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'Earthquake and flood inducing' Super Moon due from TOMORROW

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This year continues to be full of lunar phenomenas, with Saturday no exception, as Earth and the Moon reach their closest point in orbit. This means the Moon ...


Earthquake flood inducing Super Moon due from TOMORROW along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with additionally and plus again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less bonerjams And? And's deluge downpour flow glut spate stream surge tide torrent tsunami wave Niagara abundance alluvion bore bounty cataclysm cataract current drift eager excess flux freshet inundation multitude outpouring overflow plenty pour profusion rush superabundance superfluity surplus drencher outgushing dearth deficiency lack need want overwhelm saturate sweep choke swamp drown engulf fill oversupply immerse swarm gush whelm brim over pour over underwhelm avalanche barrage flood landslide landslip snowslide bathe bath clean cleanse dip douse dunk hose imbathe imbue moisten rinse scour scrub shower soak soap sponge steep submerge suffuse tub water wet ignore dehydrate dry dirty bathed bathing cascade chute downrush falls force fountain precipitation rapids spout watercourse waterfall descend disgorge heave pitch plunge spew spill spit up throw up tumble vomit floods bonerjams Flood great magnificent marvelous outstanding sensational superb terrific topnotch cool divine keen smashing glorious groovy hot incomparable matchless neat peerless wonderful bad inferior insignificant ordinary poor unexceptional second-rate admirable A-1 A-OK ace attractive best ever choice commendable copacetic crackerjack deserving dream estimable excellent exquisite fine good greatest hunky dory laudable meritable meritorious out of sight out of this world peachy praiseworthy rare solid super super-duper superior unreal valuable wicked worthy zero cool ugly shameful repulsive repugnant loathsome hateful detestable despicable contemptible imperfect unworthy unimportant best beyond compare boss capital champion chief choicest culminating finest first first-class first-rate foremost highest inimitable leading nonpareil number 1 optimum out-of-sight paramount perfect preeminent premium prime primo principal sans pareil second to none superlative supreme tops tough transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed fewest not right secondary poorest low incorrect extra minor least worst last big big league big-time consequential considerable eminent heavy-duty heavyweight influential main major league material meaningful momentous popular powerful prominent serious significant substantial super colossal weighty unconfident shy humble ungiving infant dull bland small little ungenerous selfish juvenile infantile babyish baby adolescent blah tiny trivial subordinate bigger biggest caretaker baby sitter concierge curator custodian house-sitter janitor keeper porter sitter superintendent supervisor warden watchperson Super bonerjams super- crescent half-moon planetoid pumpkin satellite celestial body full moon heavenly body new moon old moon orb of night quarter-moon daydream yearn pine idle mope languish waste time despise abhor hate dislike bemuse addle amaze bewilder daze gather wool moon muddle overwhelm paralyze perplex pipe dream puzzle stun stupefy tell illuminate clear up clarify explain enlighten build castles in air conceive dream envision fancy fantasize hallucinate imagine muse stargaze trip out woolgather head trip invent live in a dream world romance fantasizing gaze admire beam bore contemplate eye eyeball gape gawk get a load of get an eyeful glare gloat inspect lamp look look fixedly observe ogle peek peep peer pin pipe regard rubber rubberneck scrutinize see size up survey take in view watch wonder miss forget look away overlook neglect scorn disbelieve disregard ignore gazed bonerjams M-O-O-N Moon expected outstanding overdue owed payable scheduled IOU collectible chargeable in arrears mature not met receivable to be paid unliquidated unsatisfied unsettled paid settled improper inappropriate insufficient unjustified unmerited unrightful unsuitable deserved good fit fair fitting right coming requisite becoming equitable just merited obligatory rightful suitable earned condign justified rhadamanthine unfitting unfit unjust unfair unsuited incorrect inadequate immoral straight dead direct exactly straightly undeviatingly indirectly repayment rate compensation interest payment retribution claim comeuppance title prerogative retaliation reprisal revenge satisfaction need vengeance recompense guerdon privilege deserts perquisite rights entitlement merits be in line for what is coming to one sympathy pardon forgiveness appropriate adapted applicable appurtenant apropos apt befitting belonging congruous convenient correct desired due felicitous germane on the button on the nose opportune pertinent proper relevant seemly tailor-made true useful well-suited well-timed misbehaving unseemly unbecoming unreal evil unskilled inopportune irrelevant birthright bequest inheritance legacy patrimony primogeniture share affirmation allegation application assertion call case counterclaim declaration demand dibs entreaty lien part petition plea postulation pretense pretension profession protestation reclamation request requirement requisition suit ultimatum truth denial honesty reply answer claims due reward just deserts just punishment requital about to happen advancing almost on one anticipated aspiring at hand certain close converging deserving docking drawing near en route eventual fated foreseen forthcoming future gaining upon getting near immediate imminent impending in prospect in store in the offing in the wind in view instant marked near nearing next nigh oncoming ordained predestined preparing progressing prospective pursuing running after subsequent to be up-and-coming away past distant far gone Due bonerjams Dues du'e DUE dues against in distinction to out of possession of taken away beginning at coming out of deriving out of originating at starting with minus defective diminished from lacking less negative subtracted without plus native aboriginal autochthonous belonging endemic homegrown homemade indigenous inland internal local municipal national original primary primeval primitive regional related vernacular outside foreign alien about concerning like regarding since after afterward ago already because considering for hence later now past subsequently therefore whereas From bonerjams afterward again directly ere long immediately presently shortly soon then anon prospect outlook millennium destiny fate eternity infinity hereafter expectation posterity futurity offing morrow aftertime by and by life to come subsequent time to be world to come past future tomorrow Tomorrow bonerjams TOMORROW shock temblor upheaval convulsion fault microseism movement quake quaker seism shake slip trembler undulation macroseism seimicity seismism perfection act of God accident earthquake force majeure freak accident hurricane inevitable accident marvel natural disaster phenomenon supernatural event tornado unavoidable casualty unforeseen event vis major wonder awe bombshell breakdown bump clash collapse collision concussion confusion consternation crash distress disturbance double whammy encounter excitement eye-opener hysteria impact injury jarring jolt percussion prostration ram scare start stroke stupefaction stupor trauma traumatism turn upset whammy wreck failure help peace order expectation happiness calmness composure tranquility calm agitation flutter quaking quaver quiver quivering ripple shiver shivering tremble trembling tremblor trepidation vibration wobble stillness tremor bonerjams Earthquake activate breed bring about cause coax convince engender generate lead to motivate persuade produce promote prompt urge abet actuate bulldoze cajole draw effect get goose impel incite influence instigate make move occasion press procure soft-soap squeeze steamroll sway sweet-talk wheedle argue into bring around draw in get up give rise to prevail upon sell one on set in motion suck in talk into win over destroy discourage dissuade halt kill prevent stop delay deter fail impede leave alone lose repel stay hinder cogent apposite apt compelling conclusive consequential convictive convincing fitting forceful forcible inducing influential irresistible justified meaningful momentous persuasive pertinent potent powerful puissant relevant satisfactory satisfying significant solid sound strong suasive telling urgent valid weighty well-grounded weak invalid impotent unimportant ineffective alluring credible effectual efficacious efficient eloquent energetic enticing impelling impressive inspiring inveigling logical luring moving plausible pointed seductive slick smooth stimulating stringent swaying touching unctuous wheedling winning disheartening unreasonable incredible ineffectual discouraging incapable unlikely unbelievable improbable implausible rumination anticipation attention brainwork cerebration cogitation cognition concluding consideration considering contemplation deducing deduction deliberation deriving discerning excogitation heed hope ideation inferring introspection intuition judging knowing logic meditation musing perceiving rationalization realizing reasoning reflection regard scrutiny seeing speculation study theorization thinking understanding neglect disdain thoughtlessness heedlessness negligence disrespect ignorance disregard disbelief thought thing concrete vacuity vacancy thoughts
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