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Excavation of Large-scale dinosaur-fossil Group Underway in Northeast China

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The excavation of a large-scale dinosaur-fossil group is underway in Yanji city, northeast China's Jilin Province as the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) launched the project on Friday. http://www.cctvplus.com/news/20170526...Subscribe us on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/CCTVPlusCCTV+ official website: http://www.cctvplus.com/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cctv...Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewsContent....Twitter: https://twitter.com/CCTV_Plus


CCTV News Excavation dinosaur-fossil China dig mining removal burrow cavity cut cutting ditch dugout hole hollow mine pit quarry shaft trench trough blasting scooping unearthing solid filling archaeology antiquarianism excavation paleohistory paleology paleontology prehistory basement bottom cellar crypt furnace room storage substructure subterranean room underbuilding understructure vault attic depression basin bowl crater dent dimple dip impression indentation pocket sag scoop sink sinkage sinkhole vacuity vacuum valley void fullness increase mountain rise bulge cheerfulness convexity encouragement happiness hope hopefulness protuberance recovery surge canal channel chase dike drain furrow gully gutter moat watercourse cave foxhole shelter gouge gash notch score scratch Excavator excavate Excavate broad considerable enormous extensive full generous giant gigantic grand great hefty huge immense massive populous sizable spacious substantial vast wide blimp comprehensive gross liberal roomy super sweeping thumping tidy ample barn door booming bulky capacious colossal copious excessive exorbitant extravagant goodly grandiose humongous immeasurable jumbo monumental mountainous plentiful stupendous voluminous whopping cramped dwarf empty inconsiderable insignificant limited little miniature miniscule minor minute narrow poor restricted short slight small teeny tiny unimportant exclusive Bunyanesque behemoth brobdingnagian elephantine gargantuan gigantesque ginormous herculean hulking humungous large mammoth monster monstrous prodigious pythonic titanic tremendous A-OK adequate admissible all right average big common cooking with gas cool copacetic decent delightful fair fairish goodish hep hip hunky-dory in the swim kosher moderate okay on the ball on the beam passable peachy keen pleasant pleasing respectable right on satisfactory standard sufficient swell tolerable trendy unexceptional unobjectionable up to code up to snuff welcome abnormal bad extraordinary extreme unacceptable unreasonable unusual acceptable inadequate insufficient intolerable unrespectable unsuitable disagreeable disturbing unsatisfactory unwelcome abounding abundant bounteous bountiful commodious enough expansive galore heavy lavish no end plenteous plenty profuse rich spare unrestricted lacking meager rare scarce sparse wanting not enough amplest appreciable apparent ascertainable clear-cut definite detectable discernible distinguishable estimable evident good-sized healthy manifest marked material measurable noticeable observable obvious perceivable perceptible plain pronounced recognizable sensible significant tangible visible ambiguous imperceptible indistinct invisible obscure unnoticeable unrecognizable vague negligible unnoticed extent proportion range rate ratio scope system calibration computation degrees gamut gradation hierarchy ladder order progression ranking reach register rule sequence series spectrum spread steps way pecking order part whole disorder disorganization film flake incrustation lamina layer plate scurf escalate mount clamber escalade surmount go up decrease descend adjust balance calibrate compare compute estimate gauge graduate prorate regulate size guess arpeggio division roulade scale ascend arise climb float fly lift off move up rise soar sprout take off tower decline drop fall slump go down lower ascended arose climbed escalated flew floated lifted off mounted moved up rose scaled soared sprouted took off towered lowered fell dropped declined descended went down slumped decreased bit atom butt chicken feed chip chunk crumb dab dash dollop dose dot driblet droplet end excerpt fraction fragment grain iota item jot lick lump mite modicum moiety molecule morsel niggle parcel particle peanuts pinch portion sample scintilla scrap section segment shard share shaving shred slice sliver smidgen snatch snip snippet specimen speck splinter sprinkling stub stump taste tittle trace trickle entirety lot agreement glob breadth amplitude area compass comprehensiveness dimension expanse extensiveness fullness greatness inclusiveness largeness magnitude measure orbit space stretch sweep vastness scramble Scale Scales The scale antiquated archaic out-of-date outmoded anachronistic ancient antediluvian antique bygone dated dead dead and gone discarded disused done for dusty extinct fossil gone had it has-been horse and buggy kaput moldy moth-eaten old old-fashioned old-hat old-school out out-of-fashion outworn passé stale superannuated superseded timeworn unfashionable current modern new contemporary in vogue present up-to-date obsolete bent fossilized tired behind the times démodé musty obsolescent olden old-time out of style unstylish unusable vintage fresh newfangled popular dinosaur relic skeleton specimen trace deposit eolith impression neolith paleolith petrifaction reconstruction ancient age-old aged antediluvian antiquated antique archaic back number been around bygone creaky early elderly few miles on fossil hoary lot of mileage moth-eaten obsolete old goat old-fashioned older oldie out-of-date outmoded primal primeval primordial remote rusty superannuated timeworn venerable worse for wear current fresh modern new young fogy dodo fogey fuddy-duddy old fogey old fogy stick-in-the-mud fogy\u002Ffogey golden oldie classic most ancient anachronistic dated dead dead and gone dinosaur discarded disused done for dusty extinct gone had it has-been horse and buggy kaput moldy old old-hat old-school out out-of-fashion outworn passé stale superseded unfashionable contemporary in vogue present up-to-date association band body class club company crowd faction gang organization party society troop accumulation aggregation assemblage assembly assortment batch battery bevy bunch bundle cartel category chain circle clique clot clump cluster clutch collection combination combine conglomerate congregation coterie covey crew formation gathering grade league lot mess pack parcel passel platoon pool posse set sort suite syndicate trust shooting match individual one whole arrange gather meet organize assemble associate bracket collect congregate consort corral harmonize huddle link poke punch systematize band together bunch up gang around gang up get-together hang out make the scene round up scare up disarrange disorder disorganize disperse divide scatter separate disagree disconnect jumble mix up spread categorize assort dispose file marshal order pigeonhole range rank put together all aggregate ensemble entirety everyone everything gross group integer jackpot lock stock and barrel mass quantity sum sum total total unit utmost whole ball of wax whole enchilada whole nine yards whole schmear whole shooting match whole show works none zero zilch zip align array classify clear the decks fix up form line up methodize police police up position put in good shape put in order put to rights regulate spruce spruce up tidy whip into shape destroy displace mismanage confuse derange disturb arranges adapts adjusts agrees to blueprints charts comes to terms compromises concerts constructs contrives decides designs determines devises directs drafts establishes frames gets acts together gets ready hammers out a deal harmonizes irons out lies out makes a connection makes ready manages maps out negotiates organizes prepares projects promotes provides pulls a wire pulls things together quarterbacks resolves schedules schemes sets stage settles shapes up tailors works out works out a deal not plans disturbs disagrees unfits upsets confuses neglects scatters mixes up disperses deranges disarranges ruins wavers hesitates disorganizes disorders destroys display exhibit parade show conceal cover hide arrays attires bedecks clothes decks decks out decorates dogs out drapes dudes up duds fits fits out garbs outfits suits up togs tries on turns out wraps unclothes uncovers disrobes convergence throng dispersal scattering Group Grouped On The Group afoot ongoing advancing begun commenced in progress initiated moving started undertaken halted stopped underway Underway North East Arriva North East North East middle school Go North East East North ceramics crockery porcelain pottery service stoneware tableware ware china pots slipware terracotta wares dish bowl casserole ceramic container cup mug pitcher plate platter porringer pot salver saucer tray vessel crackleware earthenware China CCTV cctv account advice announcement broadcast data disclosure message report rumor statement story word bulletin cable cognizance communication copy description discovery dispatch enlightenment headlines hearsay intelligence itemization knowledge leak narration particularization recital recognition release scandal scoop specification telecast telegram telling tidings communiqué exposé eye-opener front-page news lowdown news flash the goods question silence truth concealment ignorance suppression history admonition advisement advocacy aid bum steer caution charge consultation 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flash handout hot wire item list program skinny the dope what's going down what's happening quiet buzz comment cry grapevine rumble scuttlebutt talk whisper
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