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Dirty Cop And A Corrupt Judge Exposed Fort Myers Florida

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contaminated crummy disheveled dusty filthy greasy grimy messy muddy murky nasty polluted sloppy stained unkempt bedraggled begrimed black defiled disarrayed foul fouled smudged spattered spotted sullied cruddy dreggy dungy grubby grungy icky lousy mucky scummy scuzzy slatternly slimy slovenly sooty squalid straggly undusted unhygienic unlaundered unsanitary unsightly unswept untidy unwashed yucky bright clean clear ordered orderly sterile neat spotless coarse base blue low mean unclean contemptible despicable immoral impure indecent lewd off-color ribald risqué salacious scatological scurvy smutty sordid unchaste uncleanly vile vulgar decent moral nice pure upright sleazy cheating corrupt crooked below the belt deceitful double-dealing shabby shady shifty sneaky underhanded unethical unscrupulous untruthful good honest blacken smear smudge sully begrime blotch blur coat contaminate debase defile discolor encrust grime mung pollute rot smoke smutch spatter spoil spot stain sweat taint tar tarnish besoil make dusty make impure mess up cleanse flourish grow improve purify sterilize Philistine barbarian barbaric bawdy boorish brutish cheap churlish common crass crude dirty earthy foul-mouthed gross gruff ill-bred immodest impolite improper incult indelicate inelegant loutish lowbred obscene offensive raffish raunchy raw rough roughneck rude tacky tasteless uncivil uncivilized uncouth uncultivated uncultured unpolished unrefined vulgarian chaste cultured gay happy healthy high kind noble pleasing polished polite refined sophisticated X-rated adult erotic fleshy hard-core lascivious porn porno sensual sexual sexy steamy decrepit dilapidated disordered dowdy drenched dripping faded muddied run down seedy sodden soiled tattered threadbare wet fresh tidy befoul malign slander soil praise cowardly dishonest unjust unsportsmanlike deputy flatfoot fuzz lawman patrolman policeman policewoman sheriff officer of the law patrolwoman peace officer police officer the man acquire 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rotten shady unethical unscrupulous untrustworthy venal base bent debauched exploiting fixed foul open padded profiteering reprobate suborned tainted bribable double-dealing extortionate faithless fast and loose gone to the dogs inconstant iniquitous knavish mercenary on the take perfidious praetorian racket up snide treacherous two-faced underhanded unfaithful unprincipled wide open ethical good honest honorable moral respectable trustworthy clean pure decent helpful high kind noble principled purified sound truthful uncorrupt upright wholesome boorish depraved evil abandoned abased degenerate degraded dishonored loose low baneful deleterious dissolute flagitious infamous miscreant monstrous perverse profligate villainous virtuous altered contaminated decayed defiled distorted doctored falsified infected polluted noxious putrescent putrid bribe contaminate debase degrade demean demoralize harm impair misuse ruin subvert taint undermine violate warp abase abuse adulterate animalize 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