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Dear GOD! Roseanne Barr Just Spoke the TRUTH About Democrats and BLEW UP the Internet!

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Dear GOD! Roseanne Barr Just Spoke the TRUTH About Democrats and BLEW UP the Internet!Check The Source Here: a Proud Patriot, Wear Your America T-Shrits: Barr is the last person you would think would be on the Trump train, but it looks like she is coming aboard!Like the rest of America, Roseanne has been watching the dishonest attacks from the liberal media against our president. Today on Twitter, she decided to upset the entire Democratic Party and speak the truth!Roseanne wrote: “Every Single attack on POTUS is really a disguised attack on American voters who rejected Obama-Clinton-Bush’s bleeding of our treasury. “Most people usually don’t agree with anything that comes out of this woman’s mouth, but in this case she is right. American voters went against the status quo with their support for Trump and Democrats can’t stand it.Since sending the tweet, Roseanne has been bombarded with hate just for speaking the truth. Her honest message has gone viral and liberals are calling her every name in the book.Well Roseanne, this is the life of a Trump supporter! Welcome to the club! Oh My GOD! Neil Gorsuch Just SILENCED the Entire Room With a Response NO ONE Ever Expected!


Dear GOD! 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