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Dough-tastic raw cookies are the latest New York food fad

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(1 Mar 2017) LEAD-IN: New Yorkers are queuing around the block in a fever to get their teeth into the latest food fad, raw cookie dough.Customers say they'd rather lick the spoon of dough, than eat a baked cookie.STORY-LINE: It's always rush hour here at Cookie Dough Confections.The fad for Cronuts is long forgotten.This New York City shop sells scoops of the dough however you like it, in a cone or a cup.The founder of DO Cookie Dough Confections Kristen Tomlan claims she's selling 1,500 pounds of cookie dough a day at her Greenwich Village storefront and hopes to expand both in New York and online.She says: "DO is all about edible, bakeable cookie dough. It's about celebrating that childhood licking the spoonful of cookie dough right from the bowl." Tomlan who has a background in design an branding has clearly hit an open niche in the market for confection served up in a completely different way.She explains: "So you start with your traditional cookie dough ingredients: the butter, the sugar, and then we use a pasteurised egg and a heat-treated flour which makes our cookie dough completely safe to eat." Tomlan is excited about expanding her venture.She says: "So far the response has been amazing. We have had a line out the door every single day and we are so excited." People here are waiting hours to try the new product and there are customers here from all around the world.Clare Worrall says: "It's quite rich. I think one scoop is enough. Personally I wouldn't be able to eat more than that. But it's so nice. It's not sickly. It's just really good." Mickey Vrijhoef and Jaap Dejong taking selfies with the dough to send back to their friends in Holland.They say: "I think if you eat one full scoop you are filled for half a day. I would bet on it. It's too much. We had breakfast this morning. We don't need lunch right now it's too much." Most customers are surprised by just how filling the cookie dough can be.Barbara Todres says: "Oh you could make a meal out of it. It's really better than any regular batter than you can buy in the store, it's much different. It's fresher for one thing and you have so many different choices whether you want peanut butter, nuts, sprinkles or whatever inside the battered dough, so it makes it quite unique." Some of the customers have been waiting and salivating for days to get their hands on a raw cookie cone.Holly Porter says: "I actually am travelling here for work, so I've been here for about a month so I heard about it right when it opened and I've tried to come four times and the line has been three hours long. So I got here, this is my last day, I leave today, so I had to try it."And it seems it was well worth the wait.You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/you... Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork


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