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Empire - The UN - Tower of Babble?

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Empire asks if the United Nations is outdated and whether it can stand up to the challenges of the 21st century.


Philip Bobbitt Thomas G Weiss Thomas Stelzer David L Bosco Jennifer Welsh James Traub Ian Williams Riz riz king czar queen mogul kaiser prince baron royal lord dame tycoon lady count sultan shah duke rani mikado rex caliph caesar dynast rajah pasha gerent subject inn baroness contessa countess crowned head czarina duchess emperor empress imperator khan magnate maharajah maharani majesty monarch oligarch overlord potentate princess sovereign sultana hostelry hotel lodge serai ruler caravansary Khan Khan! dialectal phonetic lingual lexemic lexical phonemic acceptable allowable correct linguistic morphological phonological semantic syntactic grammatical linguistics Linguistic Imperialism imperialism Al Jazeera al jazeera aljazeera English english Globish English Language English english sound dialect style jargon word accent speech prose voice wording patois lexicon cant diction idiom slang palaver argot tongue signal talk brogue quiet language lingo patter phraseology vernacular vocabulary account advice announcement briefing bulletin communiqué conversation converse declaration directive disclosure dispatch excerpt goods hot story ideas info information inside story intelligence lowdown message missive news note pipeline poop prophecy précis publicity report revelation scoop skinny statement summary tidings translation utterance warning work localism pronunciation provincialism regionalism terminology command of language delivery elocution eloquence enunciation expression fluency gift of gab inflection intonation line locution oratory parlance phrase phrasing rhetoric usage verbalism verbiage wordage concordance cyclopedia encyclopedia glossary promptory reference archive certificate credentials deed diary evidence form instrument pages paper record script testimony token communication dictionary document westerly westward westbound westernly eastern cowboy movie horse opera oater shoot-'em-up spaghetti western western cowboy picture western movie cowboy story western story Western development progress decline expansionism colonialism economic expansion imperialism neocolonialism manifest destiny Imperialism dialectal phonetic lingual lexemic lexical phonemic acceptable allowable correct linguistic morphological phonological semantic syntactic grammatical linguistics Linguistic overall all-out blanket cosmic earthly general grand mundane total world local all all-embracing all-encompassing all-inclusive broad broad in content complete comprehensive encompassing everything extensive global including all categories including all members panoptic sweeping wide widespread broad-minded charitable cosmopolitan diffuse eclectic ecumenical generic inclusive indeterminate large-scale liberal open-minded planetary receptive tolerant unbigoted universal unprejudiced unsectarian whole world-wide absolute across the board catholic compendious comprising containing discursive encircling encyclopedic exhaustive expansive far-reaching full in depth infinite lock stock and barrel of great scope synoptic the big picture the whole shebang the works thorough umbrella wall-to-wall cosmogonal cosmogonic empyrean grandiose huge immense measureless vast worldwide cultivated cultured gregarious metropolitan polished public smooth sophisticated urbane well-travelled worldly alluvial carnal corporeal geotic human in all creation material mortal nonspiritual physical profane secular subastral sublunary tellurian telluric temporal terraqueous terrene terrestrial uncelestial under the sun unspiritual across-the-board GLOBAL Global artistic helpful humane learned liberal refined refining edifying adorning raising widening academic cultural didactic informational informative instructive scholarly scholastic tutorial advancing developmental educational enlightening enriching expanding improving uplifting educative illuminating illuminative inspiring instructional broadening civilizing humanizing control power rule command sway weakness surrender modesty impotence yielding aid ascendancy asset assistance authority avail blessing boon break choice comfort convenience dominance edge eminence expediency favor gain good gratification help hold improvement influence interest lead leeway leg-up leverage luck mastery odds position pre-eminence precedence preference prestige prevalence profit protection recognition resources return sanction starting superiority support supremacy upper hand utility wealth advantage dominion jump leg up on top predominance preeminence prepotence reign sovereignty whip hand despotism dictatorship jurisdiction might oppression preponderancy prepotency repression strings subordination suppression tyranny authorization bailiwick commission country demesne district domain domination empire enclave field government management prerogative privilege property province realm regency regiment regimentation region seniority sphere state stomping grounds terrain territory turf walk allowance bulge draw handicap head start start vantage ability bite capability coercion cogency competence determination drive duress effect effectiveness efficacy emphasis fierceness forcefulness gumption guts impressiveness intensity intestinal fortitude obligation persistence persuasiveness point pressure puissance punch push requirement sapience stress validity validness vehemence vigor willpower force Dominance field work trade dodge career calling bag game craft pursuit racket line métier biz fun hobby firm shop factory store venture house market cartel monopoly setup outfit syndicate mill trust concern megacorp avocation recreation transaction deal industry trading selling exchange undertaking bargaining dealings traffic barter affairs contracts sales problem issue duty task affair point topic matter lookout palaver subject beeswax activity agility alacrity alertness animation ballgame big idea bit business bustle commotion dash energy enterprise flurry force functioning going happening haste hoopla hopper in the works life liveliness motion movement occupation operation plan power process proposition reaction response rush scene spirit stir stunt trip turmoil vigor vim vitality vivacity arrangement bond compact contract convention covenant engagement negotiation pact pledge promise stipulation treaty understanding art day gig employment gig handicraft hang life's work lifework metier mission nine-to-five play province rat race slot swindle vocation walk of life IRA cash estate finances financing fortune funds gold interests investment kitty means money nest egg principal property resources savings stake stock substance treasure ways and means wealth wherewithal action bargain capital Business coochy cootch crotch hoo ha tootie cool great awesome sweet radical synonyms crime. antonyms honest work job living clean. Robert ROBERT robert McCrum domain realm power union people sway weakness authority bailiwick concern demesne department discipline district dominion empire estate field home park jurisdiction land neck of the woods occupation orbit province quarter region scope slot specialty sphere stomping grounds terrain territory turf walk wing ascendancy authorization command commission control country dominance domination enclave government management preeminence prepotence prepotency prerogative privilege property regency regiment regimentation reign rule seniority sovereignty state supremacy absolutism house regime Uncle Sam Washington bureaucracy direction execution executive governance guidance influence law ministry patronage political practice politics polity powers-that-be predominance presidency regulation restraint statecraft superintendence superiority supervision the feds administration arbitration area bounds circuit compass confines discretion extent hegemony inquisition judicature limits magistracy might purview range reach right say zone commonwealth county crown division dynasty lands monarchy nation possessions principality scepter suzerainty throne tract kingdom Empire comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The lookout belfry column pillar spire mast keep turret obelisk refuge steeple castle citadel fort minaret exceed loom top ascend mount rear soar fail lose drop fall lower follow yield climb jump move upward pile out rise rise and shine roll out stand tower turn out wake up arise escalate float fly lift off move up scale sprout take off acropolis alcazar château donjon estate house fasthold fastness fortification fortress hold manor mansion palace peel safehold seat stronghold villa alcove antechamber apartment bastille booth burrow cage cavity chamber cloister closet compartment coop crib crypt cubicle den dungeon hole lockup nook pen receptacle recess retreat stall vault accomplish achieve break the record cap come come to a head conclude content crown end finish fulfill hit high spot orgasm peak please reach a peak reach the zenith rise to crescendo satisfy succeed terminate brace buttress caryatid colonnade cylinder monolith monument pedestal peristyle pier pilaster post prop pylon shaft standard stay stele support totem underpinning upright cell climax Towers Tower towers gab quiet sense burble blubber mumble mutter murmur gibber cackle patter blurt jabber rant tattle prate gush chat gossip rave prattle blab chatter squeal yak go on run on conceal hide babble betray blather blurt out disclose divulge gabble give away let out let slip mouth peach reveal run off at the mouth shoot the breeze spill spill the beans talk through one's hat tell tell on yakkety-yak burst out with call out come out with cry out exclaim leak let on spout chortle chuckle cluck crow giggle gobble quack snicker snigger titter bull session conversation converse gas heart-to-heart hot air palaver rap rap session tête-à-tête visit chew the fat chew the rag jaw yap chitchat twaddle yakking Babbles Philip philip bobbitt Bobbitt Thomas thomas weiss Weiss WEISS stelzer Stelzer David bosco Bosco Jennifer jennifer fool dupe fleece scam shaft cheat bilk stiff gull bamboozle sting trick weasel deceive duck dodge flimflam hoodwink defraud con cop out rip off sandbag slip out give face meet avoid back down back pedal beg off blow it off cancel chicken out get cold feet give up go back on recant renege resign scratch shy from surrender throw in the towel weasel out welsh wiggle out worm out back out bow out funk out give way have no stomach for make concessions pull out turn yellow wimp out withdraw yield back off backpedal desert excuse give the slip have alibi rationalize renounce revoke skip use pretext dishonor evade fail leave town meet under arch neglect put on the cuff rat repudiate run out on see in the alley shirk skate skip out on swindle welch abjure contradict deny disacknowledge disallow disclaim disown drop out forswear gainsay go back on word impugn negate negative refuse renig wash hands of weasel out of worm out of default disavow Welsh James Traub Ian ian William william
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