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Diverse Künstler - Es ist nie zu spät 1990 (Hymne an die Au aus der ORF Umweltshow)

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Text und Musik: Georg Gabler & Harald Fendrich Georg Gabler (keyboard) Harald Fendrich (bass) Mario Berger (gitarre) Hartmut Pfannmüller (drums) Christian ...


ORF (Production Company) World Wide Fund For Nature (Nonprofit Organization) Stefanie Werger Rainhard Fendrich (Musical Artist) Timna Brauer (Musical Artist) Peter Cornelius (Composer) Simone Marc Berry Uli Bäer Andy Baum Boris Bukowski Eva Lind Marianne Mendt (Musical Artist) Gary Lux (Musical Artist) Andy Radovan differing disparate distinct divergent diversified varied assorted contradictory contrary contrasted contrasting contrastive discrete dissimilar distant diversiform incommensurable like night and day manifold miscellaneous mixed bag multifarious opposite separate several sundry unalike unequal unlike varying like same similar alike conforming identical parallel uniform comprehensive diverse inclusive versatile different heterogeneous hybrid indiscriminate mixed motley variegated anthologized asymmetrical collected dissonant divers incongruous inconsistent jarring many multiform numerous omnifarious omniform some varicolored varietal variform at variance conflicting disconsonant discordant incompatible incongruent inconsonant unmixable detached disconnected discontinuous unattached various discrepant far cry incommensurate poles apart unequivalent uneven unsimilar all-around unvaried normal conventional correspondent united unified standard harmonious resembling homogeneous consistent concurring agreeing attached joined combined connected equal Diverse centennial montebello washington compton ladera dominguez racist one sided genocide anti white gay lgbt black lives matter aoc clinton obama corporations inclusion california communist socialist millennial dirty diversity clean diverce divirce wasco absolute tribe rap liberal hamilton 2016 love shit diverse] [multicultural IST Is't ist I.S.T Ist it's is it it is assholes beef arabs gay school its hot sexy work spouse affair huckfinn nie Nie syn:nope nah nuhu not ant:yes yea uhu ñe ñie taint nor ass nor balls nice 1990s 1990 1990's oil cliton spice girls goldenage nickelodeon 90s 90's best decade martin sister sister aaliyah tupac puff daddy family matters fresh prince of bel-air golden amazing super bamf wtf shit fashion style music 2000s decade era rap real deal the good old days drown expire perish succumb conk croak decease demise depart drop finish suffocate be no more be taken cease to exist drop off give up the ghost go way of all flesh kick the bucket relinquish life rest in peace bear continue be born begin develop flourish grow improve live buy the farm cease living die kick off pass on push up daisies bite the dust buy it buy the ranch farm back off break off bring to an end call it a day call it quits close close out come to an end culminate cut it out desist discontinue end fail give over halt intermit knock off leave off pack in quit quit cold turkey refrain shut down stay surcease terminate wind up asphyxiate bar check clog congest constrict dam fill gag garrote gasp gibbet kill noose obstruct occlude overpower retard squeeze stifle stop stopper strangle strangulate stuff stunt suppress throttle wring pass fall vanish disappear deteriorate bate ebb wane crumble degenerate rot weaken decline droop decay subside molder rankle fade moderate sink abate diminish slacken wilt lapse recede retrograde let up peter out run down run out dilapidate break down ease off fade away fade out fizzle out go bad go downhill lose power melt away run low wear away extend forward forge strengthen build rise arrive appear win reach advance start prolong enlarge enhance increase commence bought the farm cease keep on initiate open carry on create restart persevere complete ceased choke expand encourage allow help loose let go free unblock loosen permit liberate release assist aid Die fuck off burn go away annoyance death murder dead stone dead dead parrot dice gambling probability money aus. 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