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EPA's ASPECT Aircraft

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NOTE: If you need captions, please click the CC button on the player to turn them on. Based near Dallas, Texas, and able to be deployed within one hour of ...


EPA ASPECT CHEMICAL Radiological monitoring planes remote sensing emergency response airborne spectral imagery gamma spectrometer IRLS FTIR infrared DOE AMS gamma-ray neutron chemical plume aerial survey standoff detection HAZMAT chemical photography aerial CBRN CMAT OEM OSWER response asset attitude condition facet form air appearance bearing countenance demeanor expression face look manner mien whole aim approach aspect direction hand intention outlook perspective plan point of view position side slant standpoint viewpoint carriage pose posture stand character characteristic idiosyncrasy indication mark note particularity peculiarity point property quality quirk sign speciality symbol trait virtue prospect feature phase situation view vista angle regard scene twist gimmick switch angles attitudes attribute attributes distinguish special television plasma henpecked obsessed asspect tv-free tivo satellite home theater airliner balloon chopper helicopter jet UFO airship blimp dirigible zeppelin flying machine flying saucer aeroplane airbus aircraft cab crate kite plane ramjet ship air ship airplane barge boat bottom shipping spacecraft vessel watercraft avion craft openness recreation entertainment avocation honesty crafts nose schnozz hooter springboard facefin epa EPA norcal yay area bay area hyphy movement oaktown san jo environmental protection agency usepa simpsons boobs comic book guy movie pana chama chamo friend pal amigo synthetic actinic alchemical enzymatic synthesized synthetical ammo armament ball bomb buckshot bullet cannonball cartridge charge chemical confetti explosive fuse grenade gunpowder iron rations materiel missile napalm powder rocket round shell shot shrapnel torpedo cast ersatz false manufactured phony pseudo substitute unnatural alcohol formaldehyde salt saltpeter vinegar ammunition plastic stiff inflexible hard genuine unflappable real preservative Chemical [chemical] acid atom catalyst chemistry chemestry electron galvanic cell ion neutron nucleus proton solution stp brutal sick metal savage badass awesome cool negative opposite romance talking relationship match connect chemicals chemmie chemmy chemmies drugs pills powders antonyms: organic natural safe moldy kosher audit check control follow keep an eye on observe oversee scan supervise survey track advise counsel record keep track of ignore neglect forget ascertainment cognition cognizance conclusion consideration detection estimation examination experience heedfulness information inspection investigation knowledge mark measurement mind monitoring note notice noticing once-over overlook perception probe recognizing regard remark research review search study supervision surveillance view watching attention awareness duty eagle eye guard lookout nightwatch observance observation patrol stake-out vigilance watchfulness thoughtlessness indifference inattention disbelief heedlessness ignorance observations vigil negligence disregard monitoring - organyzing rulling govern abandon chaotic governance well monitored monitaring mounitoring moonitoring. even flat flush plain regular smooth uniform planate abnormal broken changing different extraordinary inconsistent irregular rough uncommon uneven upright vertical aeroplane airbus aircraft airliner airship cab crate jet kite plane ramjet ship air ship airplane barge blimp boat bottom shipping spacecraft vessel watercraft zeppelin amount amplitude caliber dimension division expanse extent gauge gradation grade height intensity interval length limit line link mark notch period point proportion quality quantity range rate ratio reach rung scale scope severity shade size space stage stair standard step stint strength tenor term tier align equal equalize flatten lay level match pancake regularize roll square stabilize steady symmetrize extension degree obverse footing face facet sphere stratum position horizontal condition craft bird twin-engine openness recreation entertainment avocation honesty crafts unimportance dullness whole lethargy degrees roughen furrow break imbalance disproportion lump vary Plane PLANE planes snakes on a plane snakes samuel l. jackson shaft motherfucking that get weed marijuana mary jane joint blunt mother's day irrelevant tags crazy asians popular searches misspronounciation grammatical errors distant far-flung far-off faraway inaccessible isolated lonely lonesome obscure outlying private secluded unknown alien back backwoods boondocks far frontier secret wild beyond devious foreign god-knows-where godforsaken in a backwater middle of nowhere off the beaten path off-lying outlandish removed retired undiscovered unsettled befriended close known loved mingling near open public sociable approachable convenient friendly gentle likely nearby possible probable related relevant warm absent absorbed abstracted airheaded bemused careless daydreaming distracted distrait dreaming dreamy engrossed forgetful goofing off head in the clouds heedless inattentive inconscient lost mooning moony oblivious out to lunch pipe dreaming preoccupied remote scatterbrained space cadet spacey surroundings unaware of events unconscious unheeding unmindful unobservant unthinking withdrawn woolgathering absent-minded lost in thought out in space far away far off conflicting contrary estranged exotic extraneous extrinsic inappropriate incompatible incongruous opposed separate unusual age-old aged antediluvian antiquated antique archaic back number been around bygone creaky early elderly few miles on fossil hoary lot of mileage moth-eaten obsolete old goat old-fashioned older oldie out-of-date outmoded primal primeval primordial relic rusty superannuated timeworn venerable worse for wear farfetched exclusive outside alone apart detached immaterial indirect pointless strange unconnected nongermane small poor slim faint slight doubtful dubious implausible meager negligible off slender inconsiderable icy cool aloof casual disinterested indifferent introspective introverted laid-back reserved standoffish uncommunicative unconcerned uninterested uppity incurious offish uninvolved putting on airs stuck up attentive aware alert absentee afar proper native normal familiar appropriate akin harmonious usual ancient fresh new young current modern Remote rural cold marginal remote control clicker shooter control wiimote outback irrelevant tuned-in out-or-order out-of-place anticipate appreciate believe discern feel grasp notice perceive realize think understand apperceive apprehend catch consider credit deem dig divine hold know observe read savvy suspect be with it catch on catch the drift feel in bones feel in gut get the drift get the idea get the impression get the picture get vibes have a feeling have a hunch pick up take in disbelieve disregard ignore misinterpret miss misunderstand neglect overlook abandon forget let go lose release be numb analysis ascertainment authentication calculation certification detection determination diagnosis discernment disclosure distinguishing empiricism encounter espial experimentation exploration exposition exposure feeling hearing identification introduction invention learning locating location origination perception revelation sensing sighting strike unearthing verification astute aware calculating careful clever cogitative contemplative crafty cunning discerning discreet educated enlightened erudite experienced foresighted grasping informed insightful intuitive judicious keen knowing knowledgeable perceptive perspicacious politic prudent rational reflective sagacious sage sane sapient scholarly sensible sharp shrewd smart sophic sound tactful taught thoughtful understanding wary well-informed witty discoveries loss secret discovery wise dull blunt obtuse insensitive thoughtless careless unknowledgeable unreasonable kind irrational unintelligent unsound idiotic stupid uninformed uneducated unaware reckless heedless foolish incautious inattentive unsophisticated inexperienced ignorant unwise unrealistic senseless indiscreet wiser wisest accident crunch difficulty necessity tension climax clutch compulsion crossroad depression distress exigency extremity fix hole impasse juncture meltdown misadventure pass pinch plight predicament pressure push quandary scrape squeeze strait urgency vicissitude turning point zero hour calmness ease peace advantage benefit blessing closure good fortune happiness solution success calm adversity affliction alluvion bad luck bad news blow calamity casualty cataclysm contretemps crash culmination curtains debacle denouement desolation devastation disaster emergency end failure fatality fiasco finale grief hardship havoc ill infliction mischance misery misfortune mishap reverse scourge stroke termination the worst tragedy trial trouble upshot waterloo wreck development estate evidence extent factor fancy idea incident issue items judgment magnitude minutiae notion occasion occurrence particulars perplexity plan point problem proposal puzzle scope situation state thought eventuality likelihood possibility break chance crisis crossroads event fortuity happening odds opportunity probability uncertainty catastrophe start opening origin cause beginning luck comfort birth fortune help wonder creation delight commencement favor profit joy gain assistance aid boon win prosperity miracle good luck consideration neglect debt disdain thoughtlessness omission negligence ignorance heedlessness disrespect disregard considerations contingence unlikelihood contingencies truth surety definiteness certainty reality improbability contingency Emergency party top serious life emergenc appocalypse injury ermergency room bottle service credit card memorial day parents feedback reply return acknowledgment antiphon comeback counter echo hit kickback lip rejoinder retort reverberation riposte sass vibes wisecrack back talk double-take knee-jerk reaction respond snappy comeback question request failure asking acclamation addressing answer apology applause appreciation bestowal bow card confession contract credit gift gratitude greeting guarantee hail hailing letter nod notice reaction receipt response salutation salute signature statement support thanks token activity agility alacrity alertness animation bag ballgame big idea bit business bustle commotion dash deal energy enterprise flurry force functioning game going happening haste hoopla hopper in the works industry life liveliness motion movement occupation operation plan power process proposition racket rush scene spirit stir stunt trip turmoil vigor vim vitality vivacity Band-Aid backcap close comment cooler counterclaim crack defense disclosure elucidation explanation guff interpretation justification key observation parting shot pay dirt plea quick fix rebuttal refutation remark repartee report resolution result rhetorical question sign solution thank-you note the ticket topper vindication backfire boomerang counteraction recoil repercussion resentment resistance retaliation retroaction tangle bob burden chorale main section melody motif music recurrent verse ritornelle song strain theme tune undersong criticism disapproval action rest unemployment yielding peace harmony slowness dullness stoppage inertia cessation indolence stiffness weakness stillness repose quiet calmness calm surrender apathy lethargy laziness inaction inactivity idleness trouble problem silence answers backlash cause chorus Response whales eggs idiocy aerial floating soaring drifting express flapping fleet fluttering gliding hovering mobile streaming waving winging aeronautical avian mercurial on the wing speedy volant volar volitant slow ground grounded airborne flying Airborne air borne great awesome fast young much stand roll good rock u.s. army paratrooper leg soldier propaganda bottles useful eerie shadowy apparitional haunted illusory phantasmal phantom scary spiritual spooky supernatural ashen bag of bones blanched bloodless consumptive dead deathlike deathly emaciated exsanguinous gaunt ghastly ghostly haggard pallid peaked peaky sallow sick skeletal skeletonlike skin and bones spectral thin wan wasted awesome bizarre crawly creepy fantastic fearful frightening mysterious strange superstitious uncanny unearthly weird abhorrent anemic appalling awful cadaverous corpselike dim disgusting faint frightful funereal ghoulish grim grisly gruesome hideous horrendous horrible horrid livid loathsome lurid macabre mortuary nauseating offensive repellent repulsive sepulchral shocking sickening terrible terrifying unnatural unpleasant weak wraithlike divine eidolic ghostlike holy insubstantial pale vampiric wraithy abstract apocryphal assumed chimerical deceptive delusive dreamed-up dreamlike dreamy fabulous fancied fanciful fictional figmental hallucinatory hypothetical ideal illusive imaginative imagined legendary made-up mythological nonexistent notional phantasmic quixotic supposed supposititious theoretical trumped up unreal unsubstantial visionary whimsical aerial airy asomatous bodiless celestial disbodied discarnate disembodied ethereal heavenly impalpable imponderable incorporate incorporeal insensible intangible metaphysical nonmaterial nonphysical psychic spiritlike subjective unembodied unfleshly unworldly lively lifelike flushed ordinary funny natural earthly regular normal plain familiar common silly usual great good nice beautiful pretty pleasant wonderful comforting pleasing delightful imaginary true substantial physical genuine practical proven existing real factual immaterial solid material important essential bodily relevant meaningful Spectral spec gas vapour anal flush anal cleanser symbolism representation mental images adumbration allegory alliteration allusion analogue analogy anaphora anticlimax antistrophe antithesis aposiopesis apostrophe asyndeton bathos comparison conceit device echoism ellipsis euphemism euphuism exaggeration expression flourish flower hyperbole image imagery irony litotes malapropism manner of speaking metaphor metonymy onomatopoeia ornament oxymoron parable paradox parallel personification proteron rhetoric sarcasm satire simile synecdoche trope tropology turn of phrase understatement way of speaking acuteness artistry awareness chimera cognition conception creation creative thought creativity enterprise fabrication fancy fantasy flight of fancy idea ideality illusion ingenuity insight inspiration intelligence invention inventiveness mental agility notion originality perceptibility realization resourcefulness sally supposition thought thoughtfulness unreality verve vision visualization wit wittiness figure of speech imagination substance material entity being truth fact concrete existence death reality ignorance inability imaginativeness certainty Imagery protagonist imagine imaginative reading too much information imag-ery images what the booty golly awkward yucky pictures Gamma gamma gogammas au distinction slg sigma lambda culture grrr raaarr tati laloo gummer ghb gbl cap. Spectrometer ghosts mr.schiller specter ghostbusters specterometer IRL irl hax0r wow in real life pvp graphics online gamers fags in reality really on the web for real real life idk cardinal coral crimson flaming glowing maroon rose wine bittersweet blooming blush brick burgundy carmine cerise cherry chestnut claret copper dahlia fuchsia garnet geranium magenta pink puce ruby russet rust salmon sanguine scarlet titian vermilion bloodshot florid flushed healthy inflamed roseate rosy rubicund ruddy rufescent infrared red redder night ops infared kool own bunny hare rodent buck capon chinchilla coney cony cottontail cuniculus lagomorph lapin doe rabbit rabbits Doe though tho stupid slang wlw identity bisexual bi woman lgbtq lesbian ghetto english speak right hold my dick word crawbonics boot dusty clean flippy floppy lily potter severus snape stag patronus animagus deer female beautiful harry potter deathly hallows james potter dawn aurora cockcrow daybreak daylight dayspring forenoon morn morrow prime sunrise sunup after midnight ante meridiem before lunch before noon break of day breakfast time crack of dawn early bright first blush foreday morningtide wee hours darkness sunset AMS acute mountain sickness high-altitude sickness mountain sickness morning master Artium Magister Master of Arts altitude sickness ams Ams angry midget syndrome short small all month pms menstrual bitch bitchy moody emotional female women woman baguba dominance bad ass top dog number 1 alpha male alpha wolf amsyy le savage savage alexandra protector of mankind protector stubborn loving neutron Neutron baby chick doll slut neutral gang-related gangsta whatever aight fart doggystyle jimmy hair blow synthetic actinic alchemical enzymatic synthesized synthetical ammo armament ball bomb buckshot bullet cannonball cartridge charge chemical confetti explosive fuse grenade gunpowder iron rations materiel missile napalm powder rocket round shell shot shrapnel torpedo cast ersatz false manufactured phony pseudo substitute unnatural alcohol formaldehyde salt saltpeter vinegar ammunition plastic stiff inflexible hard genuine unflappable real preservative Chemical [chemical] acid atom catalyst chemistry chemestry electron galvanic cell ion neutron nucleus proton solution stp brutal sick metal savage badass awesome cool negative opposite romance talking relationship match connect chemicals chemmie chemmy chemmies drugs pills powders antonyms: organic natural safe moldy kosher boast brag congratulate crow exult felicitate gasconade overbear pique prance preen presume strut swagger swell vaunt be proud flatter oneself glory in hold head high puff up revel in deprecate aigrette caruncle chine cockscomb comb crown feather hogback mane panache plume ridge tassel tuft cite laureate pin medal on calamus crest down fin fluff fringe penna pinion pinna plumule pompon quill shaft spike wing bottom nadir decorate decorated decorating feathers Plume marching band uniform fluffy music shako whore 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measurement mind monitoring noticing once-over overlook probe recognizing regard remark research review search study supervision surveillance view watching discoveries loss secret neglect ignorance heedlessness observation thoughtlessness indifference inattention disbelief observations Hazmat HaZMaT hazmat Haz mat hazardous material waste dangerous panty pudding mayonnaise stains quim cream dairy whip tapioca vibrant colorful bright awesome intoxicating drugs alcohol marijuana weed chronic dank chief stoned arts beaux arts ceramics design drawing graphic arts painting sculpture photography visual arts Photography photographer photograph vintage emo converse photo camera myspace sepia dslr image lense filter journalism story light color scene flowers camera. hobby sin photografaggot photograpgh pic picture cmats CMAT crazy insane off the hook trainwreck dangerous OEM oem O.E.M. stock original standard mod upgrade o.e.m. e.o.m eom e.o.m. wtf fyi motherfucker ass mother fucker oswer dick 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