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Did Square Enix Spoil Episode Gladiolus? - Dark Pixel Podcast: Ep. 45

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We post this podcast every Wednesday morning at 5:00am MT!You can listen to audio only with the sources below:Dark Pixel Blog: http://www.darkpixel.tv/blog-test/Listen On Google Play: https://play.google.com/music/listen?...Listen On iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/d...Listen On Pocket Cast: http://pca.st/NJsJTimecodes:- FFXV: Episode Gladiolus thoughts - 2:12- Where do you want Zelda to go next? - 12:58- What was the most infuriating comment from one of your videos? - 30:32- What improvements would you like to see in open world RPG's? - 48:00- Should game franchises "age" with their fanbase? - 1:16:53- Thoughts on cinematic games? - 1:38:56Join Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/KRZkCHaPatreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/darkpixelgamingDark Pixel Shirts: http://dark-pixel-shop.myshopify.com/You're all beasts. Thanks for everything!!


Dark Pixel Podcast Final Fantasy XV Gladiolus Gladio DLC The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Open World accomplish achieve act close complete conclude create determine end execute finish make move operate perform prepare produce succeed undertake work arrange cause cook discharge effect fix fulfill organize transact be responsible for bring about engage in get ready get with it go for it look after make ready pull off see to take care of business take on wind up wrap up abandon abstain bear begin commence destroy discourage dissuade fail forget give up halt hesitate idle ignore introduce lose miss neglect prevent ruin start stop disarrange disorder disorganize disturb defer pass put off undo satisfy answer serve avail suffice suit pass muster be adequate be enough be good enough for be of use be useful give satisfaction dissatisfy resolve work out render transpose decode adapt decipher translate interpret transliterate puzzle out quit play go on appear give manage conduct carry present fare portray comport seem discourse demean impersonate deport enact get along get by make out muddle through put on personate playact acquit oneself come on like render the role stagger along take direct withhold refrain cover track traverse journey tour explore look at pass through stop in beat flimflam fleece dupe hoax bilk trick overreach deceive gyp con cozen defraud swindle chouse take for a ride offer D.I.D. Thoughts and prayers dids did Dids equal even fair nonpartisan objective sporting straight upright aboveboard decent equitable ethical fair-and-square impartial impersonal just on-the-level sportspersonlike straightforward unbiased unprejudiced biased different dishonest partial prejudiced unequal unfair unjust current deceiving fake in vogue new popular stylish quadrate rectangular quadratic equilateral foursquare squared boxlike boxy equal-sided orthogonal quadratical rectilinear right-angled squarish dated bourgeois conservative behind the times orthodox out-of-date strait-laced stuffy button-down untraditional antediluvian reactionary traditionalist fuddy-duddy diehard stick-in-the-mud progressive liberal radical center space plaza area green circle common village green conform accord dovetail reconcile fit tally jibe harmonize coincide balance match check out gee fit in clash disagree mismatch fight differ owe refuse quit buy pay clear bribe discharge settle have liquidate corrupt rig fix buy off clear up clear off make even pay up tamper with keep unsettle tailor level align accommodate adjust suit true tailor-make even up disarrange T square square try square Victorian conventional demure genteel priggish prim prissy proper puritanical respectable rigid smug starchy stiff straitlaced uptight forthright frank honest open overt right on straight from shoulder trustworthy truthful up front veracious underhanded shady devious lying deceitful affirm agree assent be in tune concur correspond contest question oppose argue withhold disallow deny challenge reject disapprove accorded according Square Thoughts and prayers squares nix unix jinx minx infix inmix unfix unixs genx onyx egis ends in fix in mix un fix Enix Thoughts and prayers destroy devastate harm impair mar tarnish undo upset wreck blemish damage debase deface defile demolish desecrate desolate despoil disfigure disgrace injure pillage plunder prejudice ravage sack smash squash trash vitiate waste depredate make useless mess up muck up spoliate take apart aid assist build construct create fix help improve repair adorn beautify clean decorate embellish enhance honor mend ornament praise protect purify respect sanctify save grow ignore neglect humor pamper oblige cosset accommodate favor mollycoddle overindulge coddle spoon-feed cater to kill with kindness turn away hurt be mean hinder taint mildew curdle crumble turn molder disintegrate putrefy rot addle decompose deteriorate go off become tainted become useless break down go bad develop unite combine put together Mars bend blight blot break bruise deform detract ding foul up louse up maim mangle mutilate queer rough up ruin scar scratch shake up spoil stain sully tweak warp cure set up schedule straighten heal abuse dissipate exhaust misemploy mishandle misuse overburden overtax overwork prostitute squander commend approve esteem care for defend treasure compliment adulate acclaim revere prize benefit preserve cherish hoard abused abusing babied cuddle dandle dote on foster indulge nurse pet please satisfy serve refuse disappoint anger babies spoils Thoughts and prayers Spoil Spoils chapter event experience incident installment matter thing affair business circumstance doings happening interlude occasion occurrence part passage section goings-on whole assignment avocation calling case concern duty employment episode hap interest job mission obligation occupation office function proceeding profession project province pursuit question realm responsibility subject task topic transaction undertaking irresponsibility surrender hobby fun entertainment affairs anecdote chestnut fairy tale fish story gag long and short of it narration narrative old chestnut recital relation reminiscence short story sketch tale tall story tall tale yarn anecdotes affiliate branch clause division member offshoot period phase stage unit wing Moira accident action adjunct article cause coincidence contingency crisis destiny detail doom element exigency fact factor fate feature fortuity happenstance intervention item juncture kismet lot particular place point portion proviso respect scene status stipulation supervention time plan Thoughts and prayers Episode gladly galiots gelatinous gladiators glades ladles glutinous galoots calculous gladdens gladness glidings gondolas calculus clodpolls glad eyes capitols gelatins geldings gildings golddigs guilds guilts griddles gala days girdles coal oils gold digs black cloudy darkened dim dingy drab dull foggy gloomy misty murky overcast shadowy somber dun dusk faint aphotic atramentous blackish caliginous cimmerian clouded crepuscular dusky grimy ill-lighted indistinct inky lightless lurid nebulous obfuscous obscure opaque pitch-black pitch-dark pitchy rayless shaded shady sooty stygian sunless tenebrous unlighted unlit vague bright cheerful clean clear distinct good happy intelligent joyful light luminous smart sparkling sunny vivacious apparent brilliant encouraging evident hopeful illuminated lucid manifest moral plain pleased radiant shining visible vivid tan brunette brunet ebony sable swarthy bistered adumbral dark-complexioned dark-skinned ebon swart mysterious deep occult mystic abstruse anagogic arcane cabalistic complicated concealed cryptic enigmatic esoteric intricate knotty mystical puzzling recondite mystifying Delphian not known sinister ominous bleak foreboding cheerless dismal doleful joyless morbid morose mournful unpropitious nice bad infernal foul atrocious corrupt damnable hellish horrible immoral infamous nefarious sinful vile wicked just honest uncultivated unenlightened benighted unlettered unread forbidding sulky dour frowning glum sullen threatening glowering scowling darkness shade gloom evening opacity obscurity midnight night nighttime dimness murk nightfall murkiness twilight duskiness witching hour shadows semidarkness caliginosity dead of night understanding sense intelligence enlightening lightness illumination daytime day brightness sensibility cognizance morning daylight daybreak concealment thickness secrecy seclusion inscrutability denseness revelation backward dark ignorant primitive simple uncivilized uncultured uneducated unlearned unschooled untaught learned blackness total darkness comfortless discouraging disheartening drear dreary funereal grim hard harsh hopeless lonely melancholy oppressive sad unpromising comfortable congenial comforting appealing glad pleasant bleaker bleakest Dark Thoughts and prayers darks component constituent dot element pixel Thoughts and prayers Pixel Pixels! pixels precast outcast podgiest pre cast pokest potest pokiest portest pickest piedest out cast pederasty packest peckest typecast poetaster radiocast dodgiest pottiest poutiest pudgiest patest petest put coats type cast poor taste picks at put act puts act pecks at radio cast pod pixel dropsical despisal tropical deposal duckpins topical typical decuple turnpikes capsule dill pickle take prize tropics take pieces disposal tactical dark car parks cakes ale took prize day gigs dockages draw pokers took pieces takes all deep kisses deep kiss precast outcast podgiest pre cast pokest potest pokiest portest pickest piedest out cast pederasty packest peckest typecast poetaster radiocast dodgiest pottiest poutiest pudgiest patest petest put coats type cast poor taste picks at put act puts act pecks at radio cast pod podcast Thoughts and prayers Podcast final fantasy xv Thoughts and prayers Final Fantasy XV closing concluding eventual last-minute ultimate end finishing lag latest latter terminal crowning hindmost supreme beginning commencing continuing first inconclusive interim introductory opening persistent starting temporary decisive definite finished determinative absolute decided incontrovertible irrefutable irrevocable settled determinate unanswerable unappealable indefinite accurate actual authentic authoritative certain conclusive definitive errorless exact factual faultless final 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fantasia figment flight hallucination imaginativeness imagining invention mirage originality rainbow trip utopia vagary air castle flight of imagination head trip mind trip actuality certainty fact reality truth castle in the air castle in Spain castle in the sky dreamscape fantasy flight of fancy fond illusion pipe dream unrealistic goal blunder casuistry chicanery deception deceptiveness dream eidolon error fallacy false impression ghost ignis fatuus lapse misapprehension mistake optical illusion oversight phantasm phantom self-deception shade speciousness spuriousness trickery surety right being correction accuracy honesty success fix delusions idea image imagination impression incubus mental picture pie in the sky specter speculation thought trance wraith substance concrete entity existence dreams exaggeration aggrandizement amplification baloney boasting caricature coloring crock elaboration embroidery emphasis enlargement exaltation excess extravagance falsehood figure of speech fish story hogwash hyperbole inflation jazz line magnification misjudgment misrepresentation overemphasis overestimation pretension pretentiousness rant romance stretch tall story untruth whopper yarn understatement reduction minimization shrinkage lessening decrease compression Fantasy Thoughts and prayers gladly galiots gelatinous gladiators glades ladles glutinous galoots calculous gladdens gladness glidings gondolas calculus clodpolls glad eyes capitols gelatins geldings gildings golddigs guilds guilts griddles gala days girdles coal oils gold digs gladiolus Thoughts and prayers glad glade galiot glide gelati gelato clad galoot gladder glades gladly geld gild gold laid gladiator gad lad gala day glue to tlc doc l c DLC Thoughts and prayers DLCS thick and fast The Legend of Zelda Thoughts and prayers The Legend Of Zelda affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the Thoughts and prayers The fable fiction folklore lore myth mythology tale tradition narrative saga folk story folk tale mythos non-fiction truth inscription head code underline device cipher rubric key table motto heading epitaph epigraph caption explanation legend subtitle title epic heroic poem short story epics commemoration elegy eulogy hic jacet memorial monument remembrance requiescat in pace sentiment epitaphs allegory apologue bestiary bunk crock fabrication fairy story fairy tale falsehood fantasy fib figment fish story hogwash invention lie old chestnut old saw one for the birds parable romance tall story untruth white lie whopper yarn sense Thoughts and prayers Legend sled eld salad zealot geld held meld weld lead sold delta lad led zeals plead ceiled sealed sleds xed zeal reload melodia slat slid bled clad fled glad pled cedar sell at elder elide elude gelid weald slide solid old cellar seldom sleet field wield yield cede cell ceta lewd seed sell sida soda re load sold at Zelda Thoughts and prayers zelda Breath Of The Wild Thoughts and prayers breathing gasp animation eupnea exhalation expiration gulp inhalation inspiration insufflation pant wheeze sigh smell whiff vapor gust odor waft aroma puff flutter zephyr flatus faint breeze breather blow pause instant second rest moment breathing space ten streak murmur trace whisper dash undertone suspicion shade touch soupçon lot information air blast breath breeze draft heavens ozone sky stratosphere troposphere ventilation wind breathing room breathing spell breathing time airflow current flurry emanation existence actuality being continuance continuation duration endurance entity essence hand one is dealt individuality journey lifing permanence perseverance presence rat race real world reality something subsistence survival the big game world end death abstract ginger ardor backbone boldness bounce brio character 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