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Direct Contact Trailer

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Direct Contact Trailer.


Direct Contact Trailer blunt candid explicit forthright sincere straightforward unambiguous unequivocal bald express frank open plain straight absolute categorical downright matter-of-fact outspoken person-to-person plainspoken point-blank talk turkey unconcealed undisguised unreserved ambiguous deceitful devious dishonest equivocal indefinite tricky vague decorated indirect obscure unclear changing deviating intermittent interrupted varying wily brusque crude crusty curt direct discourteous gruff impetuous impolite rough short snappy snippy uncivil ungracious apply oneself to attend to concentrate on devote oneself to dig engage in focus on give go at go for hammer away have a go at have at knuckle down to peg away pitch into plug away at take care of take up throw oneself into try turn turn to undertake administrate be in the saddle boss carry out conduct control crack the whip execute govern head head up hold the reins oversee pull the strings pull the wires render ride herd on run run the show sit on top of superintend supervise continuous even right beeline horizontal nonstop through unbroken unswerving straightaway true in bee line in straight line linear not crooked shortest straight ahead corrupt different unjust unfair personal immediate prompt contiguous firsthand next primary proximate resultant lineal succeeding head-on handle lead keep advise operate guide shepherd regulate influence dispose ordain rule administer dominate carry on quarterback call the shots control the affairs of have the say preside over run things take the reins misdirect diverge misguide yield follow submit mismanage serve leave neglect let go give up abandon mislead surrender obey deliver tell warn inform instruct command address order read bid enjoin charge dictate lecture give directions give orders set intend target show focus cast aim see train steer present mean incline beam level route point slant indicate escort lay sight fix pilot move in point the way sight on zero in take overlook ignore mark mail label inscribe designate superscribe devote apply throw bend settle endeavor strive buckle down forget unsettle abrupt expansive at ease nice calm leisurely gradual deliberate kind pass slight shun disregard cut avoid addressed addresses addressing withhold refuse frustrate deny forego Direct shade direct penis direct leg hotel direct boober boxers directly association connection influence meeting touch unity acquaintance channel commerce communion companionship intercourse junction network union division separation antagonism strangeness avoidance admittance approach avenue contact course door entrance entree entry entrée ingress introduction key open arms open door passage path road route way associate colleague companion friend neighbor advance approximate be comparable to be like bear belly up to border buzz catch up close in come come at come close compare with converge correspond to creep up draw near equal gain on go toward impend loom up match meet move in on move toward near progress reach resemble surround take after threaten verge upon relation juxtaposition propinquity hit contingence impingement proximity nearness closeness approximation collision strike contiguity taction difference remoteness distance visit telephone phone call connect talk get relate interact touch base interface be in touch with check with get ahold of get in touch with reach out speak to write to leave depart avoid refrain listen access outlet conclusion egress unfamiliarity ignorance stranger foe opponent enemy detractor antagonist acquaintances go away stop miss decrease retrogress retreat approached approaches contacts Contact aircraft biplane engine propeller rotate geek nerd cool prep gangsta glasses techie myspace blood surgury sleep military combat army armed forces high five hand slap pound contract borat mobile home doublewide motor home climber creeper trailer abode address apartment asylum boarding house bungalow cabin castle cave co-op commorancy condo condominium cottage crash pad diggings digs domicile dormitory dump dwelling farm fireside flat habitation hangout haunt hearth hideout hole in the wall home plate homestead hospital house hut joint living quarters manor mansion nest orphanage pad palace parking place place residence resort roof rooming house roost shanty shelter turf villa where the hat is camper house trailer recreational vehicle trail car camp trailer caravan clip advertisement teaser prevue promo grapevine home office homes Trailer honky redneck ghetto whitetrash poor white loser tornados poor poverty the south the midwest tornado alley tacky rude obnoxious trash paranoia macguyver paranoid barney fbi leg length fetal position scared of shadow seriously only jokes
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