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Defend Kshama Sawant! Rally to Reject the Recall

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for stick up for thump for punish accuse sentence condemn blame protest disapprove reject acknowledge accede accept acquiesce agree allow approve attest to certify defend defer to grant own ratify recognize subscribe to take an oath yield disagree decline disregard abjure repudiate forswear disallow invalidate disavow veto contradict dispute refuse acknowledges acknowledging advance advise argue for be in corner bless bolster boost brace up build up campaign for countenance encourage favor further get on bandwagon give a leg up give a lift go for go with hold with plead for plug plump for press for promote propose push root for run interference for say so side speak for spread around stump for tout urge criticize halt impugn assail undermine decrease hide conceal block hinder dissuade advocated advocates sham shame jama karma chacma shamer shammy shim grama gam jam shammer charm cam kshama savant swat want savante sealant saint swart scant slant swang swank is want sawing sonant was want santa sent swain sweat sand wand went wont sworn to be want assemblage assembly celebration clambake convention convocation meet session get-together mass meeting pep rally pow-wow regression remission weakening resurgence recuperation recovery revival renewal improvement comeback turning point destruction restore organize arouse redouble resuscitate waken rouse reform rejuvenate revive charge whet convene counterattack urge fire wake inspirit kindle assemble awaken muster challenge gather refresh summon resurrect collect renew encourage mobilize marshal surge call to arms come about get together round up wreak havoc bestir regroup reassemble bond together bring to order bring together come to order come together lose stop halt distribute separate divide discourage dampen kill dull disenchant bore hurt weaken regress scatter dissuade disperse ruin calm disorganize destroy damage enliven recuperate invigorate recover improve bounce back come along perk up pick up pull through brace up come around come from behind get act together get back in shape get better get second wind grow stronger make a comeback regain strength shape up snap out of it turn around turn things around decline worsen deteriorate enervate agitate alert animate call electrify fire up foment foster goad heat up incite inflame instigate move provoke rally send spark spur stimulate stir thrill turn on wake up warm whip up work up receive put out quiet lull ignore dishearten cease prevent aroused arouses arousing accumulate agglomerate amass bunch bunch up call together capture convoke corral flock gang up group hang around hang out huddle lump make the scene meet up reunite scare up unite take apart spread cancel accumulation aggregation association band body cluster coffee klatch collection company conclave confab conference council crew crowd faction gathering mass meeting multitude sit-in throng turnout division one separation individual Rally Doucheberg deny dismiss rebuff refuse renounce repudiate scrap spurn turn down veto burn cashier chuck decline despise disallow disbelieve discard discount discredit disdain eliminate exclude jettison jilt kill nix repel reprobate repulse scoff scorn scout second shed shun slough cast aside cast off cast out give thumbs down to not buy pass by pass on pass up put down shoot down throw away throw out accept admit agree allow approve grant keep sanction welcome admire attract believe include increase like love praise take on trust choose ratify abandon back out desert disown forsake leave leave behind quit reject throw over walk out on favor adopt support retain pursue defend continue stay come uphold assert cherish abandoning abnegate abstain forbear forgo give up refrain indulge use abrogate abate abolish annul cancel dissolve do in end finish off invalidate knock out negate nullify quash renege repeal retract revoke scrub torpedo undo vacate vitiate void fix establish pass enact legalize institute set up schedule validate permit abrogating apostatize break faith change sides fall away from sell out stray tergiversate Doucheberg Reject affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the Doucheberg The anamnesis memory recollection reminiscence forgetfulness restoration cancellation withdrawal revocation annulment rescission repeal nullification retraction recision rescindment enactment validation summon remind evoke cite awaken waken retrospect renew extract flash mind revive recollect educe reminisce elicit arouse reintroduce retain bethink rouse stir reestablish reinstate call to mind think back think of call up bring to mind come to one flash on look back nail it down ring a bell strike a note restore fire let go forget kill calm repress suspend cancel dismiss withdraw annul revoke reverse disqualify abjure dismantle countermand nullify recant lift forswear retract discharge rescind call back take back palinode unsay call in pass approve keep allow emphasize sanction enforce validate permit abate abolish abrogate annihilate blot out call off declare delete dissolve efface erase expunge get off the hook invalidate negate neutralize nix obliterate quash recall render null and void scrub undo vacate vitiate wipe out save help support establish enact continue create set up schedule uphold ratify legalize institute annulled abatement abolition abrogation annihilation breakup dedomiciling deletion dissolution going phfft invalidation negation neutralization obliteration reversal split split up undoing vitiation retention approval establishment confirmation annuls deliberate devise reflect remember ignore disregard bear in mind conjure up dig into the past have memories refresh memory summon up to remember Doucheberg Recall
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