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Dubai's nap bar

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Research says the right amount of sleep during the day could enhance performance and boost energy. A French design firm, Smarin, has created a place where ...


Tech Insider TI Tech Science Innovation Digital culture nap bar sleep Dubai nap bar health Smarin dubai Dubai pause nod catnap spot rest break doze siesta snooze continuation wale fiber grit feel warp down pile tooth weave weft woof shag inside middle relax sleep rack drowse nod off forty winks nap shut-eye slumber essence fabric hand nature spirit substance dust ball dust bunnies floss fur hair lanugo lint character current direction make-up pattern staple striation surface tendency tissue warp and woof be prone be recumbent be supine couch go to bed laze lie down loll lounge recline repose retire sprawl stretch out turn in be sleepy become inattentive drift drift off droop slump fuzz grain lie Nap Naps NAP pig strip slab rib stake boom spar ingot rail shaft pole rule lever stick spoke loss whole aid help wall block fence clog stop snag hurdle railing pale bistro tavern pub lounge inn saloon tap taproom barroom canteen counsel court bench dock law jurists lawyers lock plug dam dike jam bolt close latch seal caulk free open loose allow hinder deny forbid enjoin refuse limit reject ban outlaw debar except exile keep add baffle bar beat check circumvent counteract cramp cramp one's style dash defeat disappoint disconcert foil forestall frustrate obstruct prevent ruin stall throw a curve throw monkey wrench in upset the apple cart banish blackball close down close up curse declare illegal disallow exclude halt ice out illegalize inhibit interdict pass by pass up prohibit proscribe restrict shut out suppress barrier blank wall blockade bulwark obstruction palisade rampart roadblock stockade defend fortify shut in barricade bound boundary confines curtain ditch enclosure fortification gully impediment moat obstacle trench difficulty drawback encumbrance handicap hindrance limitation preventive restraint restriction stumbling block balk bars BAR Bar B.A.R. reform school reformatory remand school training camp training ship borstal institution industrial school tech training college training ground training school Tech techs plant helper ringer stall aide aid shill enemy foe boss ally expert critic judge ignoramus crowd club camp party ring class clan set cabal posse crew crush gang lot mob Mafia bunch individual tribe sect band group house outfit race folks moiety stock lobby circle pack junta bloc wing side sector design unit schism cell knot clique guild caucus team combo whole total unity peace abettor accomplice assistant associate co-conspirator colleague confederate conspirator insider partner subordinate accessory collaborator connoisseur specialist assembly camarilla companions company comrades coterie cronies fraternity in-group insiders intimates school society sorority association faction kinfolks organization sodality cognoscente Insider Insiders (insider) art system skill lore branch wisdom ignorance disorder ability accomplishment address aestheticism capacity civilization class courtesy cultivation delicacy dignity discrimination 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capacity credentials deeds education environment framework history practice preparation qualification rearing seasoning tradition training upbringing ancestry civility conduct courtesy development gentility lineage manners nurture refinement schooling urbanity address affability amenities amiability attentiveness ceremony chivalry comity complaisance consideration cordiality courteousness courtliness deference elegance familiarity favor friendliness gallantness gallantry generosity geniality gentleness good behavior good breeding graciousness indulgence kindness politeness respect reverence solicitude suavity sympathy thoughtfulness cachet character consequence decency decorum distinction elevation eminence ethics etiquette glory grandeur gravity greatness hauteur honor importance loftiness majesty merit morality nobleness perfection poise prestige propriety quality rank regard renown respectability seemliness self-respect significance solemnity splendor standing state stateliness station stature status sublimity virtue worth worthiness apprenticeship background book learning brainwashing catechism civilization coaching direction discipline drilling edification enlightenment erudition guidance improvement inculcation indoctrination information learnedness learning literacy pedagogy propagandism proselytism reading scholarship science study teaching tuition tutelage tutoring agriculture dignity Culture Culture cultures did it for the lulz nasty all cultures racism evolution snickers ice cream newspeak nazis corporations bullshit politically correct bullshit artist fascist music clothing traditions race european union germany france italy language new york city humans hate struggle coma dream nod doze nap rest activity energy action relax snooze crash slumber bunk catnap repose flop retire yawn snore turn in drowse nod off zzz grow waken wake blackout dullness faint hebetude insensibility lethargy oblivion sleep somnolence stupor swoon syncope torpidity torpor trance afterlife annihilation bereavement casualty cessation curtains darkness decease demise departure destruction dissolution downfall dying end ending eradication eternal rest euthanasia exit expiration extermination extinction fatality finis finish grave grim reaper heaven loss mortality necrosis obliteration paradise parting passing passing over quietus release ruin ruination silence termination tomb buying the farm defunction passing away taps the end collapse failure fall final thrill last out last roundup lights out number's up adjournment conclusion decay decomposition disappearance disbandment discontinuation dismissal dispersal evaporation liquefaction melting overthrow resolution solution suspension catch a wink cop some z's drift off drop off sleep lightly death Sleep dubai Dubai energy fitness verdure tone shape pink fettle stamina state vigor form bloom prime disease illness appearance aspect build constitution health kilter mint order phase repair status trim bliss dreamland ecstasy elation exaltation exhilaration exultation frenzy glee high spirits intoxication joy joyousness jubilation madness rapture relaxation transport good health robustness strength anatomy being condition figure frame object outline person phenomenon physique silhouette thing torso advantage big break blessing break fluke fortunateness godsend good luck happiness in the cards karma kismet luckiness lucky break occasion opportunity profit prosperity run of luck serendipity smile streak of luck stroke success triumph victory weal wealth win windfall agreement assurance covenant guarantee oath promise toast undertaking vow warrant word euphoria luck pledge Health HEALTH
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