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Diversity in harmony | Wobbly World | TED Institute

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As 12 musicians from disparate cultures harmonize their eastern and western scales, they show the long bridges that music can build. [email protected] was a ...


TED TEDTalk TEDInstitute [email protected] IBM [email protected] Wobbly World World Musicians Freddy Clarke Global music medley range variance multeity sameness agreement array choice collection combination combo diversity garbage group hodgepodge jumble kind miscellany mishmash mixed bag mixture mélange potpourri selection sort about-face addition adjustment advance break compression contraction conversion correction development difference distortion diversification innovation metamorphosis modification modulation mutation novelty permutation reconstruction refinement remodeling reversal revision revolution shift surrogate switch tempering transformation transition transmutation turn turnover variation variety vicissitude adverse antithesis comparison contradiction contradistinction contraposition contrariety converse differentiation disagreement disparity dissimilarity dissimilitude distinction divergence foil heterogeneity incompatibility incongruousness inconsistency inequality inverse oppositeness opposition reverse unlikeness aberration alteration anomaly asymmetry change characteristic contrariness contrast departure deviation digression discongruity discrepancy dissemblance exception idiosyncrasy irregularity nonconformity particularity peculiarity separateness separation singularity unconformity unorthodoxness clash disaccord discordance disharmonism disharmony divergency incongruity alterity discord distance divarication incomparability inconsonance nonuniformity offset otherness severance unrelatedness assortment Diversity peace unity rapport kinship accord empathy concord amity sympathy affinity discord dislike hatred clash fighting jangling tune form chime order melody unison concert piece chorus euphony triad blend chord organum back back-up background backing harmony instrument part 10-4 accordance concurrence conformity congruence correspondence deal good vibes good vibrations okay pact reconciliation treaty unanimity acceding accession accommodation acknowledging adjustment affiliation alliance approving arbitration arrangement assenting authorizing bargaining compatibility compliance complying compromise concession concordance concurring congruity consistency endorsing granting mediation ratifying similarity suitableness understanding union verification verifying amicableness benevolence comity cordiality friendliness goodwill hitting it off kindliness neighborliness same wavelength simpatico togetherness antithesis counterbalance equity equivalence even-steven evenness hang parity proportion stasis symmetry tension consonance accompaniment agreement balance Harmony uneven weak rocky unsafe unsure wavy even sure safe sound firm addled befuddled bemused bewildered blind blinded dazed dazzled distracted disturbed dumb dumbfounded faint gaga giddy groggy hazy light muddled off balance out of control punch-drunk punchy puzzled reeling shaky slap-happy staggered staggering swimming tipsy unsteady upset vertiginous weak in the knees weak-kneed whirling wobbly woozy chiffon cut-rate decrepit defective delicate diaphanous feeble fragile frail gauzy gossamer house of cards inadequate infirm insubstantial meager papery rickety rinkydink shallow sheer slapdash sleazy slight superficial tacky transparent unsound unsubstantial confused dopey drunken out of it slaphappy stupefied swaying tired ailing anemic anile debilitated enfeebled failing faltering flimsy halting ill insecure irresolute laid low lame sensile unstable vacillating wavering defenseless exposed fluctuant hazardous immature loose open to attack perilous rootless unguarded unprotected unreliable unshielded vulnerable aberrant amorphous asymmetrical bent broken cockeyed craggy crooked devious disproportionate eccentric elliptic elliptical hilly jagged lopsided lumpy meandering not uniform notched off-balance off-center out of proportion pitted protuberant rough scarred serrate serrated unaligned unbalanced unequal unsymmetrical variable zigzagged dizzy irregular Wobbly earth nature star sphere cosmos terrene realm race group class life area system field domain memory actuality animation journey living presence reality subsistence vitality world creation galaxy macrocosm macrocosmos megacosm solar system star system living world totality universe being breath continuance continuation duration endurance entity essence hand one is dealt individuality lifing permanence perseverance rat race real world something survival the big game Homo sapiens animality carnality human nature human race humanity living creatures mortality people physical nature physicality sensuality stock all-around all-inclusive all-out blanket catholic comprehensive cosmic cosmopolitan earthly ecumenical encyclopedic exhaustive general grand international mundane overall pandemic planetary spherical sweeping thorough total unbounded universal unlimited existence flesh global World TED Ted habit fixture maxim tenet precept decree rite edict dogma statute ritual rule unbelief appoint launch set up create install enact pioneer invest fix ordain bow start settle found open induct make up rev open up ruin end stop halt boarding school brainery finishing school halls of ivy institute military school prep school preparatory school secondary school seminary alliance association circle council federation foundation fraternity league buzz canvass catechize challenge cross-examine demand direct enjoin examine give the third degree go over grill hit hunt for inquire interrogate investigate needle pick one's brains pop the question pry into pump put the screws to put through the wringer query quiz request roast sweat activate actualize break ground break the ice bring about bring to pass cause commence drive effect embark on enter on enter upon establish eventuate generate get going give birth to give impulse go ahead go into impel inaugurate induce initiate instigate introduce lay foundation for lead make make active motivate mount occasion originate plunge into prepare produce set about set in motion trigger undertake appeal arraign cite declare indict initiate legal action prefer serve sue summon take to court base begin constitute formulate academy ask bring build Institute alternative rock alt-rock gavin rossdale chris traynor cache tolman charlie walker TED Talk Ted Talk ted science sarcasm obvious lolcats IBM I B M artist player soloist artiste diva composer lyrist music writer musician poet songsmith songwriter instrumentalist music maker performer rocker virtuoso accompanist chanter chanteuse choralist chorister crooner intoner melodist minstrel nightingale serenader songbird songster troubadour vocalist voice warbler yodeler balladeer bard jongleur minnesinger trouveur ace adept authority big league brain celebrity champ champion crackerjack dillettante egghead genius hot stuff hotshot intelligent magician natural no slouch old hand old pro pro prodigy professional pundit sharp star superstar whiz wizard lyricist singer Musician musicians Freddy fred nice strong amazing funny freddy cool awesome julie emmanuel chris megan esfa parisa good costa mesa chido spanish slang popular jennifer alex pervy love friends chickenhead fredy whore crackwhore hoebag fredrick perfect sexy handsome kicked his ass chuck cute dope Clarke clarke overall all-out blanket cosmic earthly general grand mundane total world local all all-embracing all-encompassing all-inclusive broad broad in content complete comprehensive encompassing everything extensive global including all categories including all members panoptic sweeping wide widespread broad-minded charitable cosmopolitan diffuse eclectic ecumenical generic inclusive indeterminate large-scale liberal open-minded planetary receptive tolerant unbigoted universal unprejudiced unsectarian whole world-wide absolute across the board catholic compendious comprising containing discursive encircling encyclopedic exhaustive expansive far-reaching full in depth infinite lock stock and barrel of great scope synoptic the big picture the whole shebang the works thorough umbrella wall-to-wall cosmogonal cosmogonic empyrean grandiose huge immense measureless vast worldwide cultivated cultured gregarious metropolitan polished public smooth sophisticated urbane well-travelled worldly alluvial carnal corporeal geotic human in all creation material mortal nonspiritual physical profane secular subastral sublunary tellurian telluric temporal terraqueous terrene terrestrial uncelestial under the sun unspiritual across-the-board GLOBAL Global soul rap rock melody piece tune hymn modern song bop jazz fusion air strain swing folk opera bebop silence bob burden chorale main section motif music recurrent verse response ritornelle theme undersong arrangement article cantata chart concerto dissertation drama essay exercise exposition fiction getup literary work manuscript novel number opus paper play poetry rhapsody romance score setup short story stanza study symphony thesis verse work writing babel bedlam boisterousness brouhaha buzz clamor clangor clash clatter commotion confusion crash disquiet hoo-ha hubbub hullabaloo hurly-burly jangle outcry pandemonium percussion racket row shout sound stridency tintamarre tintinnabulation tumult uproar art interpretation manifestation mark painting revelation sculpture speech aria assonance carillon chant chime concord consonance descant diapason euphony inflection lay lyric measure melodiousness musicality refrain resonance run tunefulness unison cadence cadency feet lilt mora pattern rhyme structure chorus composition din medium meter Music
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