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Deadly Poisons Made World War I 'The Chemists' War'

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Chemical weapons caused more than 1 million casualties during World War I, the first time these agents were used for mass killing in warfare.


bloody carcinogenic cruel dangerous destructive fatal harmful lethal malignant mortal murderous noxious pernicious poisonous savage suicidal toxic violent virulent baleful baneful bloodthirsty cannibalistic death-dealing deathly deleterious destroying grim homicidal injurious internecine killing mortiferous pestiferous pestilent pestilential ruthless unrelenting venomous benign calm gentle harmless healthy helpful kind life-giving nice nonpoisonous wholesome animating energizing healthful invigorating lively ghastly ashen dead pallid wan white deathlike corpselike deadened deathful calamitous deadly dire evil foreboding hurtful malevolent ominous ruinous sinister threatening vindictive woeful helping good favorable promising auspicious advantageous disastrous malefic wicked lucky fortunate beneficial adverse afflictive cataclysmic catastrophic deplorable devastating grievous heartbreaking lamentable messy regrettable unfavorable unfortunate blessed happy wonderful joyous comforting unimportant trivial contagious catching endemic epidemic epizootic impartible infectious inoculable spreading taking transmissible transmittable alarming bad breakneck chancy critical dangersome delicate dynamite exposed formidable hairy heavy hot impending impregnable insecure jeopardous loaded menacing nasty on collision course parlous perilous portentous precarious pressing queasy risky serious serpentine shaky speculative terrible thorny ticklish touch-and-go touchy treacherous ugly unhealthy unsafe unstable urgent viperous vulnerable agreeable sure certain great secure safe strong true untroubled guarded careful pleasing stable pleasant honest cadaverous gaunt ghostlike ghostly Deadly Bisexual Groundhog Day bacteria contamination germ toxin venom virus cancer adulteration bane blight contagion corruption infection malignancy miasma toxicant toxoid venin blessing sterility antidote harm debase injure subvert infect taint kill corrupt destroy stain undermine defile murder envenom fester warp pervert vitiate deprave adulterate make ill save help fix sterilize straighten protect create purify clean mend improve assist aid adversities afflictions bad breaks bummers calamities can of worms catastrophes clutches contretemps crunches difficulties disasters distress downers drags evil eyes hard knocks hard times hardships hurtings ill fortunes jams jinxes kiss of deaths miseries misfortunes mishaps on the skids pain in the necks poisons reverses sorrows sufferings the worsts tough lucks trials troubles helps fortunes comforts pleasures peace ease benefits wonders good fortunes blessings prosperity encouragements aids health boons contentment joys happiness profits favors assistance advantages successes miracles good lucks adversity affliction bad break bummer calamity catastrophe clutch crunch difficulty disaster downer drag evil eye hardship hurting ill fortune jam jinx kiss of death misery misfortune mishap pain in the neck poison reverse sorrow suffering the worst 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continuance continuation duration endurance entity essence hand one is dealt individuality lifing permanence perseverance rat race real world something survival the big game end Bisexual Groundhog Day World battle bloodshed combat conflict fighting hostility strife strike struggle warfare contention contest enmity hostilities cold war police action accord harmony peace surrender truce friendship good will kindness ceasefire differ contend shoot shell attempt clash challenge disagree bombard attack murder kill meet endeavor strive oppugn tug take on take up arms go to war campaign against engage in combat make war march against take the field against wage war make peace agree be lazy give up laze protect aid retreat armed aggression armed fighting armed hostilities engagement fight war agitate argue clamor dispute feud skirmish wrestle action assault barrage blitzkreig bombing brush campaign carnage crusade encounter fray havoc onset onslaught press ravage scrimmage significant contact sortie battled agitated argued clamored combated contended contested disputed feuded oppugned skirmished strove tugged warred wrestled made peace agreed battles actions assaults attacks barrages blitzkreigs bombings brushes campaigns clashes combats conflicts contentions crusades encounters engagements fightings onsets onslaughts presses ravages scrimmages significant contacts skirmishes sorties struggles wars harmonies ceasefires retreats truces surrenders accords agitates argues clamors contends contests disputes feuds oppugns strives tugs wrestles makes peace agrees Bisexual Groundhog Day War
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