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Derelict House Tape walkthrough in Resident Evil 7

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A playthrough showing the game's first tape, found in the Old House.


delinquent slack behindhand disregardful irresponsible lax regardless remiss undependable unreliable untrustworthy careful caring improved populated bindle black sheep derelict drifter floater gutterpup guttersnipe hobo stiff tramp transient vagabond vagrant leper maroon outcast outlaw pariah renegade reprobate shipwreck waif behind blamable blameworthy careless censurable criminal culpable defaultant faulty guilty neglectful negligent offending overdue procrastinating red-handed reprehensible shabby tardy unpaid blackguard culprit dawdler deadbeat deadhead debtor defaulter desperado evader fallen angel felon hoodlum jailbird juvenile delinquent juvie lawbreaker loafer lounger malefactor miscreant neglecter no show offender punk recreant sinner wrongdoer young offender bare barren bereft cast off desolate empty forlorn forsaken godforsaken isolated left left in the lurch left stranded lonely lorn neglected relinquished solitary uncouth uninhabited vacant AWOL absconder apostate 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through Walk Through walkthru walk-thru strategy guide walk-throught walk througth walk throught walk throw trial baloon cigarette smoking your mama walk through drive through drive restaraunbt fast food place citizen dweller inhabitant inmate local native tenant denizen habitant householder indweller liver lodger occupant squatter suburbanite resider urbanite alien foreigner immigrant aborigine burgess burgher civilian commoner cosmopolite freeman/woman member of body politic member of community national naturalized person resident settler subject taxpayer townsperson villager voter built-in characteristic congenital connate constitutional deep-rooted deep-seated distinctive elementary essential fixed fundamental genetic immanent implicit in the grain inborn inbred inbuilt indigenous indispensable individual indwelling ingrained inherited innate inner instinctive integral integrated internal intimate intrinsic inward latent natural original part and parcel running in the family subjective unalienable doctor immure student trainee John\u002FJane Q. Public freeman\u002Fwoman citizens dwellers inherent secondary acquired incidental external added superficial unimportant minor auxiliary extra learned extrinsic intern Resident Residents convenient in-house hired foreign residents dent ding nick owie scrape avant garde music bizarre experimental residency medical school physician bad corrupt destructive hateful heinous hideous malevolent malicious nefarious ugly unpleasant vicious vile villainous wicked base foul low offensive poison reprobate wrong angry atrocious baneful beastly calamitous damnable depraved disastrous execrable flagitious harmful iniquitous injurious loathsome maleficent malignant no good obscene pernicious rancorous repugnant repulsive revolting spiteful stinking unpropitious wrathful agreeable aiding assisting attractive beautiful benevolent decent delightful friendly gentle good helpful honest honorable kind lovely nice pleasant pleasing right upright virtuous wonderful worthy moral auspicious sinless can of worms confusion evil ill snake in the grass anathema aversion bother curse detestation horror nuisance plague shame torment abomination barbarity brutality crime enormity infamy inhumanity iniquity monstrosity offense outrage ruthlessness savagery viciousness criminal delinquent mean sinful harm pain catastrophe calamity corruption suffering misery hatred sin obscenity indecency impiety affliction lewdness wickedness blow misfortune malevolence meanness debauchery wrongdoing depravity injury mischief sorrow hurt malignity licentiousness woe perversity heinousness baseness vice turpitude ruin devilry diablerie villainy vileness sinfulness criminality looseness diabolism knavery help purity propriety innocence kindness fortune good fortune cheer comfort pleasure blessing benefit nobility benevolence relief aid virtue modesty uprightness morality decency cleanness goodness profit boon good luck joy happiness health advantage Pandora's box esteem enjoyment beauty love treat delight atrocities good behavior pleasantness pleasantry atrocity undecayed true just noble profitable beneficial advantageous reputable badder EVIL evils E.V.I.L. Evil spongebob spongebob squarepants dirty bubble man ray barnacle boy lemons madonna sexy dumb poop cheese live cool booger the gay song the uber gay song
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