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Deputy Senate Speaker-Kembi Gitura says President Uhuru has no powers to fight corruption

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Deputy Senate Speaker-Kembi Gitura says President Uhuru has no powers to fight corruption Deputy Senate Speaker elections2017 corruption aide appointee commissioner delegate minister representative ambassador backup factor legate lieutenant proxy regent replacement second-in-command sub subordinate substitute surrogate assembly member councilor dogcatcher representant chief manager acting ad interim adjutant alternate assistant delegated deputy interim pro tem pro tempore provisional temporary permanent agent abettor actor advocate assignee attorney broker doer emissary envoy executor factotum functionary go-between handler intermediary lawyer mediary middleperson mover negotiator officer operative operator principal proctor promoter salesperson servant steward ten percenter worker agents aid\u002Faide aide-de-camp attendant coadjutant coadjutor crew crewman helper second supporter aid girl Friday man Friday shop stooge troops superior leader boss aides steezy body chamber house parliament assembly congress council diet plenum house of representatives voice of the people legislature court gathering assemblage society committee conference union convention meeting caucus conclave government club convocation association league guild order delegates legislative body the Hill the house division lawlessness separation gang ring confab synod board powwow cabinet congregation mob outfit panel clan huddle ministry meet brain trust kitchen cabinet directorate groupthink governing body official family one individual senate Senate steezy announcer elocutionist lecturer mouthpiece orator rhetorician speechmaker spokesperson after-dinner speaker keynoter public speaker advocate apostle attorney backer campaigner champion counsel defender exponent expounder lawyer pleader promoter proponent proposer speaker supporter upholder opposition protestor enemy assailant antagonist opponent advocates chairman president administrator captain chair chairperson chairwoman director introducer leader moderator monitor presider principal prolocutor spokesman toastmaster symposiarch confabulator chatterbox chatterer conversationist talker discourser communicator raconteur steezy Speaker Speakers jumbo combo gumbo iambi nimbi kermis combe gemini limbo jamb jumb ambo ember akimbo gem ameba gambit jambs jumbs bimbo dumbo member zombie camber comb comber cumber gems rhombi combs samba simba came be came by come be come by get by fiture guttural natura gits future git gourd guter crura gitim geniture gird girt guru jura gesture picture gitted go tour suture gout jittery getup go tear mitre gittin gut grad grit gait got gray gurry gutty tray voiture gritty guard genera git go mature nature nitery got up tire true terra gat get kit try ligature cut try actuary garniture gat up get up go it give try go a tear add announce answer assert claim convey declare deliver disclose estimate express maintain mention read repeat reply report respond reveal speak state suggest tell voice affirm allege communicate conjecture divulge flap gab guess imagine imply jaw judge lip opine orate perform pronounce rap recite rehearse relate remark render rumor spiel utter verbalize yak break silence come out with give voice make known put forth put into words ask be quiet conceal deny disclaim hide hold keep keep secret listen neglect question refrain request retain suppress withhold fail praise say steezy says CEO boss leader premier chief executive officer chief of state commander in chief head of state person in charge prime minister president steezy President usury hurry augury hire uhhuh uh huh hairy hurray inure usurer aura euro hare here hero hora uhoh ecru uh oh azure harry hoary hurrah uhohs ira ire ory aurae herer in hurry aha are era ere err ore up here uh ohs Uhuru steezy uhuru accept acquire admit bear carry enjoy gain get hold include keep obtain own pick up possess receive retain take annex compass corner hog land occupy procure secure chalk up get hands on get hold of have in hand latch on to lock up sit on take in teem with abandon avoid deny disallow dispossess dispute dodge drop exclude fail forfeit forsake free give lack let go lose miss misunderstand need neglect offer pass refuse reject release spend stop surrender throw away yield kill want undergo consider feel experience leave see know allow permit become suffer let tolerate sustain entertain must be compelled to be forced to be up to fall on meet with ought put up with rest with should think about halt forget ignore involve subsume embrace embody encompass comprehend comprise fix fool outsmart outfox outwit undo dupe overreach outmaneuver deceive swindle buy off tamper with deliver beget bring forth give birth has steezy H.A.S. HAS ha's capability capacity function influence potential skill talent aptitude bent competency dynamism effectiveness efficacy endowment faculty gift potentiality qualification turn virtue impotence inability incapacity incompetence lack weakness failure inaptitude loss uselessness debility disability impairment inefficiency infirmity subservience surrender yielding strength force weight energy intensity vigor puissance potency omnipotence brawn sinew vim forcefulness muscle might arm voltage horsepower applied force mechanical energy powerlessness laziness inactivity lethargy right rule jurisdiction clout leadership authority privilege management sovereignty prestige law birthright predominance supremacy say-so paramountcy wire prerogative superiority sway hegemony direction steam regency domination authorization moxie diadem license ascendancy connection command dominion warrant inside track imperium strings subordination inferiority disadvantage administration president admiral advisers board bureau cabinet chair chairperson commander committee consulate department directors embassy executive executives feds front office general governing body headquarters legislature ministry officers officials powers presidency presidium stewards supervisors top brass upstairs power steezy action altercation argument battle bout brawl clash combat conflict confrontation contest controversy disagreement dispute duel exchange feud match melee quarrel riot rivalry round scuffle skirmish struggle war wrangling affray broil brush contention difficulty dissension dogfight engagement fisticuffs fracas fray free-for-all fuss hostility joust row ruckus rumble scrap scrimmage set-to strife tiff to-do tussle battle royal sparring match accord agreement calm concord harmony peace quiet truce friendliness friendship kindness attack belligerence boldness militancy backbone resistance pluck mettle combativeness pugnacity aggressiveness gameness spirit aggression hardihood weakness cowardice protect challenge resist meet withstand traverse wrestle bicker wrangle contend tilt grapple spar strive assault tug box buck rowdy repel oppugn bear arms cross swords altercate bandy with brush with carry on war do battle exchange blows flare up go to war mix it up ply weapons take all comers take the field take up the gauntlet wage war support believe make peace agree yield uphold give in surrender force maintain continue oppose argue hassle further wage conduct persevere prosecute squabble travail defy persist effect endure buckle down carry on fall out lay into take on engage in exert oneself hammer away light into make a stand against push forward put up an argument spare no effort stand up to take pains tangle with toil on forget quit idle leave give up stop halt neglect let go cease concur comply ignore encounter fight fighting warfare rest retreat stoppage repose inertia inactivity inaction idleness cessation aggress assail beset charge go at have at lunge at storm 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ambo ember akimbo gem ameba gambit jambs jumbs bimbo dumbo member zombie camber comb comber cumber gems rhombi combs samba simba came be came by come be come by get by put center stage puts center stage puts under spell
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