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Enigma Principles of Lust: Sadeness / Find Love (Lyrics/Translation) MCMXC aD 2017

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With mesmerizing Gregorian chants and dance beat, Principles of Lust parts a. Sadeness b. Find Love and c. Sadeness (Reprise) is a New-Age worldwide mega hit. USA and California loves Enigma in 2017! On-screen Latin/French lyrics with English translation is a music video tribute to one of the best new-age songs. German music project Enigma 1990 Top Ten debut album MCMXC a.D. stayed on the US Billboard 200 chart for over five years (282 weeks). Hosanna, in the name of Christ!


conundrum puzzle bewilderment cliffhanger crux cryptogram grabber knot mystification parable perplexity problem puzzlement puzzler question riddle secret sphinx sticker stickler stumper teaser twister why Gordian knot mind-boggler mind-twister question mark tough nut to crack anagram double meaning double-entendre doubt doubtfulness dubiety dubiousness enigma equivocacy equivocality equivocation incertitude inconclusiveness indefiniteness indeterminateness obscurity polysemousness polysemy tergiversation uncertainty unclearness vagueness brain-teaser closed book mystery poser abstruseness brainteaser braintwister charade chiller difficulty inscrutability inscrutableness mindboggler occult oracle rebus rune secrecy subtlety thriller whodunit Catch-22 absurdity ambiguity anomaly catch error inconsistency mistake nonsense oddity opposite reverse explicitness definiteness certainty lucidity clearness clarity conundrums mysteries understanding known paradox catch-22 correction truth same standard normality accuracy success usualness regularity Enigma inigma anigma guessing tool cryptography nazi polish confusing puzzling complex simple clear comprehension perplexing unclear mysterious clueless eanigma wnigma emigma enifma enogma assumption basis convention doctrine ethic foundation fundamental precept proposition regulation rule truth axiom canon criterion dictum dogma form formula ground maxim origin postulate prescript source theorem usage verity golden rule principium ambiguity effect end result brass tacks elements essentials first steps nitty-gritty nuts and bolts principles rudiments attempt conviction creed enterprise faith goal ideal intention movement object objective plan purpose censor compunction demur duty inner voice morals right and wrong scruples shame small voice squeam still small voice superego code ethical code ethical values ethicality ethicalness ethics fairness integrity moral moral philosophy morality principle righteousness rightfulness rightness set of values value-system virtue basics cause outgrowth issue fruit development consequence product outcome causes conscience immorality corruption dishonor evil dishonesty Principles Principle ego pride stupid anal lame priorities production purposes quote of san andreas gangster term related word: principles opera bitch braggard performing arts 8 year old grammar easy slick scott brown school positive negative treasure trove acquisition asset bargain boast bonanza catch gem jewel pride treasure good buy one in a million modesty loss detection determination find finding uncovering unearthing accept ascertain be afraid be inclined to think conclude conjecture consider count upon deduce deem divine estimate expect fall for fancy gather get the idea guess have a hunch have sneaking suspicion hypothesize imagine infer judge posit postulate predicate presume presuppose speculate suppose surmise suspect theorize think understand boost development discovery gain hike improvement increase invention leap progress quantum leap rise step forward advance bring forth compose detect discover furnish invent offer originate present produce propose provide recommend stumble upon submit uncover locate unearth notice spot turn up identify meet strike recover encounter sight recognize expose perceive corral espy observe descry distinguish discern collar pinpoint bring to light bump into come across come up with come upon ferret out make out arrive at chance upon dig up fall in with happen upon hit upon lay fingers on light upon run across run into scare up smoke out track down trip on fall short fail neglect overlook leave miss lose forfeit misunderstand avoid pass by get earn acquire procure obtain attain fall to the lot meet with spend surrender ascertainment assume let alone not do know calculate forget doubt prove abstain disbelieve disregard reject ignore discard assumes breakthrough step back decline decrease came up with take dissuade refuse deny withhold came with Find harry potter hufflepuff hogwarts cedric diggory find! a very potter musical explore sprinkles truth time hommie deezy dizzy ditsy held back twangdillio strings emotions affection appreciation devotion emotion fondness friendship infatuation lust passion respect taste tenderness yearning adulation allegiance amity amorousness amour ardor attachment case cherishing crush delight devotedness enchantment enjoyment fervor fidelity flame hankering idolatry inclination involvement like partiality piety rapture regard relish sentiment weakness worship zeal ardency mad for soft spot animosity dislike enmity hate hatred ill will indifference neglect apathy coolness disloyalty misery sorrow treachery unhappiness account adoration applause approbation approval deference esteem estimation favor glorification homage honor idolization liking love marveling obeisance pleasure praise recognition reverence valuing veneration wonder wonderment affaire carrying on extracurricular activity fling goings-on hanky-panky intimacy intrigue liaison playing around relationship rendezvous romance thing together two-timing amore care closeness concern desire endearment feeling friendliness good will heart itch kindness predilection propensity puppy love shine solicitude warmth yen farewell goodbye hello salutation appetite aspiration avidity craving drive eagerness earnestness emulation energy enterprise enthusiasm fire in belly get up and go hope hunger initiative keenness longing moxie pretension push right stuff spirit striving thirst vigor lover angel sweet honey dear admirer girlfriend beloved inamorata darling sweetheart paramour beau Romeo truelove suitor spark boyfriend swain courter valentine dearest inamorato Juliet dear one loved one foe enemy prize treasure prefer admire choose cherish go for glorify canonize deify fancy idolize exalt venerate adulate delight in dote on fall for care for be attached to be captivated by be crazy about be enamored of be enchanted by be fascinated with be fond of be in love with gone on have affection for have it bad hold dear hold high long for put on pedestal think the world of thrive with wild for mock lower debase criticize abstain scorn humiliate degrade condemn castigate despise feel embrace kiss fondle lick court neck tryst pet cuddle woo cosset soothe stroke caress cling press hug hold clasp make love draw close look tenderly let go release ignore disbelieve admiration contempt trouble pain criticism loathing disgust aversion disfavor disapproval ignorance dishonor disobedience disregard melancholy disrespect affair affairs disinterest antipathy coldness negligence carelessness aloha ambition satisfaction laziness humility diffidence contentment pessimism lethargy inactivity idleness repulsion distaste Love L.O.V.E. Love. conscious love michael jackson noble humanitarian selfless altruistic philanthropic self-sacrificing caring charitable smile happy kissing true love happiness marriage luv divorce 2017 year trump media politics memes feminst hughmungus blm riots terrorists
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