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Designers explore fleeting nature of modern life

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(5 May 2017) LEADIN:How do you design things when nothing is meant to last? That's the question being explored at Denmark's Craft and Design Biennale in Copenhagen.Hundreds of entries have been whittled down to just 27 remaining projects. For the winner? A 100,000 Danish Krone (approx. $14,750 USD) award.STORYLINE:And the winner is... 'Quilt Promises Quilts' by Lotte Mythues. The artwork took this year's top prize at Denmark's Craft and Design Biennale in Copenhagen.When the artist's partner passed away and her daughter was diagnosed with autism, she began to keep the various letters she received from Danish government agencies.They're now enlarged to the size of blankets and quilted using traditional textile patterns. The idea is to interweave the intimate patterns of family life with rule-based bureaucratic language.A sleeping ceramic woman, 3D-printed porcelain and a Morphotex dress greet visitors as they enter the exhibition.'Straw that Broke the Camel's Back', a collection of extravagant, bejewelled, colourful fashion items by Copenhagen-based Tabernacle Twins, is also on show.It's a humorous fashion experiment to see whether it's actually possible for a straw to break the a camel's back. Does fashion have an expiry date and what happens when a drop makes a glass overflow?In reality, the colourful items wouldn't look out of place on any catwalk or trendy fashion district.This year's Craft and Design Biennale explores the transient, fast-paced and varying nature of modern existence."The theme is 'Liquid Life', which is a term coined by the Polish/British sociologist Zygmunt Bauman" explains Hans Christian Asmussen, the chairman of the Danish Crafts and Design Association."He's also the father of the late modernity and he describes a society where we constantly have to re-invent ourselves, constantly we're introduced to a new system that is overtaken by a other system six months later, making the former system obsolete. "And this on-going process of ever changing systems slowly wear us down as citizens."When that comes to design, entrants have often combined old, traditional techniques with new, experimental technologies.This dress, by Anne Damgaard, combines hand-woven hemp with digital prints and Morphotex polyester. Some were painstakingly produced, others in just seconds."As a professional designer, you rarely have time to delve deep into a subject, you constantly have to create new designs in order to save the market," says Asmussen. "And any design that you create has a very, very short lifespan. "Take twenty, thirty years ago, you would have an average lifespan of a design would be ten, fifteen, maybe even twenty years, today this is about two years."Flemming Tvede Hansen has created these intricate porcelain creations through a dialogue between himself and a computer algorithm, it's called 'Filigree Robotics'.First, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts professor created a hand-moulded ceramic design. Then it was 3D-scanned by a robotic arm.A pattern was then developed using a mathematical algorithm and 3D-printed using the robotic arm on top of the existing hand-moulded creation.The result: a digital dialogue between designer and computer."So, I have been modelling an object in my hands," explains Tvede Hansen."And then it has been 3D scanned, this 3D object, and then based on a design of an algorithm, a pattern with digitally unfold regarding this hand model object and that's the pattern we see here. "So, it's actually a dialogue with technology with me, the hand model object, as an input."These works, by Maria Sparre-Petersen are the result of a failed experiment. "Because you're looking for something that you don't know. You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive:


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