeback parry plead rebut refute rejoin remark resolve respond retaliate retort return sass say settle shoot back solve squelch talk back allow leave wonder agree question ask prove renounce ignore request answered answering answers arch accomplished champion consummate expert finished highest main major master premier amateur insignificant unnecessary inessential incomplete unfinished last inexpert auxiliary la chancla tops Top quadruple quadruplicate quaternary tetrad quadrigeminal quadripartite quadrivial quaternate quartette tetralogy quaternity quadrivium quadruplet quaternion quadrumvirate quadruplets quartet quadripartition Four four fours Darren Fletcher Fletcher la chancla fletcher arsene wenger Arsene la chancla arsene Wenger la chancla
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