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Duchess of Cambridge gives the bridesmaids and page boys a polite warning to behave

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Kate Middleton Dons Pippa middleton wedding pippa wedding middleton wedding pippa's wedding dress pippa middleton's wedding dress wedding dress kate middleton sister pippa middleton gown pippa's wedding live pippa middleton's broadcast duchess of cambridge fascinator pippa's wedding guests James Matthews prince george wedding princess charlotte wedding female girl adult dame gal mama matron missus mistress babe broad doll little woman mare old lady old woman queen bee lady aristocrat archduchess archduke count countess duke emperor empress gentleman gentlewoman lord patrician peer prince princess royalty blue blood silk-stocking noble baroness marquise peeress queen contessa noblewoman czar king monarch shah sultan baron caesar caliph czarina dynast kaiser khan magnate maharajah maharani majesty mikado mogul oligarch overlord pasha pharaoh potentate rajah rani rex royal sovereign sultana tycoon crowned head gerent imperator commoner subject ruler duchess woman man noblewomen 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