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Eltics Black Fox Demonstration

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This is an exclusive video from Eltics showing their interesting shape deception capability, using the Black Fox thermal stealth system. In this test a Defender ...


Eltics Black Fox Camouflage Stealth Vehicle Armored Vehicle Tank Battle Tank Vehicle Stealth Vehicle Camouflage Tank Stealth Tank Camouflage Defender Vehicle Shape Deception jet slate onyx coal sable pitch ebony dingy dusky livid murky sooty sloe raven ebon swart white clean happy good bleak sad foul grimy nasty sour fierce sullen nice bad mean Negro African black cheerless comfortless dark discouraging disheartening dismal drear dreary funereal gloomy grim hard harsh hopeless joyless lonely melancholy mournful oppressive somber unpromising bang up batter beat blacken blemish bung up contuse crush damage deface do a number on injure mar mark pound pulverize wound zing austere blue dejected dejecting depressed desolate despondent disconsolate dispiriting dolorous drab draggy drearisome dull forlorn in the dumps jarring miserable mopey sorrowful tenebrific uncomfortable wintry woebegone woeful aphotic atramentous blackish caliginous cimmerian clouded cloudy crepuscular darkened dim dun dusk faint foggy ill-lighted indistinct inky lightless lurid misty nebulous obfuscous obscure opaque overcast pitch-black pitch-dark pitchy rayless shaded shadowy shady stygian sunless tenebrous unlighted unlit vague adumbral bistered brunet brunette dark-complexioned dark-skinned swarthy tan Cimmerian shade blackness blackout brownout calignosity cloudiness crepuscule dimness duskiness eclipse gloom lightlessness murk murkiness nightfall obscurity pitch darkness shade shadiness shadows smokiness tenebrosity twilight bruise darkness Black blacks african americans negroid not niggers no affirmative action contributers to society colors yin yang nigger african american blackie red brown green indigoyellow black and mild cigars milds smokes filters babe angel doll broad honey chick tomato peach pin-up cupcake bunny cutie dollface hot dish sex pot dish sexpot cheat pretend dupe deceive delude trifle scam diddle gull snow hoax outfox bluff spoof con kid put on take in chicane juke jive lead on suck in be honest baffle beat bewilder cap confuse defeat defraud finagle have hoodwink mislead outdo swindle top trick worst outthink end-run fake out goose outguess exceed total eclipse outstrip excel best better outshine overrun clobber bash shut out be first fail lose drop fall lower add mutt cur wolf chow pup lobo gyp jip aid guard abet help give fly rat snake ant flea lice foxes mice bathing beauty beauty queen centerfold cover girl cutie-pie dream girl dreamboat fox glamor girl good-looking woman hot number raving beauty sex bunny sex kitten glamour girl bamboozle flimflam make believe play a trick on play-act put one over on circumvent lead astray make a fool of make a monkey of outgeneral outjockey outmaneuver overreach pull a fast one on run circles around blow away go beyond transcend coyote dingo hound hyena pooch fool outwit canine Fox FOX show trial test proof denial veto hiding strike parade sit-in march picket fast rally lie-in cause demonstration drive evangelism expedition holy war jihad movement push act affectation arrangement array arrayal blaze bravura dash example exhibit exhibition expo exposition exposure fanfare flourish for show frame-up frippery front grandstand play layout manifestation ostentation ostentatiousness pageant panorama pedantry pomp presentation pretension pretentiousness revelation sample scheme shine showboat splash splendor splurge spread unfolding vanity affirmation attestation averment cincher clincher clue confirmation corroboration cue data declaration deposition documentation dope goods gospel grabber grounds index indication indicia info information mark sign significant smoking gun substantiation symptom testament testimonial testimony token witness account annotation answer breakdown brief comment commentary confession definition description details display elucidation evidence excuse explication expression gloss history illustration interpretation justification meaning mitigation motive narration note recital rendition report resolution sense showing significance specification statement story summary tale talking telling vindication writing bazaar circus county fair marketplace mart production alarum ballyhoo hullabaloo panoply trump trumpet call crusade explanation blackfox camouflage Camouflage slyness ammunition arrow bat bird bolt bomb bullet cartridge dart pellet projectile rocket shot stealth trajectile clandestineness confidence confidentiality covertness dark darkness furtiveness hiding hush isolation mystery privacy reticence retirement seclusion secretiveness secretness silence solitude suppression surreptitiousness clandestine concealed confidential covert creep furtive hidden hole-and-corner hush-hush incognito intelligence on the QT private stealthy sub-rosa surreptitious under wraps underground underhand underneath clandestinity concealment huggermugger huggermuggery missile secrecy undercover Stealth wagon van car bus truck boat cab buggy crate agent taxi jeep end tool medium organ ministry agency vector way channel action activity auspices efficiency force influence instrument instrumentality intercession intervention means mechanism mediation operation vehicle work cause factor power approach avenue course instrumentation route chaise charabanc fourwheeler gocart perambulator stage tallyho train victoria carriage carrying communication machine movement transfer transference transmission transportation Broadway boards climax comedy dramatic art dramatization dramaturgy farce footlights histrionic art melodrama play production scene show show business showmanship stage show stagecraft tear-jerker theater theatricals thespian art tragedy coach conveyance drama vehicles ironclad strong shielded weak adamantine armored brass-bound durable everlasting firm incorruptible indestructible infrangible invulnerable lasting nonbreakable perdurable resistant rugged shatterproof solid tight toughened unshakable unyielding armed barricaded bastioned bulwarked buttressed covered entrenched fortressed garrisoned guarded manned protected reinforced safeguarded secured strengthened supported walled unbreakable fortified pond pool basin vat keg cask tub abdomen bay window beer belly breadbasket corporation front porch gut insides intestines paunch pelvis pot pot belly solar plexus spare tire tank tummy venter alembic bag beaker bin bottle bowl box bucket bunker caisson can canister canteen capsule carafe carton casket cauldron chamber chest churn cistern cradle crate crock dish ewer firkin flask hamper hod hopper humidor hutch jar jeroboam jug kettle magnum package packet pail pit pod poke pottery pouch purse receptacle reliquary repository sac sack scuttle stein storage utensil vase vessel vial bath lagoon lake mere millpond mud puddle natatorium puddle splash swimming pool tarn backlog container fund holder nest egg reserve source spring stock stockpile store supply arsenal bank barn cache conservatory depository depot magazine pantry reservoir stable storehouse storeroom treasury vault warehouse cisterna well belly Tanks Tank battle tank battle Battle BATTLE?! sponsor apostle attorney backer campaigner champion counsel defender exponent expounder lawyer pleader promoter proponent proposer speaker spokesperson supporter upholder advocate ally challenger champ conqueror endorser guardian hero heroine medalist nonpareil number one numero uno paladin partisan patron protector sympathizer the greatest titleholder top dog vanquisher victor vindicator warrior winner booster demonstrator expositor interpreter propagandist protagonist second seconder bouncer chaperon chaperone chaser convoyer custodian escort lookout picket sentinel sentry shepherd shield ward warden watch watchperson angel attendant baby-sitter bird dog cerberus conservator cop curator guard keeper nurse overseer patrol preserver safeguard sitter superintendent supervisor trustee vigilante watchdog barrister counsellor counselor judge justice legal adviser legal expert legal scholar magistrate jurist Defender body outline format pattern frame shadow aspect model contour mold cut stamp make build figure profile chassis look cast guise lines reality case trim whack state order carve embody forge sketch hew pat chisel knead mint raze ruin lose modify tailor adapt become guide define grow form deform stop acclimate accommodate accustom alter change come around comply conform familiarize fashion fit get act together get used to grow used to habituate harmonize match play the game prepare qualify readjust reconcile remodel revise roll with punches shape shape up square suit composition framework makeup physique air attitude bearing blind carriage character condition countenance demeanor dress expression face feature front image looks manner mannerism mien mode pose presence presentation screen semblance arc bend bow bridge camber extend hook hump hunch round span stretch compile connect construct contrive erect fabricate join manufacture piece together produce set up unite weld hammer malleate pound work anatomy appearance arch assemble beat shapes Shapes SHAPE fat obese abnormaly large fat cakes chubby fatty mcfat fat odd awkward shaped shapeness shaper biscuits tasty snacks arnotts dance boogy jiggle rave rock hell utopia boring place boring i wish i never came here Deception deception
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