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Downing the Reddi Whip

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Well, I figured I would attempt to eat the whole can of Reddi Whip. That didn't quite work out, but you can still watch me make a fool of myself.


Food smashing Reddi Whip whipped cream absorb consume devour drink eat inhale digest down build ingest mitigate dilute erode slacken minimize ease shrink impair dwindle decrease abate narrow diminish curtail lighten weaken decline cut clip taper abridge attenuate degrade crop downsize soft-pedal drain contract amputate truncate close moderate thin cut back taper off minify de-escalate become smaller die down grow less roll back slack up slow down take the bite out take the edge off take the sting out wind down raise go up rise extend expand develop strengthen irritate stretch lengthen prolong grow enlarge worsen intensify increase lessen cease ebb fall release relent stop subside wane die out ease off ease up continue let up devastate wreck ruin drop fell flatten equalize bulldoze raze floor smooth mow waste ground bring down pull down tear down knock down knock over lay low turn lie jag deceive rough up create construct level slap trim outstrip overwhelm smother spank hurdle surpass surmount best rout trounce excel master whip strike overcome lambaste hit beat conquer wallop throw smear clobber thrash outdo flog top vanquish help give up yield fall behind fail lose retreat forfeit surrender give in lick soothe lullaby subdue hush stroke allay still compose becalm balm quell pacify tranquilize qualify cool quiet settle temper chill out cool off lay back put a lid on quiet down take it easy take the edge aggravate win upset move disturb agitate start energize excite incite arouse lull reduce slow constrain tone down modify alleviate curb soften appease chasten repress assuage relieve tame calm mollify regulate modulate check play down meet halfway cool out turn over let go free trouble allow provoke magnify unleash liberate egg on worry permit assist aid ascend transcend outsmart eclipse outclass outmaneuver outshine outfox outdistance exceed snow defeat cook trash bury cream do in shake off outrival blow out of water fake out go one better leave behind outgun 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deflect surge turn pivot divert avert stay walk blend mix work up antenna antennae baste guard basting help relinquish cede assist aid tap pat Whip nae nae dance stupid fun relatable whips car wip wipe stanky leg soulja boy wobble cat daddy pop and lock hip hop rap ride horse pony horse & carriage dubs spinnahs rims ass and tities bread cooking cuisine drink fare feed foodstuff meal meat snack aliment bite board cheer chow comestible cookery diet eatable eats fodder goodies grit groceries grub handout keep larder menu mess nourishment nutriment nutrition pabulum provision ration refreshment slop store subsistence support sustenance table tuck viand victual entrée fast food home cooking moveable feast take out vittles deprivation starvation beverage bread and butter food livelihood maintenance daily bread provisions victuals bolus chew quid rumen course helping recipe serving beef brawn cells corpuscles fat fatness flesh and blood muscle plasm plasma protoplasm sinews weight 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