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Doug Stanhope: Keynesian Economic Theory as Applied to Private Sector Independent Contracting

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doug melomaniac Doug Keynesian melomaniac budgetary commercial fiscal industrial monetary bread-and-butter material mercantile money-making pecuniary productive profit-making profitable remunerative solvent viable across the counter commissary economic exchange financial for sale in demand in the market market marketable merchandising popular retail saleable sales supplying trade trading wholesale wholesaling efficient able accomplished active adapted adequate apt businesslike capable clever competent conducive decisive deft dynamic economical effectual efficacious energetic equal to experienced expert familiar with fitted good at good for handy masterly organized potent powerful practiced proficient qualified ready saving shrewd skilled skillful systematic talented tough useful valuable virtuous well-organized weak delicate inept powerless inefficient helpless inadequate fragile unskillful unskilled incompetent incapable unable ineffective sluggish lazy inactive idle worthless useless 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T. on the quiet sneaky stealthy surreptitious under wraps under-the-counter undercover underground underhand truthful forthright authorized legal honest aboveboard clandestineness clandestinity concealment confidentiality covertness secretiveness secretness silence stealth surreptitiousness classified restricted melomaniac privates Privates Private district part region zone category division precinct quarter stratum whole area belt block city county domain dominion enclosure field kingdom locality neck of the woods neighborhood parcel patch plot principality section sector sphere square state stretch territory township tract turf vicinity ward areas arena battlefield battleground province realm scene theatre arm affiliate authority branch command department detachment ell extension force offshoot power projection wing body main incompetence weakness commune community locale parish stomping ground vicinage districts Sector! melomaniac autonomous nonpartisan self-reliant self-sufficient separate sovereign absolute autarchic autarchical freewheeling individualistic nonaligned self-contained self-determining self-governing self-ruling self-supporting separated unaided unallied unconnected unconstrained uncontrolled unregimented dependent subordinate subservient apart afar alone aloof aside away by itself cut off disconnected distant distinct divorced excluded exclusively freely independent independently individually isolated lone wolf separately singly special to itself to one side together exclusive aristocratic chic choice chosen clannish classy cliquish closed complete confined country club discriminative elegant entire exclusionary exclusory fashionable full licensed limited narrow only particular peculiar posh preferential private privileged prohibitive restrictive ritzy segregated select selfish single snobbish socially correct sole swank total undivided unique upper crust whole partial inferior part public open unfashionable poor unrestricted unlimited shared divided incomplete old-fashioned external alien apparent exterior extraneous foreign out outer outermost outmost outward over peripheral superficial surface visible inside native intrinsic internal middle interior central national relevant fancy-free footloose happy-go-lucky unattached without commitments without ties free at liberty autonomic democratic emancipated freed liberated self-directing sui juris unenslaved tight-fisted niggardly mean occupied busy suppressed enslaved barred hindered costly scheduled prevented restrained bound priced high-priced expensive free agent freelance individualist rugged individualist melomaniac Independent consume decline decrease narrow reduce shrink weaken abate abbreviate abridge clench compress confine constrict curtail deflate dwindle ebb edit epitomize evaporate lessen lose omit purse recede shrivel subside syncopate tighten wane waste wither wrinkle become smaller draw in fall away fall off grow less take in develop enlarge expand grow increase raise strengthen add amplify blow up extend free lengthen let go loose loosen open prolong release rise save break off dilate disagree give spread stretch buy owe negotiate settle undertake agree set pledge consent clinch dicker bound obligate promise close initial circumscribe covenant assent stipulate arrange pact engage bargain adjust limit commit enter into sign up ink accept offer become indebted come around firm a deal go along with hammer out deal make terms put in writing shake hands on it sign for sign papers swear to work out details confuse break end discourage disorganize disorder disarrange derange reject refuse dissent disapprove acquire obtain incur afflict get upset induce sicken sink fall cause take bring on come down with indispose be afflicted with be ill with become infected with fall victim to go down with succumb to hold please fail help order calm misunderstand overthrow comfort forfeit employment assignment avocation awarding business calling carrying commissioning contracting craft employ engaging enlistment enrollment exercise exercising exertion field function game hire hiring job line mission métier number occupation occupying office position post profession pursuit racket recruitment retaining service servicing setup signing on situation taking on thing trade using vocation what one is into work unemployment misuse inactivity idleness recreation surrender pastime hobby entertainment fun reducing condensing contraction decreasing diminishing downsizing lessening marking down paring down reduction shortening shrinking enlargement
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