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Dramatic rescue of suicidal woman pulled by her hair to safety

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Dramatic rescue of suicidal woman pulled by her hair to safetyA video has been shared on Chinese social media showing what looks like a suicide attempt, as a man reaches out to rescue a woman sat on the edge of a roof, grabbing onto her hair and pulls her to safety.Firefighter saves a suicidal woman dangling from a fourth-floor window shield by pulling her up by her HAIR A woman sat on the edge of a waterproof canvas attempting suicide in SichuanFirefighter tied a rope and hung himself in midair in a bid to pull her upHe grabbed her ponytail and successfully pulled her back in the aparment This is the nail-biting moment a suicidal woman sitting on a canvas shield was saved by a firefighter grabbing her ponytail.The incident took place at a residential building in Qianwei city, in southwest China's Sichuan province on February 22. One selfless firefighter hung himself out of the balcony to grab the woman's ponytail in a bid to rescue her.The video posted online, seemed to be taken by a neighbour living in the next building. It shows a young woman hanging loosely on the edge of the window shield on the fourth floor. Onlookers said firefighters and family members of the woman attempted to calm her emotions. Later, one firefighter ties a rope around his waist and climbs over the balcony to rescue the woman.Due to the height of the balcony, he hangs half of his body out but could only reach the top of her head.He then grabs her ponytail and pulls her up by force.The suicidal woman is brought back to the apartment.She has not been identified and it is not clear how she got there and why she attempted suicide.


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