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Erase Bad Memories: 3 Happy Tricks

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Wash away your worst memories - or better yet, change them to good ones! Researchers at Journal of Neuroscience say with a little practice it can be done.


abolish delete eliminate expunge negate obliterate wipe out annul blank blot cancel cut dispatch efface excise extirpate gut kill launder nullify strike trim withdraw X-out black out blue pencil cross out cut out disannul scratch out stamp out strike out take out build construct create ratify allow keep lose permit retain validate add insert put in abate abrogate annihilate call off destroy disestablish dissolve end eradicate erase extinguish finish inhibit invalidate nix overthrow overturn prohibit put an end to put kibosh on put the kibosh on quash repeal repudiate rescind revoke scrub set aside squelch subvert supersede suppress terminate undo vacate vitiate void zap blot out crush decimate demolish do in exterminate finish off liquidate massacre murder quell raze root out rub out ruin slaughter wrack wreck countermand declare discharge get off the hook neutralize recall render null and void retract reverse support promote enact continue confirm save help start initiate begin give 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impose upon play for a fool pull wool over put one over on take for a ride let go help release protect possession want need possessions thing\u002Fthings Tricks trick Trick goof bitch punk chickenhead skeezer cocktease john sugar daddy pay master client customer etc. tattle tail gossip prostitute tip drill hooker gold digger baby momma
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