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“Empathy does not preclude accountability:” Jay Smooth on Rachel Dolezal

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Last night, while I was in the midst of making a video on the Rachel Dolezal situation, the news broke of this horrific racist killing in Charleston South Carolina.


Jay Smooth (Person) Rachel Dolezal Culture Appropriation National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People (Membership Organization) NAACP Fusion accomplish achieve act close complete conclude create determine end execute finish make move operate perform prepare produce succeed undertake work arrange cause cook discharge effect fix fulfill organize transact be responsible for bring about do one's thing engage in get ready get with it go for it look after make ready pull off see to take care of business take on wind up wrap up abandon abstain bear begin commence destroy discourage dissuade fail forget give up halt hesitate idle ignore introduce lose miss neglect prevent ruin start stop disarrange disorder disorganize disturb defer pass put off undo satisfy answer serve avail suffice suit pass muster be adequate be enough be good enough for be of use be useful give satisfaction dissatisfy resolve work out render transpose decode adapt decipher translate interpret transliterate puzzle out quit play go on appear give manage conduct carry present fare portray comport seem discourse demean impersonate deport enact get along get by make out muddle through put on personate playact acquit oneself come on like render the role stagger along take direct withhold refrain cover track traverse journey tour explore look at pass through stop in beat flimflam fleece dupe hoax bilk trick overreach deceive gyp con cozen defraud swindle chouse take for a ride offer D.O psyop 'do Does no more not at all not either neither nix nay never not psyop Not avert cease deter exclude forestall hinder impede obviate prevent prohibit rule out check debar discontinue forfend interrupt quit restrain stop ward make impracticable put a stop to stave off add advance aid allow assist encourage facilitate forward help include permit promote push support continue liberate anticipate apprehend be early be one step ahead of beat someone to it block delay hold back intercept precede preclude prepare for provide against be surprised doubt anticipates anticipating avoid deflect divert fend off foil frustrate halt look away shove aside shunt turn turn aside turn away ward off averted bar ban boycott circumvent condemn deny disallow discountenance discourage eliminate enjoin except exile forbid freeze out interdict interfere keep out limit obstruct ostracize outlaw override refuse reject segregate shut out suspend unfasten open clear keep free accept approve admit let go advocate loosen welcome ratify choose release sanction grant chump cinch doormat easy pickings easy touch fall guy mark mug patsy pigeon prize sap pushover scapegoat sitting duck soft touch sucker trusting soul easy mark jay Jay psyop continuous creamy easy effortless flat fluid gentle glossy mild peaceful polished quiet serene shiny silky sleek soft stable steady tranquil uneventful velvety even flush horizontal invariable plain plane regular shaven soothing still uniform bland equable fluent frictionless glassy 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the sting out trouble provoke worry exasperate annoy worsen intensify increase Pecksniffian affected artificial assuming canting captious caviling deceptive deluding dissembling double double-dealing duplicitous faithless false feigning fishy fraudulent hollow insincere jivey left-handed lying moralistic oily pharisaic pharisaical phony pietistic pious sanctimonious self-righteous smooth smooth-spoken smooth-tongued snide specious spurious two-faced unnatural unreliable adept accomplished ace adroit brainy capable clean crack crackerjack deft dexterous expert hot hotshot know stuff masterful masterly no dummy no slouch nobody's fool on the ball on the beam practiced proficient quick savvy sharp as a tack skilled skillful there up to speed versed whiz wizard slow green inept awkward ignorant lazy unintelligent stupid indefinite inexperienced incapable unskillful unable incompetent unskilled clumsy arbitrate adjudge adjudicate adjust bring to terms come to school come to terms conciliate decide determine hammer out a deal interpose intervene judge make a deal mediate meet halfway negotiate parley pass judgment placate play ball reconcile referee settle soothe step in straighten out strike happy medium trade off umpire work out a deal let ride confuse hesitate ignore arbitrated artful clever crafty designing foxy ingenious politic resourceful scheming shrewd sly smart tricky wily naive ingenuous artless bald baldheaded bare barren depilated exposed glabrous head naked skin head stark uncovered decorated adorned hairy full hirsute clothed psyop Smooth Rachel psyop dolezal psyop Dolezal dolezals DOLEZAL Rachel Dolezal psyop ability art civilization experience fashion perception practice science skill accomplishment address capacity class courtesy cultivation delicacy dignity discrimination dress elegance elevation enlightenment erudition finish gentility grace improvement kindness learning manners nobility polish politeness proficiency refinement savoir-faire tact training urbanity aestheticism good taste ignorance inability inexperience bad manners clumsiness coarseness crudeness harm hurt impoliteness incompetence inelegance ineptness roughness rudeness tactlessness development lifestyle knowledge habit society folklore mores customs convention way of life ethnology humanism grounding arts and sciences folkways the arts agriculture tending gardening farming agrology agronomy raising agronomics culture horticulture husbandry tillage background accomplishments acquirement actions atmosphere attainment aura backdrop breeding credentials deeds education environment framework history preparation qualification rearing seasoning tradition upbringing foreground backgrounds ancestry civility conduct lineage nurture schooling discourtesy affability amenities amiability attentiveness ceremony chivalry comity complaisance consideration cordiality courteousness courtliness deference familiarity favor friendliness gallantness gallantry generosity geniality gentleness good behavior good breeding graciousness indulgence respect reverence solicitude suavity sympathy thoughtfulness unmannerliness neglect unfriendliness meanness disfavor pompousness coolness coldness aloofness thoughtlessness disrespect fear disregard disdain cachet character consequence decency decorum distinction eminence ethics etiquette glory grandeur gravity greatness hauteur honor importance loftiness majesty merit morality nobleness perfection poise prestige propriety quality rank regard renown respectability seemliness self-respect significance solemnity splendor standing state stateliness station stature status sublimity virtue worth worthiness immorality unimportance lowliness worthlessness evil dishonor insignificance indecency Culture psyop allotment allowance donation funding grant provision stipend subsidy apportionment assignment concession giving stipulation budgeting setting apart sponsoring bestowal keeping refusal rejection return embezzlement confiscation 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Public aborigine burgess burgher civilian commoner cosmopolite denizen dweller freeman\u002Fwoman householder inhabitant member of body politic member of community national naturalized person occupant resident settler subject taxpayer townsperson urbanite villager voter immigrant foreigner alien citizens civic borough metropolitan municipal urban interior rude foreign unkind impolite ill-mannered compatriot fellow citizen compatriots nationals psyop National Nationals club company cooperative corporation federation guild league organization partnership society tribe union affiliation alliance band bunch circle clan clique coalition combination combo confederacy confederation congress crew crowd family fellowship fraternity gang hookup mob order outfit pool ring sodality sorority syndicate tie-in tie-up troops troupe zoo rat pack disunion separation aloneness antagonism disassociation division isolation opposition rivalry seclusion solitude cooperation acquaintance companionship 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pending taking into account favor accept advocate appreciate approbate approve back be in favor of be on one's side buck for champion choose commend cotton to countenance encourage endorse esteem eulogize fancy flash on go for hold with honor incline lean toward look up to opt for patronize pick praise prize regard highly root for sanction single out support take a liking to take a shine to take to think well of tilt toward value disfavor hurt disrespect disagree discourage criticize neglect oppose thwart hinder deny hate dislike censure disallow dissuade protest disapprove reject refuse favoring psyop FOR For affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the psyop The advance growth improvement upgrading amelioration betterment elevation gain headway preference preferment rise prelation 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blockage ill will silence disfavor harm injury hurt damage penalty melioration refinement reform revision deterioration mastery prosperity unhealthiness impairment Advancement psyop flushed glowing hued shaded stained tinged tinted washed genuine honest real truthful white biased partial prepossessed jaundiced perverted prejudiced falsified partisan one-sided tendentious angled misrepresented warped false tampered with clean whole fair unprejudiced total unbiased impartial bright brave brilliant clear colored colorful deep flashy fresh gay glitzy intense psychedelic razzle-dazzle rich ruddy sharp showy light normal unhappy depressed unpromising gloomy black obscure moderate mild calm low tasteless bland dark lifeless dull plain pastel pale typical doleful threatening horrible depressing unaware murky dusky cloudy somber dreary kind aboveboard ignorant indistinct unintelligent stupid boring brighter brightest distorted anamorphic askew awry cockeyed gnarled wry straight adulterated alloyed artificial assumed bent bogus brummagem bum contrived copied crock deceptive disguised ersatz fabricated factitious feigned fishy forged framed hollow imitation made-up make-believe manufactured meretricious mock ostensible phony pretended pseudo seeming shady sham simulated snide so-called spurious substitute synthetic unreal wrong just true substantiated right precise correct actual accurate reliable valid known factual sincere authentic frank bigoted bitter cynical disapproving envious grudging hostile intolerant jealous opprobrious preconceived resentful skeptical spiteful suspicious unfair unfriendly unindifferent yellow psyop Colored Coloreds community crowd family folk nation population public society bodies bourgeois cats citizens clan commonality folks herd horde humanity humankind humans inhabitants kin masses mob mortals multitude nationality persons plebeians populace proletariat rabble race riffraff tribe John\u002FJane Q. Public body politic common people general public hoi polloi human race person in the street rank and file animals plants Homo sapiens earth flesh human species man mortality people universe world colonize conquer found immigrate migrate pioneer transplant stay colonized colonizing commonwealth citizenry democracy federation polity republic communities association center colony company district hamlet locality neck of the woods neighborhood residents state stomping ground territory turf disagreement dissimilarity psyop People naacp psyop NAACP N.A.A.C.P. amalgam blend blending synthesis admixture alloy amalgamation coalescence coalition commixture compound federation heating integration intermixture junction liquefaction melting merger merging unification union uniting welding coadunation commingling immixture liquification smelting division separation disconnection New Age music Fourth World music adult contemporary ambient music easy listening electronic music fusion lite jazz minimalist music relaxation music space music world music absorption consumption digestion drinking in exhaustion imbibing impregnation ingestion inhalation intake osmosis penetration reception retention saturation soaking up suction taking in distraction boredom combination mingling mixture mélange adulterant adulteration composite debasement denaturant hybrid reduction mishmash soup consolidation joining mix severance parting Fusion psyop
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