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Early Menopause: Precursor to Coronary Heart Disease?

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In this video previously posted to Medscape Cardiology, Mayo Clinic consultant, Division of Cardiovascular Diseases, Scott Wright, M.D., and Sharon Mulvagh, ...


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Science climacteric grand climacteric menopause midlife crisis change of life men-o-pause Scott artisan maker mechanic smith bumbler master apprentice artificer blacksmith journeyperson machinist manufacturer skilled worker specialist technician wright journeyman craftsperson craftsman Wright Sharon duct tube sewer avenue route road canal track course way line alley artery clearing corridor egress gangway hallway ingress lane opening passage path walk drag highway thoroughfare approach aqueduct arroyo canyon carrier chamber chase conduit dig ditch fluting furrow gouge groove gully gutter main means medium pass pipe raceway runway slit sound strait tideway trough tunnel vein watercourse beltway interstate parkway superhighway thruway boulevard four-lane freeway parking lot pike roadway skyway street super slab toll road turnpike back street byway drive expressway pathway throughway aisle channel Artery malady stroke Cancer defect virus fever plague bug fit attack blight spell canker ache upset misery flu health boon adversity anguish calamity cross crux depression difficulty disease disorder distress grief hardship illness infirmity misfortune ordeal pain plight scourge sickness sorrow suffering torment trial tribulation trouble woe complaint condition dose indisposition syndrome access ailment bout breakdown convulsion failure paroxysm relapse seizure spasm throe bacillus germ infection microbe big C carcinoma corruption long illness malignancy tumor affection ill affliction cancer Disease DisEASE discharge bleeding menses monthlies that time the curse menstruation men-struation green raw soon unripe late slow hasty untimely previous too soon a bit previous ahead of time anon before long beforehand betimes briefly bright and early directly early bird ere long far ahead immediately in advance in good time in the bud in time on short notice on the dot oversoon prematurely presently promptly pronto proximately quick shortly unexpectedly with time to spare ahead forth forward-looking leading onward precocious premature progressing progressive propulsive well-developed adolescent baby babyish callow childish crude half-grown imperfect infantile infantine jejune juvenile kid kidstuff puerile sophomoric tender tenderfoot underdeveloped undergrown undeveloped unfinished unfledged unformed unseasonable unseasoned unsophisticated wet behind ears youthful advanced aggressive bold brassy bright cheeky cocky developed early flip flippant forward fresh intelligent mature nervy presumptuous pushy sassy smart-alecky adventurous audacious brash daring determined devil-may-care fiery foolhardy frenzied furious harebrained headlong headstrong heedless hotheaded ill-advised ill-considered immature impetuous imprudent incautious indiscreet injudicious insuppressible irrational jumping to conclusions madcap overhasty passionate precipitant precipitate reckless thoughtless unguarded unthinking unwary venturesome venturous wild abortive anachronistic awkward badly timed disagreeable early on ill-timed improper inauspicious inconvenient inexpedient inopportune intrusive malapropos mistimed out-of-date overearly too early too late undue unfavorable unfit unfortunate unlucky unpropitious unseemly unsuitable unsuited wrong rash Premature
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