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#Exclusive Ommy Dimpoz: Sina bifu na Diamond/ Nitafanya kolabo nae/ Mara mwisho kuongea naye/Alikiba

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Anjella Zuchu AT Si Saizi yako Nyumba ndogo Diamond Platnumz Harmonize Alikiba Singeli Mduara Diamond BET AWARDS Swahili Nation Nandy Nandy Festival Master J Baba Levo Mwijaku Aristote Chawa pro max ICU Juma Lokole Esma Platnumz Mama Dangote Uncle Shamte Hamisa Mobetto Vunjabei Barnaba Tundaman Ndombolo Kazi iendelee Lissa Rapcha Mbosso Lava Lava Wema Sepetu Shilole Shishi food Wasafi media Ayo tv Global tv online Clouds media Efm Killy jay melody Ommy Whale Tail ommy Ommie's OMMY sina Whale Tail Sina Mara Whale Tail Yako Whale Tail yako Yako! gem jewel rhinestone allotrope corundum ice lozenge paragon rhombus rock solitaire zircon bort brilliant jager arena amphitheatre bowl circus coliseum course diamond field gridiron ground gym gymnasium hippodrome park pit platform ring rink square stadium stage amphitheater battlefield circuit court fairground golf course green grounds landing strip lot playground playing area race track racecourse range terrain theater track turf fields areas avocations bailiwicks bounds callings champaigns circles compasses confines cup of teas demesnes departments disciplines domains dominions environments jobs jurisdictions limits lines long suits margins métiers occupations orbits precincts provinces purview rackets ranges reaches regions scopes specialities specialties sweeps terrains territories things vocations walks weaknesses works hobbies pastimes fun entertainments stadia athletic field garden stade strand Diamond Whale Tail adjust cooperate coordinate integrate reconcile unify accord adapt agree arrange attune blend carol cohere combine compose correlate orchestrate proportion relate set sing suit symphonize synthesize tune unite be in unison be of one mind chime with fit in with reconciliate conceal differ disagree disarrange disconnect disorder disorganize disperse dispute disturb divide oppose refuse scatter separate clash fight accommodate accustom bend over backwards comply conform correspond don't make waves don't rock the boat fit go by the book go with the flow harmonize make consistent modify play the game settle shape up tailor tailor-make stop bar turn out turn away decline upset mismatch unfit prevent obstruct limit impede hinder frustrate block reject deny accommodated boarded contained domiciled entertained furnished harbored held housed put up quartered received rented sheltered supplied took in welcomed unsuited stopped barred turned out turned away prevented obstructed limited impeded hindered frustrated blocked disarranged rejected accommodates boards contains domiciles entertains furnishes harbors holds houses puts up quarters receives rents shelters supplies takes in welcomes unsuits stops bars turns out turns away prevents obstructs limits impedes hinders frustrates blocks disarranges rejects affirm assent be in tune concur jibe match square tally contest question argue withhold disallow challenge disapprove accorded acceded acquiesced admitted allowed awarded bestowed conceded conferred 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dissuade hide fling leap outside chance spec stab sureness insurance gambled backed braved bucked the odds challenged dared defied endangered faced flipped the coin gamed hazarded imperiled jeopardized lotted made a bet played plunged risked shot the moon shot the works speculated staked stuck one's neck out tempted fortune took a flyer tried one's luck trust to lucked ventured wagered went for broke planned designed was careful rose removed displaced saved discouraged safeguarded insured guarded ensured ascended dissuaded hid exploit finesse jockey maneuver manipulate take direct watch work leave alone neglect listen Bet Whale Tail BET accolade citation decision donation endowment gift gold grant honor presentation scholarship trophy verdict adjudication allotment bestowal conferment conferral decoration decree distinction order feather in cap gold star forfeit loss reward distribute confer hand out bestow allot donate assign present allocate accord apportion render concede adjudge endow dish out shell out fork out sweeten the kitty disagree take keep withhold refuse swahili Whale Tail Swahili community democracy people population public society state tribe union commonwealth domain dominion empire land monarchy populace principality race realm republic sovereignty body politic constituency country electorate nation polity res publica the people citizenry citizens commonality federation communities associations body politics centers colonies commonalities commonwealths companies districts general publics hamlets localities nations neck of the woods neighborhoods populaces publics residents societies states stomping grounds territories turfs disagreements dissimilarities association center colony company district general public hamlet locality neighborhood stomping ground territory turf disagreement dissimilarity balloters body of voters city county faction precinct system voters voting area ward folk clan confederation culture group ethnic group family group house household inhabitants kin kindred lineage masses menage ménage nationality proletariat settlement stock Nation Whale Tail Nandy Whale Tail Nandys nandy anniversary commemoration competition fair feast gala holiday carnival entertainment festivities fete fiesta jubilee merrymaking treat field day Mardi Gras Pancake Day Pancake Tuesday Shrove Tuesday celebration festival parade anniversaries ceremonies commemorations feast days festivals holidays jubilees recurrences red-letter days ceremony feast day recurrence red-letter day amusement park bacchanal carny carousal circus conviviality exposition feasting frolic grind show heyday jamboree jollification masquerade orgy ragbag revelry rout saturnalia side show spree street fair bacchanals banquet bender binge carouse drunk revel romp shindy wassail bash birthday blast blowout festivity gaiety glorification hilarity honoring hoopla hullabaloo joviality jubilation keeping magnification memorialization merriment observance party performance recognition remembrance solemnization triumph wingding failure sadness Whale Tail Festival Master J Whale Tail adept experienced skilled skillful ace crack crackerjack masterly proficient green ignorant inexperienced unskilled amateur auxiliary copy duplicate minor subordinate leading prime major overbearing ascendant great sovereign chief controlling grand predominate original principal foremost paramount predominant preponderant prevalent regnant supreme secondary inferior poor small little unimportant insignificant lesser administrator guru ruler boss director judge manager commander owner instructor teacher supervisor pro general pedagogue superintendent captain overlord taskmaster employer tutor lord wheel head matriarch preceptor skipper swami patriarch governor overseer conqueror chieftain guide commanding officer slave driver controller commandant head person spiritual leader top dog servant pupil student follower worker employee connoisseur doctor authority genius 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star virtuoso winner wizard ignoramus clod rookie amateur authorities ascendancy authorizations beeves charges clouts commands credits domination dominions edges esteem forces goods governments guts influences juices jumps jurisdictions leg ups licenses mastery might and mains mights permissions permits pizzazzes powerhouses pows prerogatives prestige punches rights ropes rules say say-sos steam strengths strong arms stuff supremacy sway upper hands warrants weights what it takes whip hands words zaps breaks breaches powerlessness subordinations prohibitions disadvantages lethargies lacks weaknesses inferiority authority bible CEO arbiter aristocrat big cheese big shot big wig boss brains brass buff city hall connoisseur czar egghead establishment exec executive expert feds front office governor guru ivory dome judge kingfish kingpin law power elite professional professor pundit scholar specialist textbook top brass top dog top hand upstairs veteran whiz greenhorn student proletariat bawd call girl camp follower courtesan doxy harlot hussy lady of pleasure lady of the night scarlet woman streetwalker strumpet tart tramp trollop whore working girl clever able adept adroit alert apt astute brainy brilliant cagey canny capable competent crackerjack cunning deep dexterous\u002Fdextrous discerning foxy gifted good handy intelligent inventive keen knowing knowledgeable many-sided nimble nobody's fool pretty qualified quick quick on trigger quick-witted rational resourceful sagacious savvy sensible sharp shrewd skilled skillful slick sly smart sprightly talented versatile wise witty awkward stupid senseless naive ignorant idiotic foolish cleverest Whale Tail Pros Pro better biggest greater highest largest lion's share maximum ultimate utmost uttermost least most transcendent preeminent superlative extreme incomparable paramount significant supreme towering topmost unsurpassable maxi surpassing the most unequalable unmatchable secondary opening first beginning inferior 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Juma Whale Tail juma Esma Whale Tail esma grandmother mommy parent matriarch matron mum child-bearer mumsy mom girl queen adult female doll empress bitch rib broad dame babe baroness petticoat mistress noblewoman bag old lady old woman missus sultana squaw mare butterfly gal princess duchess gentlewoman countess old bag contessa little woman queen bee man lady ladies adults babes bags baronesses bitches broads butterflies contessas countesses dames dolls duchesses empresses females gals gentlewomen girls little womans mamas mares matrons missuses mistresses noblewomen old bags old ladies old womans petticoats princesses queen bees queens ribs squaws sultanas men mama Mamas Whale Tail Mama dangote Whale Tail brother father fellow guy husband son Mr. beau boyfriend gentleman grandfather nephew papa sir spouse swain girlfriend woman man sibling mother cousin folk agnate cognate connection blood folks relation niece aunt grandparents sister-in-law stepbrother mother-in-law kinsperson sib stepparent brother-in-law in-laws stepsister father-in-law clansperson great-grandparents relative kinswoman kin kinsman uncle kinsmen agnates aunts bloods brother-in-laws clanspersons cognates connections cousins father-in-laws fathers kinspersons kinswomen mother-in-laws mothers nephews nieces relations siblings sibs sister-in-laws stepbrothers stepparents stepsisters uncles men Mr.s beaus boyfriends brothers fellows gentlemen grandfathers guys hes husbands papas sirs sons spouses swains women girlfriends Uncle Whale Tail U.N.C.L.E. Shamte Whale Tail Kazi Whale Tail kazi Lissa Whale Tail lissa basalt magma slag ashes obsidian scoria coulee rock bedrock boulder cobblestone crag crust earth gravel lava lodge mass metal mineral ore pebble promontory quarry reef rubble shelf slab rocks boulders cobblestones crags crusts earths lodges masses metals minerals ores pebbles promontories quarries reefs shelves slabs slags cinders dross recrement refuse residue Whale Tail Lava Wema Whale Tail WEMas shi-shi Whale Tail shishi shi shi Shishi bread cooking cuisine drink fare feed foodstuff meal meat snack aliment bite board cheer chow comestible cookery diet eatable eats fodder goodies grit groceries grub handout keep larder menu mess nourishment nutriment nutrition pabulum provision ration refreshment slop store subsistence support sustenance table tuck viand victual entrée fast food home cooking moveable feast take out vittles deprivation starvation beverage alimentation bread and butter food livelihood maintenance daily bread 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