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European politician drops truth bombs about Ukraine war

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congressperson lawmaker leader legislator member of Congress officeholder president representative senator orator partisan speaker Party member baby-kisser boss handshaker member of parliament office seeker public servant statesperson whistle-stopper bureaucrat administrator civil servant desk-jockey functionary pencil-pusher politician demagogue agitator fanatic firebrand fomenter haranger hothead incendiary inciter inflamer instigator rabble-rouser radical rebel revolutionary soapbox orator troublemaker statesman blubbering crying discharge distress grieving lachryma lamentation lamenting moisture mourning pain regret sadness sob sob act sobbing sorrow teardrop wailing water waterworks weep weeping weeps whimpering woe tear\u002Ftears drops accuracy authenticity certainty fact legitimacy principle truthfulness veracity actuality axiom case correctness dope exactitude exactness facts factuality factualness genuineness gospel infallibility maxim nitty-gritty perfection picture precision rectitude rightness scoop score trueness truism verisimilitude verity factualism gospel truth honest truth inside track naked truth plain talk unvarnished truth whole story falsehood falseness flaw imperfection imprecision inaccuracy inexactness dishonesty disloyalty invention lie misrepresentation untruth faith integrity realism revelation sincerity candor constancy dedication devotion dutifulness faithfulness fidelity frankness openness uprightness veridicality apathy inconstancy lying treachery unsteadiness achievement actualization attainment brass tacks materiality materialization real world reality straight stuff substance substantiality truth what it is failure forfeit adage aphorism apothegm device dictum fundamental law moral postulate precept proposition proverb saying theorem absurdity ambiguity foolishness nonsense paradox axioms adages aphorisms apothegms devices dicta fundamentals laws maxims morals postulates precepts propositions proverbs sayings theorems truisms truths paradoxes ambiguities absurdities definiteness definitiveness definitude faultlessness preciseness regularity fault impropriety incorrectness infidelity unseemliness unsuitability unsuitableness wrong deed accomplishment act action adventure ballgame big idea bit byplay cause commission crusade enterprise exploit feat game happenin' performance plan quest securing stunt thing tour de force winning cessation idleness inaction inactivity inertia repose rest stoppage carefulness nicety orderliness painstakingness promptitude rigor rigorousness scrupulousness strictness unequivocalness carelessness irregularity ammo armament arsenal bullets explosives grenades gunpowder missiles shells torpedos weapons munitions arms big guns heavy stuff ordnance ammos armaments arsenals bombs torpedoes around back backward in reverse round anyhow any which way here and there almost nearly roughly approximately in general in the ball park in the neighborhood practically pretty nearly afar away distant far remote apropos as concerns as respects dealing with in connection with in relation to in respect to referring to regarding relative to touching touching on nearby adjacent beside through encircling surrounding throughout about about to all but as good as bordering on close to close upon essentially for the greatest part in effect in the neighborhood of in the vicinity of just about most much near to nigh not far from not quite on the brink of on the edge of on the point of on the verge of pretty near relatively substantially virtually well-nigh within sight of anyway at any rate at random haphazard haphazardly helter-skelter however in any case in any respect in any way in either way in one way or another in whatever way nevertheless random randomly regardless under any circumstances whatever happens willy-nilly ballpark figure circa closely comparatively generally in the ballpark in the region of loosely more or less proximately upwards of very close accurately clearly definitely exactly precisely against as for as regards as to concerning on the subject of respecting toward with reference to with respect to close at hand near astir active afoot alert awake roused battle bloodshed combat conflict fighting hostility strife strike struggle warfare contention contest enmity hostilities cold war police action accord harmony peace surrender truce friendship good will kindness cease-fire differ go to war take up arms attack attempt bombard challenge clash contend disagree endeavor kill meet murder oppugn shell shoot strive tug campaign against engage in combat make war march against take on take the field against wage war agree aid be lazy give up laze protect retreat make peace armed aggression armed fighting armed hostilities engagement fight war action assault barrage blitzkreig bombing brush campaign carnage crusade encounter fray havoc onset onslaught press ravage scrimmage significant contact skirmish sortie ceasefire agitate argue clamor dispute feud wrestle battled agitated argued clamored combated contended contested disputed feuded oppugned skirmished strove tugged warred wrestled made peace agreed battles actions assaults attacks barrages blitzkreigs bombings brushes campaigns clashes combats conflicts contentions crusades encounters engagements fightings onsets onslaughts presses ravages scrimmages significant contacts skirmishes sorties struggles wars harmonies ceasefires retreats truces surrenders accords agitates argues clamors contends contests disputes feuds oppugns strives tugs wrestles makes peace agrees
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