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Disruptive Passenger Causes LA-Boston Flight To Divert To Denver

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An American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Boston had to be diverted to Denver after a passenger became disruptive. WBZ-TV's Chris McKinnon reports.


disturbing rowdy troublesome unruly upsetting disorderly distracting obstreperous off-base out of line out-of-order troublemaking unsettling calming disciplined settling soothing well-behaved aggressive advancing antipathetic assailing attacking barbaric bellicose combative contentious destructive disruptive encroaching hawkish intruding intrusive invading martial militant offensive pugnacious quarrelsome rapacious threatening warlike calm complaisant easygoing laid-back confrontational adversarial adverse antagonistic cantankerous opposed truculent uncooperative agreeable compromising passive gentle peaceful friendly boisterous disobedient drunk fractious indisciplined intemperate noisy on-a-tear raucous rebellious refractory riotous stormy termagant tumultous\u002Ftumultuous turbulent uncompliant uncontrollable ungovernable unmanageable wayward compliant obedient quiet arranged conforming manageable neat ordered orderly organized systematized trim distressful anxious disquieting distressing nervous perturbing worrisome worrying divisive alienating at odds discordant more aggressive easy-going commuter customer fare patron pilgrim rider tourist traveler excursionist hitchhiker voyager wanderer wayfarer owner driver arrival addition arriver caller cargo comer conferee delegate delivery entrant envoy freight guest mail newcomer package parcel passenger representative shipment visitant visitor departure disappearance leave cowboy gaucho horseback rider horseman\u002Fwoman straphanger suburbanite riders cowboys drivers gauchos horseback riders horseman\u002Fwomans passengers straphangers suburbanites travelers shipping sailing ship steam adventurer barnstormer bum displaced person drifter expeditionist explorer floater gadabout globetrotter gypsy haj hiker hobo itinerant jet-setter journeyer junketer migrant navigator nomad peddler rambler roamer rover sailor seafarer sightseer tramp transmigrant trekker tripper trouper truant vagabond vagrant adventurers barnstormers bums commuters displaced persons drifters excursionists expeditionists explorers floaters gadabouts globetrotters gypsies hajs hikers hoboes itinerants jet-setters journeyers junketers migrants navigators nomads peddlers pilgrims ramblers roamers rovers sailors seafarers sightseers tourists tramps transmigrants trekkers trippers troupers truants vagabonds vagrants voyagers wanderers wayfarers details explanations justifications whys whys and wherefores causes Beantown Athens of America Cradle of Modern America Hub of the Universe Puritan City the City of Kind Hearts the Cradle of Liberty the Hub the Walking City arrival departure shuttle transport trip aeronautics aviation gliding hop jump mounting navigation soaring voyage winging aerial navigation avigation takeoff volitation stay standing staying waiting exodus break breakout escape escapement escaping exit fugue getaway lam out powder retreat retreating exfiltration getaway car running away coming air transportation flight flying armies armed forces artillery battalions batteries brigades cavalry columns commands companies corps details divisions flights formations infantry legions outfits patrol units platoons regiments soldieries soldiers squads troops wings individuals wholes army armed force battalion battery brigade column command company detail division formation legion outfit patrol unit platoon regiment soldiery squad wing individual whole aerodynamics piloting avoidance absention circumvention delay dodge dodging elusion escapism eschewal evasion forbearance nonparticipation parry passive resistance prevention recession recoil restraint runaround self-restraint shirking shunning steering clear of advance continuation meeting bevy assembly band bunch cluster collection covey crew crowd flock gathering group pack party troupe one alter deflect redirect switch avert change modify pivot sheer swerve veer wheel whip whirl turn aside volte-face stay straighten anger irritate maintain upset beguile delight gladden gratify panic please recreate regale relax slay tickle wow break one up fracture one get one's jollies knock 'em dead make happy put 'em away annoy depress disappoint disturb pain worry deter detract discourage distract abstract detach disengage dissuade sidetrack stall attract attention bend the rules catch flies circumlocute disadvise draw away get around lead astray lead away encourage attach combine connect unite amuse charm cheer crack up divert fracture grab interest kill knock dead make roll in the aisles occupy put away displease offend bear create give birth bore dull tire avoid fend off foil forestall frustrate halt look away preclude prevent rule out shove aside shunt stave off turn turn away ward off aid allow assist help support abstain bypass circumvent cold-shoulder desist ditch dodge duck elude escape eschew evade fake out flee give the slip hide hold off jump keep clear lay low obviate recoil run for cover shake shake and bake shake off shirk shrink from shuffle off shun shy sidestep skip skip out on skip town skirt stay away stay out steer clear of step aside weave withdraw face meet permit take on seek want attract engross entertain entice knock out lure seduce send solace sweep off one's feet tickle pink tickle to death turn on vamp reject repulse turn off trouble beguiles betrays bluffs burns cheats chisels cons deceives deludes double-crosses dupes entices exploits finesses flimflams gyps has hoodwinks imposes on jockeys juggles lures manipulates misleads plays plays for a sucker rooks rope in scams seduces shaves snows sticks string along sucks in takes takes in tricks is honest offers gives repulses disenchants turns off refuses comfort abate allay alleviate ameliorate assuage bolster buck up calm commiserate with compose condole confirm console ease enliven free grant respite hearten inspirit invigorate lighten burden make well mitigate nourish put at ease quiet fears reanimate reassure refresh relieve remedy revitalize revive salve soften soothe strengthen stroke succor sustain sympathize uphold upraise agitate bring down dishearten dispirit distress hurt aggravate block contradict destroy disapprove enervate excite harm hinder increase injure intensify magnify neglect obstruct oppose stop suppress weaken worsen bother exasperate provoke torment torture vex
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