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Distant Galaxy’s Stardust Weight Is Comparable to 6 Million Suns

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Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have observed the galaxy A2744_YD4 and detected the enormous mass of stardust. -- Full Story: https://goo.gl/31MVzeCredit: ESO


malisons villainousness villianousness monsoons million minor sins mellownesses maliciousness mollinesses mutinousness mailpersons plain sense far far-flung far-off inaccessible isolated obscure remote removed secluded a piece abroad abstracted apart asunder away backwoods beyond range far back farther further in the background in the boonies in the distance in the sticks indirect middle of nowhere not home out of earshot out of range out of reach out-of-the-way outlying retired secret separate sequestered telescopic unapproachable ways wide of yonder approachable mingling public adjacent close friendly kind near nearby neighboring sympathetic warm absent distant oblivious far away far off above casual chilly cold cold fish cool detached forbidding hard-boiled hard-hearted haughty incurious indifferent laid back lone wolf loner offish on ice putting on airs reserved solitary standoffish stuck up supercilious thick-skinned unconcerned unfriendly uninterested unresponsive unsociable 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brightness brilliance brilliancy bulb candle coruscation dawn daybreak daytime effulgence emanation flash fulgor glare gleam glimmer glint glitter illumination incandescence irradiation lambency lamp lantern lighthouse luminosity luster morn morning phosphorescence radiance radiation ray refulgence scintillation sheen sparkle splendor sunbeam sunshine taper torch window cover hide basked basking heat cool put out freeze light misunderstanding dark dullness misconception obscurity night sundown eventide dimness lights
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