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To discuss this further we have Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan, Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) executive director. Sila layari http://www.astroawani.com ...


5298471928001 MEF Malaysian Employers Federation Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan TVET YT accept admit employ engage enlist enter join obtain recruit register matriculate muster serve subscribe become student call up join up sign on take course take on decline deny dismiss dispute eject erase expel fire leave let go oust refuse reject shun withdraw avoid cancel dodge ignore neglect pass fill out affix index poll chronicle insert slate bill schedule mark note catalog book file engross inscribe inventorize disorganize disorder disarrange assign accredit allow appoint ascribe attach attribute authorize cast charge choice commission commit credit delegate deputize designate downlink download draft elect empower enroll entrust hang on hire hold responsible impute name nominate ordain pin on refer reference select slot tab tag keep retract disapprove disallow assigned assigning bespeak charter line up make reservation order organize pencil in preengage procure program reserve set up sew up free exonerate bow out books bid command confide to consign constitute contract crown depute dispatch enable inaugurate induct instruct invest license send break off lay off discharge end stop oppose receive retain hold prevent revoke prohibit also extra further higher new other major spare added amassed and another augmented besides bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended farther fresh heavier in addition increased innumerable larger likewise massed more than that numerous over and above supplementary too many wider fewer less better over too additionally beyond furthermore moreover longer along with as well withal combined joined more over-and-above supplemental additional affixed appended on the side option padding perk necessary again along as well as conjointly in conjunction with in like manner including on top of plus still to boot together with a distinct a further a separate one more some other that added to and all apart from aside from exclusive of in distinction to in excess of in other respects more than not counting on top of everything other than otherwise secondly supplementary to with the exception of yet bigger greater preponderant unhealthy sicker smaller worse Nussy MORE More vet rivet teat tent test tote tv set tart tort avert evert overt tenet theft treat tweet duvet tat tnt tot tvs tuft civet covet diet duet feet taut tied to t toot tout tact tilt tint tost trot twit tie to to let to a t graduate junior pupil scholar undergraduate apprentice disciple docent grad learner novice observer registrant schoolchild skill sophomore undergrad first-year student professor teacher enrollment acceptance accession admission conscription engagement enlistment entrance entry induction influx listing matriculation rally reception record recruitment response student body students subscription disagreement conclusion exit rejection refusal registration delegation registrants turnout voters Student Nussy meg mew kef men met ref Mef Nussy mef elysian malison martian malign malkin allusion halation mansion magician maculation malachite more asian lesion emulsion more elysian Malaysian boss company corporation entrepreneur executive firm management manager manufacturer organization owner CEO president businessperson capitalist chief director establishment head juice kingpin outfit overseer patron proprietor superintendent supervisor big shot front office head honcho meal ticket slavedriver workers big cheese employee worker administrator big cheese big gun big person chieftain controller dominator employer exec foreperson helmer honcho leader person in charge taskperson top dog wheel bosses businesspeople baron big wheel big-time operator businessman businesswoman career person dealer financier franchiser gray flannel suit industrialist merchandiser merchant operator organization person small potatoes storekeeper suit the bacon tradesperson trafficker tycoon wheeler-dealer working woman customer master captain commandant commander commanding officer conqueror general governor guide guru head person instructor judge lord matriarch overlord patriarch pedagogue preceptor principal pro ruler skipper slave driver spiritual leader swami taskmaster teacher tutor amateur servant pupil student follower masters association league union alliance amalgamation bunch coalition combination confederacy crew crowd entente family gang mob outfit pool ring syndicate syndication tribe federacy division separation disunion academy circle council federation foundation fraternity institute accord affiliation affinity betrothal bond coherence collaboration collusion communion compact concord concurrence confederation congruity conjunction connection consanguinity cooperation engagement fraternization friendship interrelation kinship marriage matrimony membership mutuality pact participation partnership relation support tie treaty disconnection detachment opposition disagreement war rebellion hostility estrangement hatred antagonism divorce disunity discord alliances band clan clique club combo company congress cooperative corporation fellowship guild hookup order organization rat pack society sodality sorority tie-in tie-up troops troupe zoo disassociation solitude seclusion rivalry isolation aloneness associations amalgam anschluss bloc coadunation combine consolidation conspiracy faction fusion integration melding mergence merger merging party unification severance parting Nussy datum dark data date dank datas dated dates stuck dart duck duke tuck dunk dusk stack stark tunk tusk dotage duty tack taut ductu talk tank task dirk dork danke darts dad ddt dot dud dug tat tug atc dts detour d.t. deck dick dock dote tata tutu dt's dead duck d.t.s do t de tour ta ta d.t.'s do a t do a turn chased down shakes down shamest chimed in chase down shuts down mused on chimes in siamese twin chasten chases down shoots down shouts down chows down Shamsuddin burden bearding boarding bards bard barn baton bran bandana bargain batten baron beading barren bear down bedamn bedpan garden harden jordan pardon tartan warden bidden bairn bean beard board brain brawn bandanna bad ban beardy band bade baud bawd bird born burn darn tarn bandeau be damn bar pin bare on bandy bare down beared on bad eyne barged in bad ear bardan Nussy
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