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David Davis confirms no future role for EU judges to meddle with UK

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David Davis today outlined how Britain will overthrow Brussels rule and return control of EU laws as he unveiled the Great Repeal Bill.The Brexit Secretary presented a White Paper on the proposed legislation to the House of Commons less than 24 hours after Theresa May invoked Article 50 to formally trigger the UK’s exit from the EU.The Great Repeal Bill is designed to roll back the 1972 European Communities Act, which first signed Britain up to the Brussels-based bloc, as well as converting all existing EU law into domestic law.This will give businesses certainty post-Brexit, before MPs will then get the chance to go through every piece of EU legislation and decide whether to keep or scrap the Brussels’ rules.Mr Davis told MPs in a statement: “We have been clear we want a smooth and orderly exit and the Great Repeal Bill is integral to that approach."It will provide clarity and certainty for businesses, workers and consumers across the UK on the day we leave the EU."It means as we exit the EU and seek a new deep and special partnership with the EU we will be doing so from a position where we have the same standards and rules."But it will also ensure we deliver on our promise to end the supremacy of EU law in the UK as we exit."Our laws will then be made in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast and will not be interpreted by judges in Luxembourg but by judges across the UK."Some have been concerned Parliament will not play enough of a role in shaping the future of the country once we have left the EU."Today's White Paper shows just how wrong that is. This publication makes clear there will be a series of Bills to debate and vote on both before and after we leave."Mr Davis described how the White Paper sets out how the 1972 Act will be repealed, how EU law will be converted into UK law and how the Government has proposed "necessary powers" to ease the Brexit process.He said: "Once EU law has been converted into domestic law Parliament will be able to pass legislation to amend, repeal or improve any piece of EU law it chooses."


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