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Endangered tortoises separated by lockdown share their first date via FaceTime - euronews

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threatened at risk facing extinction in danger at hazard endangered exposed imperiled in jeopardy in peril jeopardized susceptible vulnerable defenseless caught hands tied helpless in line of fire indefensible like a clay pigeon like a sitting duck naked on the line on the spot open out on limb pigeon poor unarmed unguarded unprotected up the creek weak wide open strong powerful risky chancy delicate dicey fraught with danger going for broke hairy hanging by a thread hazardous iffy insecure jeopardous long shot not a prayer off the deep end on slippery ground on thin ice out on a limb perilous playing with fire precarious rocky sensitive speculative ticklish touch-and-go touchy treacherous tricky uncertain unhealthy unsafe unsound venturesome wicked wide-open assured insensitive safe well sure secure definite certain protected harmless stable healthy honest undefended assailable undefendable guarded defended in the line of fire powerless pregnable able Endangered chelonian cooter leatherback loggerhead slowpoke snapper terrapin testudinal turtle tortoise detached disconnected distant distinct divorced removed abstracted apportioned disassociated disembodied disjointed distributed disunited marked parted partitioned scattered severed apart cut apart divergent attached connected sympathetic together united whole afar alone aloof aside away by itself cut off excluded exclusively freely independent independently individually isolated lone wolf separated separately singly special to itself to one side asunder divided in half loose split to shreds torn broken burst busted collapsed cracked crippled crumbled crushed damaged defective demolished disintegrated dismembered fractured fragmentary fragmented hurt in pieces injured mangled mutilated rent riven shattered shredded slivered smashed kept uplifted happy fixed complete unbroken perfect flowing working satisfied continuous cleft cloven crannied crenelated perforated pierced joint joined diffuse broadcast catholic circulated diluted dispersed disseminated expanded extended general prevalent propagated radiated strewn thin unconcentrated universal widespread short brief abridged abbreviated limited compressed compact condensed concentrated succinct restricted confined disordered garbled illogical inchoate incoherent incohesive interrupted irrational irregular jumbled mixed-up muddled rambling uncontinuous uncoordinated unintelligible wandering understandable intelligible coherent ordered Separated breedable holding cell isolation solitary the hole solitary confinement lockdown Lockdown breedable Lock Down contribution dividend division interest part percentage proportion stake allowance apportionment bite chunk claim commission cut divide divvy dose drag due end fraction fragment helping heritage lagniappe lot measure meed parcel piece pittance plum points quantum quota quotient rake-off ration segment serving slice split taste whack cut in cut up fifty-fifty halver partage quotum whole entirety total receive distribute experience participate accord apportion deal shift prorate yield partition administer bestow allot dispense partake assign divvy up dole out split up be a party to cut the pie divide with give and take give out go Dutch go fifty-fifty go halves go in with have a hand in have a portion of mete out parcel out pay half piece up slice up take a part of take oppose maintain keep hold join gather collect unite withhold refuse disapprove disallow deny combine adjustment agreement allotment benefit compensation compromise pay reconciliation reimbursement remuneration settlement share stipulation adjustments acclimation acclimatization alterations arrangements balancings conformance correctings fittings fixings improvements mendings modifications orderings organizations organizings orientations readjustments redress regulatings regulations repairings settings shapings standardization turnings admeasure allocate measure out mete appropriate budget designate dish out earmark give set aside keep together allocated admeasured allotted apportioned appropriated budgeted designated dished out divvied earmarked gave meted shared sliced kept together kept held withheld allocates admeasures allots apportions appropriates budgets cuts designates dishes out divvies earmarks gives metes sets aside shares slices keeps together keeps holds withholds breedable Share her hir his its our vis xyr your zir their breedable The IRS Their early aboriginal antecedent anterior basic beginning cardinal front fundamental head inaugural initial key leading least opening original pioneer premier primary prime primitive ahead elementary first off headmost in the beginning inceptive incipient introductory lead off number one numero uno primeval primogenial primordial pristine right up front rudimentary slightest smallest additional auxiliary ending extra final following inessential inferior insignificant last minor nonessential secondary subordinate trivial unimportant dominant champion foremost sovereign chief ruling main arch principal advanced eminent first-class outstanding paramount predominant preeminent supreme top-flight ranking primo A-number-1 first-string greatest head of the line top of the list unnecessary submissive initially originally beforehand at the outset before all else in the first place to begin with to start with finally ancient earliest endemic first indigenous native foreign new modern advance earlier forward in front in the forefront in the lead previously prior behind after later avant-garde breakthrough cutting-edge excellent exceptional extreme higher late leading-edge liberal precocious progressive radical state-of-the-art unconventional advancing along ante antecedently at an advantage at the head before fore in the foreground onward onwards precedent precedently preceding previous progressing to the fore alpha start accomplished consummate expert finished highest major master top amateur incomplete unfinished inexpert worst lower First! breedable First FIRST!! age day hour moment period stage term time year century course duration epoch era generation juncture quarter reign span spell while appointment meeting visit interview rendezvous call assignation tryst sweetheart steady companion escort lover girlfriend partner friend boyfriend blind date opponent foe enemy come from register determine mark record fix isolate chronicle measure belong to affix a date to carbon-date exist from fix the date of originate in put in its place see woo court attend fix up associate with consort with deuce it go around together go around with go out with go steady go together keep company make a date step around take out neglect disregard ignore obsolesce obsolete outdate archaize antiquate show one's age accompanied associated with attended came along chaperoned conducted consorted convoyed dated dogged drafted dragged escorted followed guarded guided hung around with hung out kept company led looked after shadowed shlep along showed about showed around spooked squired string along stuck to tagged along tailgated took out ushered went along withdrew lost left abandoned neglected deserted ignored disregarded accompanies associates with attends chaperons comes along conducts consorts convoys dates dogs drafts drags escorts follows goes along guards guides hangs around with hangs out keeps company leads looks after shadows shows about shows around spooks squires sticks to tags along tailgates takes out ushers withdraws loses leaves abandons neglects deserts ignores disregards accompany chaperon come along conduct consort convoy date dog draft drag follow go along guard guide hang around with hang out lead look after shadow show about show around spook squire stick to tag along tailgate usher withdraw lose leave abandon desert aeon blue moon interim interval life lifetime millennium continuation ages adolescence adulthood boyhoods childhoods dotage elderlinesses girlhood infancies lifetimes lives majorities maturities middle ages milestones old ages senility seniorities wear and tears youths assignment consultation engagement errand gig invitation meet session zero hour breedable Date along as a means by dint of by means of by this route by virtue of on the way over per through through the medium of through this medium with at the hand of in the name of supported by through the agency of under the aegis of via with the assistance of apiece each for as a consequence as a result because of by reason by the agency of in consequence of in virtue of using with the help of around directed toward facing into toward toward\u002Ftowards against almost approaching close to coming up contra en route fronting headed for in relation to in the direction of in the vicinity just before moving nearing nearly not quite on the road to over against pointing to proceeding shortly before vis-à-vis Via breedable VIA FaceTime breedable facetime face time Face-Time
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