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Dishonesty = Discharge

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chicanery corruption criminality deceit duplicity falsehood fraud graft infidelity mendacity treachery trickery artifice bunk cheating chicane craft crookedness cunning double-dealing faithlessness falsity flimflam fraudulence guile hocus-pocus infamy insidiousness perfidiousness perfidy racket rascality slyness stealing swindle trickiness unscrupulousness wiliness fourberie hanky-panky improbity sharp practice faithfulness fidelity forthrightness honesty loyalty truth truthfulness artlessness frankness innocence openness reality sincerity fairness scrupulousness ambidexterity deception dishonesty disingenuousness hypocrisy phoniness uprightness artfulness craftiness scheming ingenuousness honor simplicity incapacity inability candor artificiality unnaturalness betrayal Judas kiss falseness giveaway let-down sellout treason unfaithfulness support secret quiet protection devotion cant affected piety humbug hypocriticalness insincerity lip service pecksniffery pharisaicalness pious platitudes pomposity pretense pretentiousness sanctimoniousness sanctimony sham holiness show standard deceiving defrauding Dishonesty Egg clearance pardon parole acquittal exoneration liberation probation release remittance disimprisonment assignment damming delegation employment engagement hiring hold imprisonment incarceration indebtedness keep loading owing retention ejection bounce gate pink slip walking papers demobilization congé old heave ho the boot the door bum's rush fusillade explosion burst salvo shower barrage volley report shot blast firing quiet flow emission seepage vent excretion ooze secretion elimination pus exudation suppuration emptying voiding unlading disburdening unburdening observance accomplishment fulfillment performance execution achievement failure defeat neglect frustration disbursement satisfaction settlement liquidation oust acquit expel dismiss exonerate loosen clear loose unbind absolve manumit liberate emancipate unchain allow to go disimprison unshackle load engage employ delegate assign maintain owe dam hire imprison detain welcome sentence damn condemn blame unload terminate displace remove replace exempt discard bust supersede eject excuse fire dispense relieve cashier bump nix supplant spare disburden disencumber can kick out lay off let off let go boot out freeze out give one notice let one go let out lock out privilege from ride out on rail run out of town show the door retain shoot explode set off shoot off leak emit empty spew erupt void ejaculate excrete vomit exude gush break out give off disembogue send forth send unlade unpack unburden take off carry away off-load remove cargo take away unship unstow execute accomplish perform observe meet fulfill achieve miss lose fail liquidate satisfy quit honor pay up square up upset cancel dissolve vacate abrogate quash annul render void allow support validate permit sanction bleach blink at discharge exculpate forgive free go easy on launder let off easy let off the hook let up on lifeboat sanitize set free spring vindicate whitewash wink at wipe it off wipe the slate clean write off bind charge obligate incriminate impeach limit restrain punish accuse convict censure absolved acquitted bleached blinked at cleared discharged exculpated excused exempted exonerated forgave freed laundered liberated lifeboated loosed pardoned released relieved sanitized spared sprang vindicated went easy on whitewashed wiped it off wiped the slate clean wrote off bound kept held charged obligated incriminated impeached limited restrained punished accused sentenced damned convicted condemned censured blamed acquire actualize attain bring about bring off bring to pass cap carry out carry through close complete conclude consummate deliver dispatch earn earn wings effect effectuate enact end finish follow through gain get get done manage negotiate obtain perfect procure produce rack up reach realize resolve score seal see through settle sign solve win wind up work out open yield forget bear wonder question spend leave depart pass give up abandon stop halt start begin unseal surrender create ignore destroy forfeit unsettle commence achieved accomplished acquired actualized attained brought about brought off brought to passed capped carried out carried through closed completed concluded consummated delivered did dispatched earned earned wings effected effectuated enacted ended executed finished followed through fulfilled gained get did got managed negotiated obtained perfected performed procured produced racked up reached realized resolved saw through scored sealed settled signed solved won worked out wound up not finished opened retained yielded forgot bore wondered questioned spent left departed passed neglected missed gave up abandoned lost failed stopped halted started began unsealed imprisoned detained surrendered created ignored destroyed forfeited unsettled commenced achieving accomplishing acquiring actualizing attaining bringing about bringing off bringing to passing capping carrying out carrying through closing completing concluding consummating delivering discharging dispatching doing earning earning wings effecting effectuating enacting ending executing finishing following through fulfilling gaining get doing getting managing negotiating obtaining perfecting performing procuring producing racking up reaching realizing resolving scoring sealing seeing through settling signing solving winding up winning working out not finishing opening retaining holding yielding keeping forgetting bearing wondering questioning spending leaving departing passing neglecting missing giving up abandoning losing failing stopping halting starting beginning unsealing imprisoning detaining surrendering creating ignoring destroying forfeiting unsettling commencing disculpate wipe off doom denounce incarcerate Egg
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