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EXCLUSIVE: South Bronx gentrification could shut down troubled Sin City strip club

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The crime-ridden Sin City strip club will soon have hundreds of new neighbors in the rapidly gentrifying South Bronx.#SinCity #StateLiquorAuthority #SinCityStrip #StripClub #SketchyJiggleJoint #BronxOverallEconomic #RapidlyGentrifyingSouth #NewNeighbors #LiquorAuthoritySpokesman #Nearby138thStIf you don't like my channel, please skip my channel. Thanks very much!Some video random from our channel may you like:►Donald Trump evokes ‘Les Deplorables’ theme at Miami rally, suggests violence against Hillary Clinton : https://youtu.be/Mmgs6tx-hO0►NYPD Sgt. Boss ignores sit-down request from mother of Amadou Diallo who he helped gun down : https://youtu.be/7zwr41LSnco►Gretchen Carlson reportedly in talks to join MSNBC, would be third ex-Fox News anchor to head to NBC : https://youtu.be/26XS2WT-VN4►New York schools must test lead levels in drinking water under law signed by Gov. Cuomo : https://youtu.be/71QtnMLjBnw►Jay Bruce takes grounders at first base as Mets explore contingency plan for injured Lucas Duda : https://youtu.be/kukwlM1jtyY►Kanye West continues to fan-boy over Frank Ocean’s album ‘Blonde,’ begs radio stations to play it : https://youtu.be/tP3K0hOt5eg►‘Glee’ actress Naya Rivera admits she had an abortion while filming the teen series : https://youtu.be/cdInY9Y4XxE►Body of missing Mount Vernon mother of two found in the Bronx dumped inside park : https://youtu.be/8A0mWAMM7r0►‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director James Gunn asks fans to wait patiently for trailer after at least one disrupts R.I.P. post to Gene Wilder : https://youtu.be/pN5V1qPpzjo►Pennsylvania mom who served time in death of her baby five years ago is now charged with murder in death of another one of her children : https://youtu.be/43avA5KH6hY


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