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Did Trump snub Merkel handshake?

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President Donald Trump shared an awkward moment with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her visit to the White House Friday, apparently declining to shake her hand, a traditional gesture in such settings.Source: CNN


President Donald J. Trump shared an awkward moment with German Chancellor Angela Merkel apparently declining to shake her hand a traditional gesture in such settings accomplish achieve act close complete conclude create determine end execute finish make move operate perform prepare produce succeed undertake work arrange cause cook discharge effect fix fulfill organize transact be responsible for bring about engage in get ready get with it go for it look after make ready pull off see to take care of business take on wind up wrap up abandon abstain bear begin commence destroy discourage dissuade fail forget give up halt hesitate idle ignore introduce lose miss neglect prevent ruin start stop disarrange disorder disorganize disturb defer pass put off undo satisfy answer serve avail suffice suit pass muster be adequate be enough be good enough for be of use be useful give satisfaction dissatisfy resolve work out render transpose decode adapt decipher translate interpret transliterate puzzle out quit play go on appear give manage conduct carry present fare portray comport seem discourse demean impersonate deport enact get along get by make out muddle through put on personate playact acquit oneself come on like render the role stagger along take direct withhold refrain cover track traverse journey tour explore look at pass through stop in beat flimflam fleece dupe hoax bilk trick overreach deceive gyp con cozen defraud swindle chouse take for a ride offer D.I.D. Bundled Like Bernie dids did Dids D.I.D aid ascendancy asset assistance authority avail blessing boon break choice comfort convenience dominance edge eminence expediency favor gain good gratification help hold improvement influence interest lead leeway leverage luck mastery odds position power precedence preference prestige prevalence profit protection recognition resources return sanction starting superiority support supremacy utility wealth ace in the hole leg-up pre-eminence trump card upper hand bad fortune bad luck block blockage debt disadvantage disapproval disfavor harm hindrance hurt impotence incapacity inefficiency inferiority injury lack last loss misfortune obstruction stop subordination subservience waste weakness outdo overtake exceed finesse outsmart excel surpass defeat lose fall behind fail cap beat best better button down button up can clinch cob complete cover crest crown do to a T eclipse finish outshine outstrip pass put the lid on surmount top top it off transcend trump wrap up lay out forget start introduce begin surrender disregard ignore capped capping caps discomfit abash annoy baffle balk bother checkmate confound demoralize discompose disconcert discountenance disturb embarrass faze fluster foil irk outwit overcome perplex perturb prevent rattle ruffle take aback thwart unsettle upset vex worry worst yield make happy encourage clear up please settle order compose abet delight reassure explain enlighten appease calm assist soothe discomfiting Trumps Bundled Like Bernie Trump boycott disregard humiliate ignore neglect ostracize pass up rebuff scold scorn shun burr censure chill cool cut disdain duck humble ice mortify offend scratch shame slight slur snob swank upstage act cool brush off cut dead give the brush ice out look coldly upon look right through not give time of day put down put the chill on note pay attention praise regard welcome approve compliment flatter heat respect warm be friendly include socialize blackball ban blacklist debar exclude oust reject repudiate snub veto accept admit allow sanction ratify permit banish bar expel hit list preclude proscribe put on hit list thumbs down vote against support avoid cut off embargo hold aloof from outlaw pass by prohibit refuse shut out spurn strike withhold patronage encourage buy want use cold-shoulder contradict deny disclaim dismiss disown get rid of have no time for override send away sweep aside see attend brush aside brushed aside Bundled Like Bernie Snub SNÜB meekly merely merge marker merger marked market marvel merged morsel murked meek mewl mettle markedly meagerly melee more l keel make mark marl meal merc moke murk heckle marble meddle morale myel macule maker murky make law make ill merkel Bundled Like Bernie Merkel accord harmony pact concord deal common view meeting of minds disagreement disbelief misinterpretation mistake misunderstanding understanding ovation acceptance reception hospitality hello salute entertainment tumble rumble salutation friendliness entrée red carpet howdy key to the city goodbye welcome bond contract pledge pactum tacit agreement unspoken agreement unwritten agreement verbal agreement nonformal agreement bargain commitment arrangement record guarantee obligation settlement compact covenant evidence dicker engagement stipulation indenture treaty liability commission deposition paper promise convention proof concordat mise agreement transaction papers trust deed refusal denial grasp restraint constraint clamp hold hook cincture coercion enclosure fixing ligature gripe grapple lug clench brace duress clinch tenure snatch strength cinch vise catch squeeze purchase clutch fastening wrench anchor crushing handgrip handclasp enclosing grapnel handhold release misconception grip handshake contracts covenants gentleman's agreement gentlemen's agreement CEO boss leader premier chief executive officer chief of state commander in chief head of state person in charge prime minister president Bundled Like Bernie President donated download donate donned dialed donged doled denials downward denial dined downed tingled dolt done all told dandled dangled dinged dingle dinned donator doodled doubled tonality totaled dandle dealt don't toned denied dunned down cold Donald Bundled Like Bernie common communal mutual unshared excluded collaborative collective combining joint shared synergetic synergic synergistic aggregate assembled collated combined compiled concentrated concerted conjoint consolidated cooperative corporate cumulative gathered grouped heaped hoarded massed unified united disjoint separate divided accepted coincident communistic community commutual congruous conjunct constant correspondent customary general generic in common intermutual like popular prevailing prevalent public reciprocal social socialistic universal usual well-known widespread superior sophisticated refined noble high rare private particular singular uncommon excellent cultured aristocratic valuable unusual scarce noteworthy infrequent extraordinary abnormal specific individual commonest conjoined joined linked agreeing coacting coactive coadjuvant coefficient collaborating collegial collusive concurring coordinated hand in glove harmonious in league interdependent joining participating symbiotic team uniting unsupportive unhelpful preventing hurting hindering encumbering disunited uncoordinated uncooperative disobliging Bundled Like Bernie Shared amateurish rude stiff all thumbs artless blundering bulky bumbling bungling butterfingers coarse floundering gawky graceless green having two left feet having two left hands incompetent inept inexpert klutzy lumbering maladroit oafish stumbling uncoordinated uncouth unfit ungainly ungraceful unhandy unpolished unrefined unskilled unskillful adroit artful clever convenient dexterous easy elegant graceful handy skillful straightforward troublesome unwieldy dangerous cumbersome uncomfortable inconvenient annoying perilous risky chancy cramped disagreeable hazardous unmanageable incommodious discommodious hard to use secure safe helpful embarrassed unpleasant delicate ticklish painful difficult ill at ease inopportune perplexing sticky thorny trying untimely compromising painless pleasant delightful affected apish artificial assumed awkward campy chichi conceited contrived counterfeit faked false feigned fraud gone Hollywood ham hammy hollow imitated insincere melodramatic ostentatious overdone pedantic phony pompous precious pretended pretentious put-on schmaltzy self-conscious shallow sham simulated spurious stilted studied superficial theatrical unnatural uninjured unmoved calm true genuine natural unimpaired unhurt unchanged untroubled unswayed unperturbed sincere real angular bony gangling gaunt lank lanky lean rangy rawboned scrawny sharp skinny spare weighted straight thick heavy fat plump overweight chubby beefy big colossal cumbrous enormous gross hefty high hulking immense large long mammoth massive ponderous substantial voluminous weighty thin small light airy tiny miniature insubstantial butterfingered clumsy gauche inapt expert constrained strained uneasy Bundled Like Bernie Awkward awk...ward bit date flash hour juncture minute occasion point stage time breathing crack instant jiffy sec second shake tick trice twinkle twinkling while wink jiff no time nothing flat point in time split second three winks whole triviality unimportance note seriousness use substance advantage weight profit momentousness gravity value avail pith signification magnitude significance consequence import worth concern weightiness worthlessness insignificance loss disadvantage little while moment space spell stretch bits breath blow breather breathing space pause rest ten account exigency fame honor interest need portent renown reputation repute start rise origin cause beginning source inception commencement ill repute age century course day duration epoch era generation period quarter reign span term year emphases accent accentuation attention decidedness force headline highlight impressiveness insistence intensity positiveness power preeminence priority strength stress underlining incompetence weakness lethargy ignorance along alongside amidst among beside for including near plus upon accompanying concomitant with additionally also as companion as well at same time besides coupled with furthermore in addition to likewise moreover side by side simultaneously too far separate apart by all of by the whole of in association with in connection with in the class of in the company of mutually out of together with with one another outside away from a step from abreast of adjacent to adjoining aside at the edge of at the side of bordering on cheek by jowl close at hand close to close upon connected with contiguous to fornent in juxtaposition nearby neck and neck neighboring next door to nigh opposite overlooking round verging on at the hand of in the name of over supported by through through the agency of through the medium of under the aegis of via with the assistance of along with among other things as well as counting in conjunction with inclusive of made up of not to mention rejecting excluding W.I.T.H. Bundled Like Bernie WITH germane merman kirman gleeman germs heman gemini germ he man gemming groan gamin gagman gunman legman mermen seaman sermon vermin yeoman gammon german Bundled Like Bernie German Germans authority court critic expert inspector justice referee adjudicator appraiser arbiter assessor bench conciliator evaluator honor intercessor intermediary interpreter judiciary magistrate marshal moderator negotiator ombudsman peacemaker reconciler umpire warden justice of peace legal official magister judge illegality unfairness partiality lawlessness injustice administrator civil servant representative minister executive bureaucrat commissioner agent director manager officer leader secretary premier comptroller exec dignitary top higher-up governor treasurer incumbent president brass boss big shot front office officeholder CEO mayor brains panjandrum functionary head person top brass top dog top drawer employee official commander in chief chief executive chief minister chief of state chief officer dewan doge grand vizier head of cabinet head of state person in charge prime minister jurist justice of the peace jurisprudent chancellor judges officials Chancellor Bundled Like Bernie angel angle angels angular ungula angles angelus ankle ingle angled anneal angeled angelic mangel anger Angela Bundled Like Bernie allegedly ostensibly possibly probably supposedly as if as though at a glance at first sight in all likelihood intuitively it appears that it seems that most likely on the face of it outwardly plausibly professedly reasonably reputably speciously superficially tangibly to all appearances improbably unlikely dubiously questionably uncertain officially clearly plainly evidently expressly indubitably openly manifestly patently conspicuously in plain sight overtly palpably perceptibly transparently unmistakably vaguely apparently presumably acutely audibly beyond doubt certainly decidedly definitely discernibly distinctly incontestably incontrovertibly 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brightness light setup fixings service settings
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