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Deadpool 2 teaser 'No Good Deed' reaction

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among men manly awesome deadpool funny ryan reynolds ryan fucking reynolds ryan rodney reynolds king of sarcasm hot sexy talented x-men pretty roan rna rain rani run yarn yawn ran ruin eyen reran roman royal rye yen yon tryon rein ryes try on Ryan bothsidesism ryan friendcrazyily boyfriend brother father friend crush re molds rends rebuilds reloads revolts rentals re builds runlets remolds re loads re volts rounds rents rinds rundles ringlets rindles renders rentees renters runnels r and ds r. and d.s reynolds bothsidesism Reynolds Reynold reynold renolds raynolds reginald rennalds weirdo artist libra best man gomez renoir muppet monkey actor woodpecker donkeypunch fag beer loser school poser chipmunk cheeks teeth protrude face genius miracle curiosity phenomenon portent prodigy sensation stunner whiz one for the books something else normality expectation accident earthquake force majeure freak accident hurricane inevitable accident marvel natural disaster supernatural event tornado 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