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Dramatic dashcam footage captures a lorry smashing into an undertaking car and DRAGGING.

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Dramatic dashcam footage captures a lorry smashing into an undertaking car and DRAGGING it into a busy road as they both turn left at a junction... but viewers disagree over who was at fault.This is the moment a car was crushed and dragged along by a lorry turning left at a busy junction.Dashcam footage shows the blue Toyota pull up inside the lorry as they both wait to turn on to a busy dual carriageway at Magna Park near Leicester. When the lorry turns left it smashes into the car and drags it for a few metres before coming to a stop. Viewers have been hotly debating who was to blame.Some say the car was wrong to pull up on the inside of a lorry but others think the lorry driver would have seen the car if they observed better. One on the side of the lorry driver wrote: 'Absolutely brilliant! That total be****d in the blue car deserved it! You never do that to a lorry they need the extra space for turning!'Another added: 'Lorries need extra swing and who goes up the inside of a juggernaut especially somewhere like a junction onto a dual carriageway.' But one viewer siding with the car driver replied: 'The lorry drove into a stationary vehicle because he only looked to his right and not both ways. 'The blue car was ahead of the lorry before the collision happened so the lorry driver was at fault through lack of effective observation, any experienced driver of a large vehicle would anticipate something would likely go into a gap on the left/near side and be prepared for it. Corrective observational training needed for this lorry driver.' Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk


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