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Every Chess Player Can Relate (I promise)

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all each one without exception none the any bar none barring no one complete each and every entire every every bit of every single sum total totality whole incompletely zero each a pop a shot a throw aside by the individually per per capita per head per person per unit proportionately respectively separately singly together absolute all-out comprehensive consummate downright full full-blown full-scale gross inclusive integral out-and-out outright overall perfect plenary positive sheer sweeping thoroughgoing totalitarian unconditional undisputed undivided unlimited unmitigated unqualified unreserved unrestricted utter conditional incomplete indefinite limited restricted specific uncertain broken fractional imperfect part partial unfinished accomplished aggregate choate completed concentrated conclusive exclusive exhaustive fixed fulfilled full-length in one piece rounded unabbreviated unabridged uncut unexpurgated deficient hurt impaired insufficient sick unhealthy Every every me and every you Every Avenue Chess athlete competitor member opponent participant pro professional rookie amateur champ contestant jock sweat sportsperson superjock team player conductor director fan spectator actor performer star entertainer extra ham impersonator lead mime mimic stand-in thespian trouper understudy walk-on bit player hambone scene stealer artist musician instrumentalist rocker soloist virtuoso music maker barnstormer character clown comedian foil headliner idol ingenue ingénue pantomimist playactor player soubrette stooge straight person thesp ventriloquist villain audience animal challenger contender games player gorilla iron person jockey muscle person shoulders sport athletes amateurs animals challengers competitors contenders contestants games players gorillas iron persons jockeys jocks muscle persons players professionals sports sportspersons superjocks bettor gambler gamester high roller plunger wagerer adversary antagonist aspirant battler candidate combatant contester dark horse disputant entrant favorite hopeful rival scrapper team member warrior ally supporter administrator big person boss chair chief controller exec executive executive officer governor head head honcho helmer key player kingpin leader organizer overseer person upstairs principal producer skipper supervisor top dog top person employee follower worker Player bottle bucket canister jar package aluminum cannikin gunboat receptacle tin vessel gutbucket pop top head john johnny latrine lavatory outhouse pot potty privy restroom sandbox throne washroom litter box water closet backside behind butt fanny fundament posterior rump seat tush derriere gluteus maximus hind end keep put up commit manage take care of may be capable of be equal to be up to be within one's area be within one's control can do cut the mustard have it made lie in one's power make it make out make the grade boot bounce cashier discharge dismiss expel sack terminate give the heave-ho kick out let go allow employ engage hire arrest block can check delay drop end freeze halt hinder hold inhibit interrupt knock off obstruct prevent restrain restrict retard scrub shut down stall stay suppress advance aid assist continue encourage expedite free further help liberate permit promote push release activate cleaver fire hatchet poll tomahawk ax\u002Faxe cancel cut back dispense with eliminate get rid of give a pink slip give the boot lay off remove throw out axes chops cuts cuts down falls hews hires axing chopping cutting cutting down falling hewing hiring bottom breech rear tail Can describe detail disclose present reveal chronicle depict divulge express impart itemize narrate particularize picture recite recount rehearse report retell sling spill state tell track verbalize break a story clue one in get off one's chest give the word lay it on the line let one's hair down run down run through set forth shoot the breeze spill the beans spin a yarn conceal hide misrepresent suppress withhold keep dissociate affect apply ascribe assign associate compare concern connect link pertain refer ally appertain bracket combine conjoin consociate coordinate couple credit impute interconnect interdepend interrelate join orient orientate touch unite yoke bear upon be joined with be relevant to correspond to have reference to have to do with identify with tie in with disconnect divide separate disjoin admit accept accord acquiesce adopt affirm agree allow approve avow bare bring to light communicate concede concur confide confirm consent cop a plea declare enumerate expose go into details grant indicate let let on make known number open up own own up permit proclaim profess recognize relate subscribe to talk tolerate uncover unveil yield contradict decline deny disagree disallow disapprove dispute dissent invalidate listen misunderstand oppose protest refuse reject repudiate veto argue cover differ disown object prevent secrete sell confute debar dismiss eject exclude expel gainsay oust repel shut admits accepts blesses buys concedes enters entertains gives access gives the nod gives thumbs up grants harbors houses initiates introduces is big on lets lets in lodges o.k.'s permits receives shelters signs signs off on suffers takes takes in repels expels dismisses turns away stops disagrees offers gives gainsays dissents confutes shuts ousts excludes ejects debars ignores disregards vetoes sells abstains repudiates disputes erases rejects disallows refuses denies act on alter change disturb impinge impress induce influence inspire interest involve modify move overcome perturb prevail regard stir sway transform upset continue hold order remain calm discourage dissuade leave alone stagnate stay surrender affects acts adopts aspire to assumes bluffs contrives counterfeits does a bit fakes feigns lies it on thick makes out like playacts puts on puts up a front shams simulates takes on tells truth affiliate amalgamate annex band together come aboard confederate form connection go partners hook up incorporate line up plug into team up throw in with tie up detach part stay away affiliates allies amalgamates annexes associates bands together combines comes aboard confederates connects goes partners hooks up incorporates joins plugs into relates throws in with ties up unites stays away parts separates divides detaches dissociates disconnects disjoins Relatable relations relatability no relations related promises promises Promise promising promise on a promise
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