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Democratic Debate: The Remy Rap

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Democratic Debate: The Remy Rap


4847173483001 year=2016 Drew Carey Austin Bragg Bernie Sanders day=15 youtube month=04 timestamp=1460717700 embed=false source=Reason TV Ben Karlstrom provider=News Look CNN provider=NewsLook Socialist autonomous constitutional egalitarian free orderly popular common communal equal friendly individualistic informal just libertarian populist self-ruling approved chartered democratic ensured lawful legal representative statutory vested contracted learned unlawful illicit illegitimate illegal equitable even-handed impartial unbiased at liberty autarchic autonomic emancipated freed independent liberated self-directing self-governing separate sovereign sui juris unconstrained unenslaved unregimented tight-fisted niggardly mean occupied busy suppressed enslaved barred limited hindered costly dependent scheduled prevented restrained confined bound priced high-priced expensive freer freest humane accommodating altruistic amiable approachable benevolent benign benignant broad-minded charitable clement considerate cordial forbearing forgiving generous genial gentle good good-natured gracious helpful human humanitarian indulgent kindhearted kindly lenient liberal magnanimous merciful mild natural obliging open-minded philanthropic pitying righteous sympathetic tender tenderhearted tolerant understanding unselfish warmhearted violent inhumane ungiving disagreeable cool cold unsympathetic uncompassionate uncivilized fierce cruel unkind selfish greedy aloof unsociable unfriendly unfeeling merciless democrats Democrat debatical debation debat debate debateable debatable IT WAS A DEBATE affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the Remy beat blow conk crack knock lick pat strike swat swipe tap whack approval flattery praise silence conference dialogue confabulation deliberation discussion yarn discourse colloquy chat prose chin talk causerie ventilation quiet sentence admonition censure responsibility pan rebuke reprimand reproof admonishment reproach punishment flak chiding reward encouragement compliment palaver spit babble jabber converse chitchat bark chatter confabulate run off at the mouth be silent be quiet scold reprobate reprehend skin denounce blame castigate condemn denunciate tick off commend approve exonerate laud admonish advise berate call down call on the carpet check chide come down hard on counsel ding draw the line enjoin exhort forewarn give a going over glue growl hoist jack up notice rap rap on knuckles reprove sit on slap on wrist speak to talk to tell a thing or two tell off upbraid warn flatter allow extol applaud permit admonished advised berated called down called on the carpet came down hard on censured checked chided counselled dinged drew the line enjoined exhorted forewarned gave a went over glued growled hoisted jacked up noticed rapped rapped on knuckles rebuked reprimanded reproved sat on scolded slapped on wrist spoke to talked to told a thing or two told off upbraided warned commended approved flattered allowed extolled applauded lauded praised complimented permitted aspersion abuse animadversion backbiting backhanded compliment black eye calumny defamation detraction dirty dig hit invective libel obloquy put-down slam slander smear vituperation kindness mildness happiness calmness adulation commendation bad-mouth belittle criticize cut down to size dis disparage dump on find fault malign mudsling pooh pooh put down rip roast run down take a dig at take down a peg tear down tear to pieces bad-mouthing bang bash bump clatter collide crash hammer pound pummel smash thump lose raps Rap drew carey Drew Carey Drew carey attract bring carry drag elicit evoke gather pick convey cull draft drain educe extract fetch haul hook jerk lug magnetize pluck pump rake siphon tap tow trail trawl tug wrench yank wind in grow plant refuse repress insert let go push alienate estrange exhale propel put in rebuff reject repel repulse shorten turn off write paint mark sketch formulate caricature frame describe design portray depict form prepare graph engrave etch profile trace express chart compose delineate outline limn model crayon pencil map out neglect confuse ignore ruin disorganize mix up destroy collect make take get judge derive infer conclude make out fail lose stop discourage give divide distribute misunderstand disallow dissuade scatter disperse prompt invite lure engage fascinate captivate induce convince persuade charm entice wile bewitch enchant bring around argue into bring forth call forth win over disenchant keep halt prevent hinder offend disgust select choose extort stretch attenuate lengthen respire elongate suck pull out single out Drew Carey Austin Bragg Braggs Fort Bragg billy bragg Chris Bragg Billy Bragg Bernie Sanders Bernie sanders To Sander Sandered Sander give it up for day 15 Day 15 YouTube boy child descendant heir relative sibling disciple fils lad male native daughter son ben Ben New Providence New Providence Pool attention eye glance glimpse peek review stare view beholding case cast contemplation flash gander gaze gun inspection introspection leer marking noticing observation once-over reconnaissance regard regarding scrutiny sight slant speculation squint surveillance survey swivel viewing evil eye keeping watch look-see disregard ignorance indifference neglect fashion presence face demeanor manner expression bearing semblance seeming mien effect air countenance physiognomy complexion aspect guise mug visage notice consider read study watch see peer rubberneck gape scan beware goggle mind focus scrutinize ogle mark tend note behold attend inspect spot gawk contemplate observe peep spy glower admire scout heed get a load of pore over take a gander take in the sights feast one's eyes miss look away forget overlook dodge avoid scorn ignore sound express show exhibit resemble evidence indicate manifest display present look like make clear strike as cover withhold contradict hide conceal search seek hope hunt foretell await divine forecast count on reckon on find front front on give onto address affectation ambience appearance atmosphere aura comportment deportment feel feeling flavor impression look mannerism mood pose property quality tone absence reality attitude blind carriage character condition dress feature figure form image looks mode outline presentation screen shape stamp leaving departure disappearance rear back appearances airs attitudes bearings blinds carriages casts characters conditions countenances dresses expressions faces fashions features figures forms fronts guises images mannerisms manners miens modes outlines poses presences presentations screens semblances shapes stamps leavings departures absences realities disappearances rears backs facet whole aspects angles directions facets gimmicks hands outlooks perspectives phases point of views positions prospects scenes sides situations slants switches twists views vistas wholes behavior poise port set stand Looking A look Look into it... Looking for the look CNN
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