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Education in the United Kingdom: Indian alumni speak

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The United Kingdom remains one of the most sought after destinations for students across the world, including Indians. How much of a value does a UK degree ...


Heads Up Mindspace Study in the UK Education UK Indian Alumni Education in the United Kingdom UK degree student career career UK's top institutions training science study culture learning teaching literacy tutelage guidance breeding finish tuition nurture reading pedagogy tutoring coaching drilling rearing neglect accomplishments acquirement actions atmosphere attainment aura backdrop capacity credentials cultivation deeds education environment framework grounding history practice preparation qualification seasoning tradition upbringing acculturation advancement civility development edification elevation enlightenment illumination polish progress refinement social well-being conduct control curb domestication drill exercise inculcation indoctrination limitation method orderliness regulation restraint self-command self-control self-government self-mastery self-restraint strictness subordination will willpower bodhi broad-mindedness civilization comprehension information insight 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